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Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

February 11, 2024
Anyone who's a fan of music, has moved to Los Angeles, or a constant consumer of pop culture knows about Coachella. It's hands down the most famous music festival in the world, never failing to go viral online and making headlines. If you're lucky enough to have gotten a ticket to the event, know that it's not your ordinary music festival. A lot is going on and even more to expect, so it would help if you follow a few tips. They include bringing lots of food (not just snacks!), making friends, packing some camping gear, and wearing flats as much as you can!

Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

Plan Out Your Trip Carefully

Coachella takes place in six whole days, specifically in two three-day weekends. With so many headliners, stages, and events to look forward to, you wouldn't know where to start. That's why it's important to plan your trip carefully. Set which days you'll want to watch which stages, organize the outfits you're gonna wear, and coordinate with your friends on how you'll go about the festival. A proper Coachella itinerary will help you navigate all the fun and craziness along the way.

Go There on Thursday Morning

They say that the “early bird catches the worm” and it's never more true than in Coachella. Don't underestimate just how popular this music festival is. Even A-list celebrities attend the event. If you want to make sure that you'll get in on all the action, go there a day early. Coachella typically starts on a Friday but you'd do well to get to the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California on Thursday. At the very least, this guarantees that you'll get a good spot on the campsite.

Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

Get a Place in Palm Springs

Indio is far from Los Angeles. The nearest big city is Palm Springs, which itself is a whole host of hotels, motels, and more. You'd do well to get a place here if you're going to Coachella. Why? Because you'll only get to camp near the festival venue from Thursday to Monday. In the days between the two weekends, it's best to get a place nearby, and in Palm Springs, you're guaranteed to get a bit of luxury too!

Pack Proper Camping Gear

Speaking of camping, only bring proper camping gear. From the best tents to the coziest sleeping bags, always choose quality over everything else. You're probably thinking that since Coachella is a famously glamorous event, bringing flashy camp gear is better. Why sacrifice aesthetics for quality when you'll only be camping for three days at a time, right? Wrong! The better your gear, the more comfortable you'll be. Leave the glitz for when you're inside the venue. For your own camp, only use the highest quality stuff!

Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

Prepare for Long Lines

Once you've settled down, it's time to get inside the Empire Polo Club. Naturally, you'll have to fall in line. Expect some of the longest queues you'll ever have to face in your life. People from all around the US and the world traveled to California for this event. It shouldn't surprise you that the line to get inside the venue will go on for miles... literally! This is why it's better to prepare beforehand. Pack some water to keep yourself hydrated, charge your phone so you can listen to music while you wait, and more.

Set Up a Meeting Point

If you're attending Coachella with your friends, chances are you'll get separated along the way. It might be because you want to see different stages. The crowd could also separate you when it gets a bit rowdy. Whatever the reason, it's always best to set up a meeting point within the Empire Polo Club. A good one is the iconic giant astronaut artwork. It's become known as the “Coachella Astronaut” and practically the event's (unofficial) mascot. If you and your friends ever get separated and lost, just text them to go to the astronaut at a specific time and you'll be reunited in no time.

Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

Keep Hydrated!

Don't underestimate just how hot California can get. If you thought that the districts of Los Angeles were already hot enough, wait until you get to Indio! Even though Coachella is typically held every April, the US State is famously so sunny, that it's practically summer all year round here. At the same time, Indio is in the desert. The sun is harsher in places like these, even when it's still just spring. So to survive all six days of Coachella, make sure to stay hydrated at all times. Bring along a tumbler and fill it with cold water every chance you get!

Bring Your Own Snacks

This isn't to say that Coachella doesn't have snack stalls nor are these snacks bad. It'll simply save you time and money to bring your own snacks. If you can't survive the day without something to fill your stomach in between meals, pack along some sandwiches, chips, and more. You can eat them wherever you want or you don't have to stop as you snack on. Leave buying food at the venue for lunch and dinner!

Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

Make Friends with Other Festival-Goers

Music festivals aren't just for live music. They're also for fans to meet fellow fans and create new memories together. Even if you're already going to Coachella with a whole battalion of pals, it won't hurt to make new friends along the way. At the very least, this increases the number of people to help you along the way. Let's say you get lost and you don't remember the way. A new friend you just made and is incidentally a Coachella veteran can help you get back to your friends. Not a bad scenario, right? Don't worry! American social customs are more lax than others and people here are friendlier than you might think.

Don’t Forget to Shower!

Don't forget that you'll be going to an event where there are hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention a few Hollywood celebrities too. You don't want to offend them by smelling bad, right? Spending hot and sunny days in the California desert is no excuse for letting your body odor go rampant during Coachella. The festival has designated showers in its various campsites. Use them either before the day starts or at the end of the night, after the live performances. Whenever it is, just shower!

Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

Take a Break Every Once in a While

As exciting as Coachella is, you don't have to do everything. You don't have to attend all the parties, play all the games, and watch all the performances. Do you remember how important it is to plan your Coachella trip properly? Well, taking a break ought to be part of that. Give yourself a few hours to rest, sit, chat with your friends, and conserve energy. This way, you'll be more alive and alert for the main headliners, the main reasons went to Coachella in the first!

Don't Get Too Drunk!

Finally, don't get too drunk. You can drink if you want and booze is usually free-flowing in Coachella, but don't get so hammered that you ruin everyone's fun. Who knows what sorts of incidents you might get into if you're too inebriated to control your actions? You could even possibly get arrested if you're not careful! And even if you don't get into serious trouble, it'd still be a hassle for your friends to take care of your drunk self and miss all the music and fun.

Follow These Tips When You Go to Coachella

Planning to go to Coachella this year? Is it your first time? Then follow these tips! Don't underestimate just how hectic this world-famous festival can get, especially since the headliners are usually A-list artists!

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