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Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots

February 07, 2024
Athens, the capital city of Greece, is the kind of place where you'd prefer to spend most of your time outside. With that sunny Mediterranean weather to look forward to, it's practically a waste to just stay cooped up indoors. Why not go on a picnic in Athens? The city has lots of suitable spots for it, after all. For an incredible view, you can go to Philopappou Hill. There's also Lycabettus Hill, which will give you an awesome view of the iconic Acropolis. The National Gardens, on the other hand, is a more serene spot that's perfect for a peaceful picnic.

Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots

Philopappou Hill

As one of the best Instagram-worthy spots in Athens, Philopappou Hill is already a must-see. Located right by the Acropolis, you can have your picnic in Athens as you gaze upon the iconic Parthenon in all its historic glory. It may take you a strenuous hike to get up there but know that all the effort is worth it. Once you reach the top, you can see the most amazing views, some fresh air, and of course, the Mediterranean's signature warm sunshine. Enjoy the most idyllic picnic you'll ever get to have atop Philopappou Hill.
Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Dimitrios Brousovana…

Lycabettus Hill

Right next to Philopappou Hill, Lycabettus Hill is another great place for a picnic in Athens. The place towers over many of the central neighborhoods of Athens, especially Ambelokipi, Exarcheia, and Kolonaki. Most people know of the hill as the go-to spot for running or walking your dog. Imagine doing these everyday activities whilst enjoying the awe-inspiring views from up on the hill. Even more so if you have your picnic here! Though there aren't many grass fields, it's still not that hard to snag a nice spot for your picnic.
Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ George E. Koronaios

National Gardens

If you're spending Valentine's Day in Athens, why not have a picnic in the National Gardens? The city's hills are great and all, but a more organized park makes for a soothing escape too. Especially since the National Gardens houses hundreds, if not thousands of species of various plants. The botanical bliss here is at an all-time high, upping the romance for a nice picnic date on a sunny day. Luckily, the place is so big that you'd easily find a nice and fairly intimate spot for you and your special someone.
Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ gichristof

Diomedis Botanical Gardens

If you move to Athens and live here for a long time, you'll eventually discover a lot of underrated or even hidden gems. If you're extra lucky, you'll stumble upon the Diomedis Botanical Gardens. The National Gardens are beautiful and all, but it's so well-known that it never fails to draw in crowds. The Diomedis Botanical Gardens, on the other hand, are so underrated that even locals who've lived in the Greek capital all their lives don't know about it. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing! In this specific case, you can enjoy the most peaceful picnic in Athens!
Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Eleftherias Park

At the heart of Athens, you'll find Eleftherias Park, the archetypal city park. Most of the places mentioned so far are either hills or botanical gardens. Sure, they're all perfect for a picnic, but if you want that quintessential picnic experience, a place like Eleftherias Park would suit you better. The lush grass fields with a playground nearby are perfect for a family who want to spend quality time with each other. The park is a nice escape from the rest of the city, even though it's still in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.
Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mikis Theodorakis Park

Mikis Theodorakis Park is another great city park in Athens. Some might find it boring since it has all the typical features of a city park, but that's not a bad thing. At the end of the day, the spot is a beautiful green space that allows you to relax and have fun away from the bustling energy of the Greek capital. It's a great place for parents to bond with their kids when they can't escape to the Greek Islands. Or for a couple who want to go on a picnic date.
Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Dimorsitanos

Flisvos Park

You may think that Flisvos Park is nothing more than a seaside promenade but it's more than that. It's another great park where you can have a picnic in Athens, among other things. At first, it may seem strange that you'd want to have a picnic here when there are restaurants and other eateries nearby. But if you don't have that much money and you prefer homemade meals and snacks anyway, then don't let anyone stop you from having a picnic here. You can sit by the sea, let the kids play in the playground, and simply have a good time.
Have Your Picnic in Athens in These 7 Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Texniths

A picnic in Athens is one of the dreamiest things you can do in Greece. The capital city has lots of great spots for spending quality time with your loved ones outside. They're utterly extraordinary!

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