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How to Spend Valentine's Day in Athens

December 06, 2023
Athens isn't exactly what you'd automatically think as a romantic city. A beautiful metropolis, sure, but romantic? It's safe to say that the Greek capital has a far better chance of drawing in history buffs and archeologists than couples on vacation. With that said, those who want to spend Valentine's Day in Athens will have nothing to worry about. The city has a romantic side, one that can easily excite couples for the holiday. There are the city's beautiful beaches, for example, which are sunny even in February. The National Garden of Athens also offers a serene oasis for couples to get all lovey-dovey. And let's not forget about Filopappou Hill and its breathtaking views too!

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Athens

Explore The Plaka District

Out of all the neighborhoods in Athens, Plaka is arguably the most romantic. It's a lovely and idyllic old-world district, filled with fluttering bougainvillea flowers at almost every corner. Located in the shadow of the glorious Acropolis, the Plaka District continues this road of history within the Greek capital. But don't expect to see ruins and relics here. Plaka offers trendy restaurants and chic boutiques that couples can explore when they spend Valentine's Day in Athens. They can even hang out here all day long and it'd still be a holiday well spent!

Check Out The Famous Temples

Speaking of the Acropolis, you can also explore this world-famous site with your special someone on Valentine's Day. It doesn't seem all that romantic at first, doesn't it? If none of you are history buffs, then why would you spend the most romantic holiday of the year here? Well, as the saying goes: 'Don't know it until you try it!' When you and your partner see these temples yourselves, you'll feel the weight of human history even more. And that might just make you even more grateful that, out of all the millions, perhaps even trillions of human lives out there, you got to be with each other on Valentine's Day.

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Athens

Hang Out at The Flisvos Marina

Admittedly, Athens isn't as luxurious as the French Riviera. But it also doesn't have to be! The Greek Capital still has the Flisvos Marina to provide some seaside fun! In this bustling commercial complex along the Athens Riviera, a whole host of hotspots await couples who want to have fun on Valentine's Day in Athens. There are restaurants that serve authentic Greek cuisine, bars that offer amazing drinks, and nightclubs where you can dance the night away. You can spend the entire holiday at Flisvos Marina and you won't regret a single moment!

Shop at The Monastiraki Flea Market

There's something about shopping that's a tinge romantic, isn't there? It's a great way to learn your partner's preferences, perhaps even sneak in a little gift along the way. And though Valentine's Day normally calls for luxurious presents, spending the holiday here in Athens offers a great alternative. In its beloved Monastiraki Flea Market, a treasure trove of fascinating finds awaits. They range from one-of-a-kind antiques to adorable knick-knacks and delicious snacks. So this Valentine's Day, instead of giving your partner something expensive but common, find a unique item that's just for them in the Monastiraki Flea Market!

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Athens

Visit The National Garden of Athens

A great way to spend Valentine's Day in Athens is to surround yourself with botanical bliss. Fortunately, you can do just that in the National Garden of Athens. The park is home to 5,000 different species of flora, spread throughout 7,000 trees and 40,000 shrubs and bushes. You and your significant other can spend the entire holiday strolling about, discovering new kinds of flowers along the way, and inhaling all the fresh air amidst the Greek capital. If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors but aren't the adventurous type, this place is perfect for you!

See The Views Up Filopappou Hill

To see the best views in Athens, go up Filopappou Hill. This famous viewpoint has enchanted many over the years, thanks in large part to the most amazing view of the Acropolis. It's among the best Instagram-worthy spots in Athens, not just because it's a great vantage point, but the hill itself is pretty picturesque too. On Valentine's Day, if by a miracle Filopappou Hill isn't that crowded, you should take your special someone up there and enjoy the views. While you're at it, bask in the warmth of the Greek sunshine and take in as much of the Mediterranean magic as you can too!

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Athens
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Dimitros Brousovana

Escape to The Beaches

When all else fails escape to the beach! Athens is rich in scenic coasts, each more romantic than the next. Vouliagmeni Beach, for example, boasts clear waters paired with a white sandy shoreline. It can practically rival any of the beguiling beaches among the Greek Islands! There's also Glyfada Beach, which is a quieter coast where it's easy to find a fairly intimate spot. Once you get to that secret place, you can get as lovey-dovey as you want! These and many of the other beaches in Athens are perfect for Valentine's Day!

Dine at a Rooftop Bar

What better way to end Valentine's Day in Athens than to dine at a rooftop bar? Don't forget that the holiday is in February, around the same time that the rest of Europe is covered with snow. Spending the holiday here lets you enjoy the romance amidst the signature warmth of the Mediterranean, even if it's milder around this time of year. So why not embrace the heat even as it sun sets? By having your dinner date on a rooftop bar, you can enjoy the views, the warmth, and the lovely atmosphere of the Greek capital. What more could you ask for?

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Athens

You'd be surprised at how much you'd enjoy spending Valentine's Day in Athens. The historic Greek capital has its own fair share of romantic charms, allowing couples to have the time of their lives on the holiday.

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