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The Five Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Athens

April 12, 2023
Athens is a city that keeps on giving. Not just with a fascinating history and cool landmarks. Not just with delicious food and awesome local experiences. But also with Instagram-worthy sights! The Greek capital is so breathtaking, practically every corner deserves to be captured. Especially the Acropolis, Anafiotika, the Panathenaic Stadium, Sunset Snaps, and Lake Vouliagmeni! Among all there is to see in Athens, these are the finest Instagrammable spots in the city. One shot in any of these places will be enough to convince anyone to pack their bags and travel to the Greek capital as soon as they can!

The Five Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Athens


Of course, Acropolis starts this list off! If you traveled all the way to Athens and didn't see the Acropolis in person, let alone take a selfie with it, did you really go to Athens? Similar to the likes of the Big Ben clocktower in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Acropolis in Athens is practically the symbol of the city and the entire country altogether. You can't separate the two! And when you go to Athens, you can't miss out on seeing this iconic archeological site in person. With its grandiosity and well-preserved form, it embodies Greek history and culture!
The Five Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Athens
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Muses Hill

Muses Hill is the gift that keeps on giving. Specifically, if you want to take the perfect Instagram shot in Athens! Home to the grand Philopappou monument, this place is the perfect spot to capture a viral-inducing social media post. You even had lots of great angles to choose from. You can take a selfie on the hill and with the monument, for example, to show where you're currently at. Then you can face the camera in the opposite direction and capture an amazing view of the rest of the neighborhoods in Athens. You can even see the Acropolis from here too!
The Five Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Athens
Source: Flickr.com/ TimeTravelRome


Speaking of the different neighborhoods in Athens, the most picture-perfect of them all is arguably Anafiotika! Though it's only a collection of white cottages near the Acropolis, the entire place is a slice of the Greek Islands. It's as if you got transported to Santorini or Mykonos before you knew it. And though this small district is nowhere near the real thing, they do present an idyllic portrait of what the Greek countryside and its paradisical islands must be like. Not to mention, with the Acropolis standing in the background, this is an Instagram-worthy shot worth taking!
The Five Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Athens
Source: Flickr.com/ Pantelis pan

Panathenaic Stadium

Athens doesn't get enough credit for having been one of the finest host cities for the Olympic Games and other major sporting events. Though the birthplace of the Olympics is somewhere else in Greece, there's no denying that the capital city is one of the best venues for such events. Case in point: the Panathenaic Stadium. With its precise symmetry and massive size, you just know that countless historic moments in sports took place here. Or you can even imagine mythical gods and titans battling each other out athletics in this very stadium!
The Five Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Athens
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lake Vouliagmeni

What's great about posting about your travels on Instagram is that, in your own small way, you can also bring attention to the hidden gems of the world's top tourist destinations. Take Lake Vouliagmeni, for example. Though it's technically not in Athens, it's near enough that you can go on a day trip here. And trust that it'll be one of the best decisions you'll make on your Athens trip. This lake, with its gradient waters and scenic coasts, is one of the most beautiful but criminally underrated spots on mainland Greece.
The Five Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Athens
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ GeorgeBRAINiac

Get to know the best Instagram-worthy spots in Athens! You'll get lots of great shots of one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world. And you'll definitely get a lot of attention for them online too!

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