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The 8 Best Spas in Tallinn

January 23, 2024
Tallinn probably has the most unique spa scene among all the capital cities of Europe. The city has your typical hotel spas and wellness centers, but it also has spas within waterparks, spa hotels, and more. It only goes to show that there's more to look forward to in the Estonian capital than just its popular attractions. The castles and churches are beautiful, sure, but there are many great places where you can relax and unwind too. Check out Tallinn Viimsi Spa & Waterpark, for example, which is as exciting of a place as it sounds. There's also the Metropol Spa Hotel, which is easy to spot because it's at the heart of the city.

The 8 Best Spas in Tallinn

Swissôtel Tallinn

As far as hotel spas in Tallinn go, Swissôtel Tallinn is undoubtedly up there. Housed in the city's tallest building, it's as if the place is already screaming at you, saying that you're in for an extraordinary spa experience ahead. And it's not wrong! Swissôtel Tallinn's in-house spa has a whole host of amenities and treatments worth your while. The steam room and saunas aid in preparing your body for all sorts of relaxing treatments. The fitness centers offer a great space for exercise. Don't forget about that gorgeous indoor pool too! Every part of this spa is luxurious, making every cent worth it!

The Eforea Spa at The Hilton Tallinn Park

In such a sophisticated hotspot like the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel, it's only natural to expect a high-class spa, right? Does The Eforea Spa live up to its home's five-star reputation? You bet it does! The place boasts a rooftop lounge area where you can get a nice tan while waiting for your treatment and enjoy views of the nearby neighborhoods of Tallinn. There's also a soothing sauna where you can sweat your stress away and a cool indoor swimming pool to boot. Their treatments include deep-tissue massages and intensive facials, all aimed at making you look and feel better than ever before. What more would you ask for?

The 8 Best Spas in Tallinn

Braavo Spa Hotel

A bubbling jacuzzi, a spacious sauna, and intimately lit massage rooms await those lucky enough to book a day at the Braavo Spa Hotel. As a hotel, its accommodations are up to par with many luxury apartments in Tallinn. As a spa, however, the quality is even higher! With amazing amenities on offer, there's no way you won't be able to relax. The Braavo Spa Hotel is one of a handful of spa hotels that can truly provide a soothing, albeit temporary escape from the Estonian capital's everyday hustle and bustle.

Tallinn Viimsi Spa & Waterpark

Now here's a spa in Tallinn that's truly unique! You'd think that a water park would be the last place any adult would go to when they're in dire need of relaxation. The perfect place to spend a day in Tallinn, sure, but to get your much-deserved pampering? Well, the Tallinn Viimsi Spa & Waterpark argues that it is possible! Beyond the slides, fountains, and more, the place still has its fair share of soothing spa amenities. Go to the jacuzzi for a warm soak away from the kids. Book a massage while the little ones are playing in the kiddie pool. At any rate, you'd still get to relax amidst all the craziness!

The 8 Best Spas in Tallinn

Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark

Who knew the spa and water park hybrid would prove to be popular? If the Tallinn Viimsi Spa & Waterpark weren't enough, there's also the Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark! Much like the former, this hotspot is as much a water-filled playground as it is an oasis of hydrotherapy. While the little ones go down the slides or stand under the waterfalls, you can escape to the more serene thermal baths and steam rooms. You can also book massages and facials, each more rejuvenating than the next. Before you reunite with the kids, you'll be looking and feeling better than before!

Metropol Spa Hotel

Tucked away in the Rotermann Quarter, the Metropol Spa Hotel is all about warming you up. The saunas and steam rooms are its main events, especially during winter when it's freezing outside. Picture this: you're celebrating a White Christmas in Tallinn but the cold got a little too much. You then book a day at the Metropol Spa Hotel. The moment you get inside any of its high-quality saunas, you're thawing out like a snowman left in spring. That's how rejuvenating this spa's amenities are. They're the perfect antidote for the city's cool Central European climate.

The 8 Best Spas in Tallinn

The Spa at Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn

The four-star Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn deserves a lot of recognition, especially its in-house spa. Unlike the other spas in Tallinn, this hotspot focuses a lot on being zen, highlighting Asian treatments and therapies. The space itself has a calming simplicity about it. With Buddha statuettes and scented candles, the spa upholds an Eastern sensibility that pairs well with its exotic spa rituals. In such an intimate setting, hot stone and classic aromatic massages feel more relaxing. Even the classic chocolate massage makes for a more rejuvenating than sweet treatment. The same goes for the “Hanakasumi” ritual too.

LaSpa Laulasmaa

Both in location and spirit, LaSpa Laulasmaa is a world away from the other spas in Tallinn. For starters, the place is located right by Lahepere Bay, which is miles away from the city center. Don't worry! It's not so far that you can't take a day trip to this spa. And trust that it's worth the trip too! With the calm bay waters nearby, the spa is already a lot more relaxing than most of the spas on this list. Add to that the hotspot's first-class amenities and tantalizing treatments and you've got yourself a memorable spa day ahead!

The 8 Best Spas in Tallinn

The spas in Tallinn are some of the most unique in the world. Beyond the usual treatments and amenities, there are also water parks, thermal baths, and more. Don't miss out on any of them when you're in Tallinn!

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