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Where are The Best Spas in Dublin?

January 19, 2024
If you need pampering in Dublin, you're in luck! The city has a good many spas that will give you the treatment that you deserve. The Irish capital may not be the first city people think of when they hear the word “luxury” but rest assured that this is exactly what these hotspots offer. The Buff Day Spa, Julia's Day Spa, the Bodywise Clinic, the Merrion Day Spa, and the Urban Day & Medi Spa are just some worth noting. These places boast amazing amenities, relaxing treatments, and excellent service. What more could you ask for?

Where are The Best Spas in Dublin?

Bodywise Clinic

Normally, you'd think that any spa that only specializes in massages would be boring. Many of the best spas in Dublin offer all sorts of amenities and different therapies, making a spa day just as exciting as it is relaxing. In such a diverse spa scene, how does the Bodywise Clinic, which is mostly about massage on Suffolk Street, stand out? Well, for one thing, they're so good at that they do. You don't just get a massage here. You'll get an almost out-of-body experience that you won't ever forget. It also helps that the spa offers a variety of massages from around the world.

Julia's Day Spa

Another great spa for massages is Julia's Day Spa on Main Street in Lucan, a smaller town in the larger County of Dublin. Look for the bright red door by a stark white wall. You'd think the place was a post office or something, but it's not. It's actually one of the finest spas in Dublin, beloved for its amazing array of massages. Get a hot stone massage, for example, which is perfect for a cold day in Dublin. Their full-body massages, which only cost €80.00 per hour, are as transformative as they are tantalizing.

Where are The Best Spas in Dublin?

Merrion Day Spa

At 79 Merrion Square, you'll find the Merrion Day Spa, the perfect place to answer all your skincare needs. From facials to eye masks, their treatments aim to make your skin look plumper and feel softer than ever. It helps that the spa is near Merrion Square. Moving to Dublin is stressful enough, what more when you have to look high and low for one of the city's best spas? Since it's in a central part of town, it's not too difficult to find the Merrion Day Spa. And if you do get here stressed, their hot stone massages will take that right off!

Oasis Beauty Day Spa

Want to enhance your outer beauty—as well as your inner beauty—even more? Head over to the Oasis Beauty Day Spa on Queen Street. It's arguably the best day spa in the city, one that can easily rival the more luxurious hotel spas in Dublin. body wraps, sauna sessions, and cellulite reduction treatments await those lucky enough to get a booking here. Not to mention its staple array of facials and massages too, of course. With state-of-the-art amenities and and high-quality cosmetics to help too, there's no doubt you'll look better than ever after going here.

Where are The Best Spas in Dublin?

The Buff Day Spa

Though there are many great spas in Dublin, it's safe to say that The Buff Day Spa on King Street is the best for women. Whether you're a bride looking to get pampered right before her big day or you're pregnant and you need to relax for your little one, this spa will take good care of you. Pampering is the name of the game here, especially with its intensive facials, revitalizing body massages, and exquisite beauty treatments. After booking a spa day here, you won't just end up looking better, but feeling better too!

The Spa at The Marker Hotel

The Marker Hotel near the Grand Canal Quay undoubtedly has one of the most luxurious spas in Dublin. There's no other hotspot in the city that will give you a 23-meter-long infinity pool, steaming saunas, bubbling jacuzzis, and more. Even their treatment menu is like a trip around the world. The spa offers ancient European rituals, Asian massages, and diverse aromatherapy scents, to name a few. The popular skincare brand Skinceuticals has also provided the spa with its many quality products, many of which are used in their beauty treatments. How's that for luxury?

Urban Day & Medi Spa

Let's not forget that going to a spa is as much about healing as it is about relaxing and getting pampered. Urban Day & Medi Spa is the best place to prove that. Located near the Grand Canal Dock, it's a soothing retreat in the middle of all the central neighborhoods of Dubai. Its bustling location isn't enough to ruin the spa experience here, especially since they take good care of you. From massages to facials, paired with great saunas and awesome jacuzzis, you're sure to turn into a totally different, perhaps happier person!

Where are The Best Spas in Dublin?

Here in the Irish capital, some of the best places to relax are in the finest spas in Dublin. They offer amazing amenities, relaxing treatments, and high-quality service that you won't find anywhere else!

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