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Where Can Your Family Spend Time in Los Angeles?

December 27, 2023
If you spend time with your whole family in Los Angeles, will you have a good time? The city is great for hanging out with friends and colleagues, but what about your family? Especially if there are little ones? Can you keep them entertained and excited in this glittering metropolis? Well, why not? LA has tons of great places that'll give you and your loved ones a good time. For example, you can spend the entire day at Disneyland, going on rides and meeting your favorite cartoon characters. Take them to the Wildlife Learning Center and discover all sorts of fascinating (and adorable!) creatures. Go to the park to have a nice picnic too!

Where Can Your Family Spend Time in Los Angeles?


It's only natural for Disneyland to start this list. They don't call this the “happiest place on Earth” for nothing! Here in Anaheim, California—which is part of the Greater Los Angeles County—stands what is perhaps the most famous and beloved theme park in the world. It has all the famous rides, games, shows, and of course, characters from your favorite Disney films. From the oldest to the youngest members of your family everyone can and will have a great time in Disneyland. It's the ultimate family destination and it's the original Disneyland, which was built in 1955.

Universal Studios Hollywood

“Amusement” doesn't even begin to describe what Universal Studios Hollywood will give you. Thrilling rides, awesome games, exciting shows, and more. These are what this amazing theme park is all about. There are loads of attractions that center on some of the most beloved movies and TV shows ever made. Go on The Simpsons Ride and check out what Krustyland might be like if it were real. Enter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and pretend you're a magical student attending Hogwarts. Dare to go on the King Kong: 360 3D attraction and see if you're brave enough to face the giant ape yourself!

Where Can Your Family Spend Time in Los Angeles?

Santa Monica Pier

If you want to spend a lovely weekend with your family in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Pier is one of the best spots. It's a traditional amusement park, complete with a Ferris Wheel, roller coasters, bumper cars, and more. Some may find it boring compared to the likes of Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, but it's the absence of familiar IP that makes it perfect for playtime. Here, both the young and old can go on rides and play games together, while the adults can go on a foodie trip and make a date out of it!

Bob Baker Marionette Theater

If you thought entertainment in Los Angeles was all about the movies and TV, think again! There's also the Bob Baker Marionette Theater on York Boulevard. Built in 1963, it's the oldest children's theater in the city, not to mention the most unique. The place has over 2,000 marionettes, each more colorful and adorable than the next. Professional puppeteers put on various shows for the audience, ranging from familiar fairytales to musicals with songs that'll get stuck in your head. The little ones will love this sort of theater and be dazzled at the art form of marionettes.

Where Can Your Family Spend Time in Los Angeles?

Moonlight Rollerway

Vintage never goes out of style in this city. From the old Hollywood haunts to the chic vintage clothing stores in LA, this bustling metropolis is as much about preserving the past as it forges ahead into the future. The same could be said about having fun with your family too. Among the best places to spend time with your family in Los Angeles, many are pretty old. You already know about Disneyland and Bob Baker's Marionette Theater, but there's the Moonlight Rollerway too! This roller rink has been around since the 50s and has barely changed at all. It's a novel place full of nostalgia—what's not to love?

Kidspace Children’s Museum

Located all the way in Pasadena, one of the more peaceful districts of Los Angeles, the Kidspace Children’s Museum is all about learning through playtime. You can hardly call it a museum! The place is jam-packed with things to climb on, jump off of, and more. All of these interactive exhibits aim to teach your child all about the world and its many wonders. And parents, there's no need to worry! Even though these exhibits look quite dangerous at times, they're all safe and secure. The museum's staff is also experienced and equipped to handle all sorts of situations.

Where Can Your Family Spend Time in Los Angeles?

Wildlife Learning Center

Technically speaking, the Wildlife Learning Center in San Fernando Valley isn't a standard zoo. It doesn't even market itself as such. Though the facility has live animals on display, the experience is a lot more intimate. Instead of feeling like you're looking at them through cages, it's more like you're visiting their habitats. The Wildlife Learning Center goes beyond just showing off different kinds of animals. Staying true to its name, the center teaches visitors more about the animals and gives an in-depth look at what they're all about. That's why the place is a popular field trip location for various schools in LA.

Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo, on the other hand, is a standard zoo. Animals are set in their own enclosures while visitors get to see them in their full, natural glory. This may not sound like the best place for these creatures to live, but rest assured that they're as lively as ever! You can spend an entire day with your family just exploring the zoo and going from one species to the next. Hear the lions and tigers roar with all their might. See the elephants play with their trunks, especially when it's bath time. Let the little ones pet the small critters and pray they won't ask you to take one home as a pet!

Echo Park

Finally, there's Echo Park, arguably the best and most beloved park in Los Angeles. This 10.5-acre green space offers a nature-filled solace for those who have moved to LA but need a break from all the urban madness. It's right smack in the middle of the city but it's in a world of its own. The park centers around Echo Park Lake, itself a family-friendly space where people can row boats, couples can pedal swan-shaped boats, and more. The lush fields that surround it, however, are more suited for picnics, playing sports with friends, and the like.

Where Can Your Family Spend Time in Los Angeles?

Can you have a great time with your family in Los Angeles? Yes, you can! The city has tons of great spots where the entire family can have a good time, including two beloved theme parks, fun museums, and more!

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