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The Best School Districts In and Around Los Angeles

July 21, 2020
While Los Angeles seems like a city devoted to having a good time—and on many accounts, it is!—people still get serious over here. Most especially when it comes to school. After all, some of the richest and most prominent families live here, do you think they'd enroll their kids in second-rate institutions? Of course not! They go to the best of the best! But, of course, not everyone can afford to take their kids there. Fortunately, many of the more affordable school districts offer equally-high standard education. They're definitely worth looking into for your little ones.

The Best School Districts In and Around Los Angeles


Arcadia Unified School District

Let's start with the Arcadia Unified School District. Ranked eight among the best school districts in California, many of its schools have become pretty popular among the locals. And it doesn't hurt that it's also ranked the fifth safest school district in the state. Notably, huge percentages of its students are proficient in both math and reading. It's 75% of the former and 76% for the latter. Although what's also great about this district is that teachers enjoy teaching in its schools as much as students enjoy learning in them. This is important with regard to the quality of education they offer overall. 


Irvine Unified School District 

A good number of schools from the Irvine Unified School District are in LA. And most probably, they're some of the safest schools in the state as the district ranks 12th among the least dangerous in California. For parents looking for a great school for their kids, this doesn't sound bad at all. But perhaps it's the fact that 73% of the students from this district are proficient in math while 77% are proficient in reading will finally convince them to enroll the kids into its schools. But if that's not enough, it's also good to know that 96% of all students graduate too. 


The Best School Districts In and Around Los Angeles


La Canada Unified School District

Don't be fooled by its name, La Canada Unified School District has schools in Tinsel Town too, not in Canada. In fact, it' even ranked the ninth-best school district in California out of all in the state. And on the list of best places to teach in the West Coast, the school district ranks 31st. As far as the quality of education is concerned, expect that it's as high as the proficient percentages of its students in math and English. 88% of the kids are proficient in reading while 85% of them are good at math. Not too shabby, right? 


Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

Out of the 487 school districts in California, the Palos Verde Unified School District placed in seventh, securing a strong top ten spot. In terms of safety, it ranks 11th overall. As far as proficiency percentages go, the district has a commendable 77% on reading and 71% on math. Quality-wise, it's high up there as well which, in some cases, is also its downfall. This school district tends to focus disproportionately on academics, often leaving athletics behind. Still, they're gradually improving on that aspect, but for now, at least you can ensure that a young one's mind will be ready to face the world once he/graduates. 


The Best School Districts In and Around Los Angeles


San Marino Unified School District

The most important thing about the San Marino Unified School District is that it has set forth a competitive environment for academics. Their schools are the sorts that excel in various subjects, even often winning various state and national contests and competitions. It's no wonder then that it's considered the third best school district out of all in California. And for teachers, they consider the San Marino Unified School district's campuses as the 2nd best district to teach at. And it's reflected on the students' abilities too, having 86% of all of them equally proficient in both math and reading. 


South Pasadena Unified School District

Finally, there's the South Pasadena School District. A good many of its schools are in the eponymous part of the city, one of the more suburban and more peaceful neighborhoods of LA. In the state of California, this district ranks 12th best overall, while it's 6 on the list of districts with the best students. However, you could say that the South Pasadena School District is also one of the strictest in the state. They hold their students to a high standard, reflected on the 84% of them that are proficient in reading and the 70% proficient in math. 


The Best School Districts In and Around Los Angeles


Los Angeles isn't all glitz and glamour. They actually take education here seriously, The many school districts that operate in and around the city stand proof that the quality of education for the young ones here remains high and competitive! 

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