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Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

November 01, 2023
Planning to live on your own in California? Then a nice solo apartment is for you! California is one of America's biggest and most popular states. It's full of bustling metropolises where millions thrive and survive, and living on your own lets you enjoy a bit of silence and solace. Luckily, you can do just that in any of these amazing solo luxury apartments in California. These places aren't too big or too small, they're just right. They have all the necessities, ample storage space, and even an area where you can work from home! What's not to love?

Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

One-bedroom with Office in West Hollywood

Let's start with Los Angeles, specifically West Hollywood. In this trendy neighborhood in LA, a one-bedroom apartment like this one by Anyplace is more than enough. For one thing, even though it's a solo rental, it's 67 square meters. That's a lot of space for someone living on their own, especially in a crowded metropolis like Los Angeles. The place itself is pretty complete too. There's a spacious bedroom, a nice living room with a flat-screen TV, a dining set that can fit four people at a time, and there's even a cozy work area too! What more could you ask for?
Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

Gaslamp Loft with Office in San Diego

While most people are moving to Los Angeles in California, you ought to consider relocating to San Diego instead. Just like LA, San Diego enjoys a warm climate year-round, beautiful beaches, and nice parks. And of course, a whole host of awesome solo apartments too! This Gaslamp Loft is a perfect example. Located in the historic John D. Spreckels Building in the Downtown area, this place is pure urban living at its finest. Living here lets you stay in the middle of all the action, not to mention you get to enjoy a lot of space too!
Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

Nob Hill One-Bedroom with Office in San Francisco

Over in the Bay Area, San Francisco has long been a popular destination among locals and tourists alike. It's a beautiful city with lots of hustle and bustle and a high standard of living. Any person living on their own would want to move to San Francisco ASAP, especially if they manage to rent this Nob Hill solo apartment. Housed in a classic Victorian home, the place combines the classic and the contemporary. Equipment-wise, the apartment has it all: a nice kitchen, a beautiful living room, a spacious bedroom, a clean bathroom, and more. There's even a home office for remote workers to do their jobs in peace!
Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

Rincon Hill One-bedroom with Office in San Francisco

Another great solo apartment in San Francisco is this chic space on Rincon Hill. More contemporary than the one on Nob Hill, this place looks and feels more modern. In a way, it's built specifically for the single urban sophisticate who works from home. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, the apartment gets ample sunlight during the day, not to mention lets you enjoy the wonderful cityscape in full view. Having the work desk set against one of them lets you bask in that sunny California weather even when you're hard at work. Doesn't that sound great?
Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

Presidio Hts One-bedroom in San Francisco

Not too keen on the other luxury homes in San Francisco? Perhaps this one-bedroom flat in Presidio Heights is more up your alley. The location alone is desirable enough—Presidio Heights is a pretty exclusive neighborhood that's near the city's beloved parks and nature trails. Here, you can enjoy as much peace and quiet as you can while still living in a big city. As for the apartment itself, is a clean and crisp luxury rental that has all the necessities. Unlike the one on Rincon Hill, however, the windows don't take up all the walls. They're big enough to let in some sunshine while allowing you some privacy at the same time.
Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

Entire Mountain Cottage Home in Woodside

If you really want some peace and privacy, look no further than this Entire Mountain Cottage Home in Woodside, a small town on the San Francisco peninsula. True to its name, the area itself is forested, almost as if you're in the middle of nowhere. That's definitely what you'll think too when you get to this cottage. The inside has everything you need to stay comfortable—a lovely double bed, a nice kitchen, a spacious living area, and more. Surrounded by tall trees as far as the eye can see, the place makes for a nice escape from the rest of the world.
Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

Modern Apartment in Sacramento

Escaping to the woods is great and all, but what if you're a single adult who wants to live in the here and now? Part of what's great about being alive today is getting to enjoy and benefit from modern-day conveniences, after all. So a city slicker such as yourself would likely prefer a place like this modern apartment in Sacramento. This stylish lakeside apartment has a king-sized bed, air-conditioning, a fully-equipped kitchen, and strong wifi. There's a big TV in the living room to keep you entertained, even in winter when it sometimes gets so cold that you have no choice but to hang out by the fireplace.
Discover Our Most Notable Solo Apartments Throughout California

Living on your own in California would be infinitely better if you rent any of these luxury solo apartments. They're luxurious, spacious, have great amenities located in great areas, amazing places you can call home!

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