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The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Prague

October 13, 2023
You really ought to consider spending the holidays in Prague. Or more specifically, celebrating New Year's Eve in Prague. The Czech capital is pretty magical this time of year, with the Christmas markets still up and the snow falling on the city's most magical monuments. To end the year (as well as to welcome a new one), the city sets up all sorts of fabulous festivities! Of course, there's the usual fireworks display, a New Year's Eve must-have! There are also many nightclubs that put on the most exciting parties. And for a different kind of treat, go to a classical concert too!

The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Prague

Watch The Fireworks

What's New Year's Eve without any fireworks? These are what most people look forward to the year-end holiday for, after all. And in Prague, an already stunning city, the New Year's Eve fireworks make everything look all the more enchanting. Fortunately, there's no one main place for the city's fireworks displays. There are various set-ups throughout the different neighborhoods in Prague. There's Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge, Petrin Hill, and more. Though the ones in the public squares are the most popular, the others aren't to be missed as well.

Visit The Christmas Markets

Speaking of Prague's public squares, they're also where you'll find the Christmas markets. Stalls upon stalls selling traditional snacks, adorable knick-knacks, cute toys, fascinating crafts, colorful baubles, and even a few antiques are a definite must-see. Paired with the festive holiday spirit, these are some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Fortunately, they remain up until New Year's Eve, which is perhaps their final event before closing down in January. And if you're looking for something to do on December 31st as you wait for the clock to strike 12, have fun in these dreamy markets!

The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Prague

Party in The Clubs

Prague doesn't get enough credit for its electric nightlife. It may not be the trendiest capital city out there—Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona (Catalan capital), and Amsterdam have it beat—but the nightlife scene here is still pretty exciting. There are bars that mix the most intoxicating drinks, EDM-filled clubs that'll have you dancing all night long, and gay clubs that brew something sexy every night. If you just want to forget it all as you end the year, you'd do well to go out on the town in Prague on New Year's Eve!

Eat Out

Is Prague a foodie destination? Not, necessarily. This isn't to say that there are no great places to eat around here. On the contrary, there are plenty! But in truth, the Czech capital is far from the likes of New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, London, and more in the culinary scene. Even Czech cuisine isn't all that famous to begin with! So does that mean eating out isn't an option when spending New Year's Eve in Prague? Of course, not! There are still many hotspots that serve the most delicious year-end feasts. They include the rather old-school Krčma, Kuchyň& its holiday buffet, and Portfolio Restaurant, which boasts a Michelin star!

The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Prague

Enjoy Some Theater

Going to the theater in the holiday season has become vastly underrated. People used to watch all sorts of performances, especially on Christmas or New Year's Eve, making them common holiday traditions. Nowadays, it's all about partying and watching fireworks. It's not, per se, but for those who want a bit more culture for their year-end festivities. Prague has got you covered. The city puts on performances on New Year's Eve, allowing the audience to enjoy one final show before the start of the new year. At the same time, many cinemas stay open late on December 31st too.

Listen to The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Perhaps the most common theater experience on New Year's Eve in Prague is seeing the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra perform live. Year after year, the celebrated Obecní Dům, more commonly known as the Municipal House, sets up a New Year's Eve concert led by the highly acclaimed orchestra. In fact, tickets to this concert often get sold out days or weeks prior to December 31st. A lot of locals have made it their annual tradition to end their year with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, so if you want to see and listen to them live too, buy your tickets the moment they go on sale!

Go on a River Cruise

And finally, for a romantic evening on New Year's Eve in Prague, take your special someone on a midnight cruise across The Vltava. While the rest of the city hangs out in the Christmas markets, party in the clubs, or go to the Philharmonic concert, the river is at its most quiet on this night. This makes it the perfect setting for a romantic evening for two, which often includes dinner, drinks, and live music. Moreover, the cruise provides the perfect spot to watch the fireworks go off! How's that for a banging end of the year?

The Best Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Prague

You really ought to consider celebrating New Year's Eve in Prague. The city has a lot to offer to ensure that you will have the best time possible on the holiday! Rest assured that they'll provide you with an unforgettable end of the year!

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