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New Year's Eve in Vienna: What To Do

October 12, 2023
What do you think celebrating New Year's Eve in Vienna is like? In a word: magical! While it's far from the most famous city for this holiday, it doesn't mean that there isn't anything to look forward to. There's Silvesterpfad, for example, which is one of the city's beloved New Year's Eve events. The world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs every December 31st too; a great way to welcome the new year with class and culture. And of course, you can't forget about the city's fireworks display too! It's no New York City ball drop but it's still spectacular in its own right!

New Year's Eve in Vienna: What To Do

Experience “Silvesterpfad

When you spend New Year's Eve in Vienna, you'll likely hear the word “Silvesterpfad” a lot. But what does it exactly mean? The word literally translates to English as “New Year’s Eve trail,” referring to the various stages set up throughout the different neighborhoods in Vienna for the end of the year. As you know, music is a huge part of the Austrian capital's heritage, and that has stayed true even until now. But instead of the usual classical music, Silvesterpfad allows you to end the year with loud and lively concerts featuring rock bands, pop stars, and the like.

Shop at The Holiday Markets

Vienna has some of the most magical Christmas markets in Europe. The Christmas village set up on Maria Theresien Square, for example, is always a highlight. The beautiful contrast between the sparkling stalls of the market and the palatial museums that surround the public square is quite a sight to behold. Luckily, this and the other markets in the city stay up until New Year's Eve. Many even think that it's even more festive on this holiday instead of Christmas. People are out on the streets looking for some festive fun to end the year, after all!

New Year's Eve in Vienna: What To Do

Go Ballroom Dancing

Let's go back to Silvesterpfad for this next one. The aforementioned New Year's Eve event in Vienna sets up stages throughout the city. Most are for concerts and such, but some are specifically to let people dance the night away. Particularly, ballroom dancing! Even to this day, the waltz and other classical dances are still popular among the locals. On New Year's Eve, public spaces turn into dance halls for ballroom dancing. The most famous of which is Graben, a spacious area that's a hop and a skip away from St Stephen’s Cathedral. Here, you can learn how to waltz well into the new year.

Listen to The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Let's not forget that Vienna is still the number one place for classical music. If you're a fan, then you'll want to watch the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra do their thing on New Year's Eve. Every year, this globally acclaimed orchestra performs at the iconic Musikverein, home to the Vienna Music Society. This opulent music hall located in the Innere Stadt district provides the perfect place and atmosphere to welcome the new year in a grand way. That's on top of the fact that many of the most legendary musicians in history have performed here too!

New Year's Eve in Vienna: What To Do

Eat Out

New Year's Eve is the perfect holiday to enjoy a massive feast. Wouldn't you want to end the year on a full stomach? Surely your friends and family would too! And what better way to do that than in best restaurants in Vienna? The gothic-like Café Central, for example, is the perfect setting for a grand New Year's Eve feast! ERICH, on the other hand, is a bar and restaurant where you can get good drinks paired with awesome vegan dishes. And then there's Pramerl & the Wolf, helmed by the great Wolfgang Zankl-Sertl himself. There's a reason why he's one of Austria's best chefs!

Enjoy a Slice of Sachertorte

As you enjoy your New Year's Eve feast in Vienna, don't forget about dessert! And if there's one dessert that Austria is beloved for, it's Sachertorte! This rich chocolate cake, often served topped with whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream, offers the Viennese delight. It's the perfect end to a good meal, even for those who aren't too keen on sweets. Moreover, wouldn't you want to end the year on a sweet note? Or to look at it from a different perspective—to start the year on a rich note!

New Year's Eve in Vienna: What To Do

New Year's Eve in Vienna is truly underrated. The Austrian capital becomes even more magical on this holiday. The lights are brighter, the music is merrier, and the atmosphere is a lot more jovial for the end of the year.

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