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Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps

September 15, 2023
As beautiful of a place as the Swiss Alps are, there's still the cold to contend with. You likely decided to travel here because or in spite of the cold, but there's no denying that it can get too much at times. Unless you're a local, it's hard getting used to the cold in the Swiss Alps. You'll need to escape to a place where you can warm yourself up. And what better way to do it than with a hot meal? Indulge in delicious food in the best restaurants in the Swiss Alps, including La MarléNaz, Restaurant Allalin, Gourmet Stübli Dällikon, Restaurant Crezerton, and Cafe Alpenblick.

Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps

La Marlénaz

La Marlénaz stands amidst the dreamy slopes of the famous Verbier ski resort. It's exactly the type of idyllic countryside restaurant you'd expect in the Swiss Alps. Housed in a wooden chalet with a gorgeous deck that offers the most amazing views, it's no surprise how the place got so popular over the years. Even more so with its sumptuous cheese fondues and sweet desserts. Add the other Mediterranean cuisines they also serve, La Marlénaz can satisfy to no end!
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: La MarléNaz Facebook Page

Restaurant Crezerton

The in-house restaurant of the Crezerton Hotel in Switzerland’s Crans-Montana is probably the most magical restaurant in all of the Swiss Alps. Firstly, you can't beat its stunning views. You can clearly see iconic mountains like the Matterhorn and Mont-Blanc from here. Talk about a great vantage point! Secondly, there's the food. The restaurant is beloved for its delicious twists on authentic Valais dishes and delicacies. It helps that they take it nice and slow in preparing the food, ensuring that the customer will only get the highest quality of servings.
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Crezerton Facebook Page

Gourmet Stübli Dällikon

Housed in the high-profile Hotel Seehof, Gourmet Stübli Dällikon is a top-class restaurant in the Swiss Alps. Just how prominent is it? Well, it's not far-fetched to bump into a celebrity here, perhaps even a politician too. Recognized by the world's elite, Gourmet Stübli Dällikon strives to provide a tinge of Parisian Michelin-star service in the ski resort town of Davos. From its richest meats to its lightest vegetarian options, every dish is a tantalizing swirl of French-Swiss flavors.
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Gourmet Stübli Dällikon Facebook Page


With a great view of the Matterhorn on the horizon, Findlerhof is definitely among the upper echelons of Zermatt's culinary scene. The prized location alone already makes it worthwhile, but its appetizing menu brings it up a notch. For starters, their Beef carpaccio is heavenly, light enough to keep you going until the main course but still full of flavor. For a soup, you can sip their Curry cream soup with prawns, a nice seafood delight even when you're up in the Swiss Alps. Some Rösti with bacon and egg, on the other hand, is a traditional dish best enjoyed hot!
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Findlerhof Facebook Page

Restaurant Allalin

Located about 3,500 meters (11,482 feet) above ground, Restaurant Allalin is literally the highest hotspot on this list. It even rotates, allowing you to enjoy as many views of the surrounding Swiss Alps as possible. In such a dreamy setting, it's natural to expect culinary excellence, right? Well, fear not! This restaurant lives up to its name! Serving up a traditional Swiss menu with an expertly international twist, rest assured that every dish is worth the effort it takes to go up here.
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Hotel Allalin

Riffelhaus Restaurant

Do you know what a “Valais Platter” is? This wonderfully delicious dish consists of dried beef, bacon, local sausage, paired with local rye braid, and of course, served with Swiss cheese. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? Well, a Valais Platter is only one of many delectable items you can enjoy in the Riffelhaus Restaurant in Zermatt. There's no better way to spend time in the Swiss Alps than finishing this dish up as you gaze upon the sweeping landscapes of the Valais region.
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Riffelhaus Restaurant.j

Ecco St. Moritz

With two Michelin stars under its belt, there's no way Ecco St. Moritz won't be part of this list of the best places to eat in the Swiss Alps. Fine dining is the name of the game here, especially since the prominent Chef Rolf Fliegauf runs the place. Under his command, the kitchen prepares the most fabulous dishes, including marinated Balfego tuna, Atlantic turbot paired with Caviar Beurre Blanc, and some sautéed Norwegian lobster. You'd sooner think this was a restaurant in the French Riviera or something!
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Giardino Hotels

Restaurant Furri

Although Restaurant Furri is also located in the famous ski resort town of Zermatt, the place is completely different from the other hotspots on this list. For one thing, it's a family-owned restaurant with an evidently humble appeal. With the restaurant looking like a farmhouse, it has a warm, almost inviting look to it. And when you dine here, you can enjoy some of the most humble Swiss delicacies. From dried meat and local cheese to fruit tarts for dessert, Restaurant Furri simply aims to delight. Unsurprisingly, they always do so!
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Restaurant Furri

Cafe Alpenblick

With its slightly remote location in Saas-Fee and the fact that it's family-owned, Cafe Alpenblick serves as somewhat of a palette cleanser against the more high-class hotspots on this list. This isn't to say the place doesn't serve delicious food. In fact, it's one of the best places to enjoy some local Swiss sweets in the Valais region. It's just that the cafe is more low-profile, perfect for taking a break after skiing all day. Escape to this wooden cabin of a restaurant and enjoy the most delectable slices of fruitcake, apple strudel, and nut gateau, paired with hot coffee, of course!
Where to Eat in The Swiss Alps
Source: Alpenblick-Saasfee

The Swiss Alps are as much a foodie destination as the world's finest food capitals. Check out some of the best places to eat in this part of Switzerland to understand that the culinary scene here truly is something else!

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