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Bring These Travel Essentials on Your Trip to Ski Resort Towns

September 07, 2023
What do you need to bring to a ski resort town? Your own skis? Sure! Warm clothes? Of course! A pair of goggles? Definitely! In truth, you need to pack tons of things for a ski holiday. It's not like when you go to a tropical country, for example, where all you'll need are clothes, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Let's not forget that ski resort towns aren't ordinary towns to begin with. Some stores might not carry the travel essentials you need. So to avoid any hassle, create a list of what to pack for your ski holiday and make sure all the following are included!

Bring These Travel Essentials on Your Trip to Ski Resort Towns

Your Own Ski Gear

Even though most ski resort towns have rentals, it's still better to bring your own gear. They might be expensive, sure, but there are loads of benefits to them. The first is that you can save time, money, and effort from renting ski gear in the town itself. That alone is already a huge plus! Second, you don't have to worry about paying damage fees if something happens to your gear. At times, such fees are more expensive than buying ski gear on your own. And third, you never know what sort of germs stick to the rental ski gear even when they've been thoroughly washed. Let's not forget what COVID-19 taught the world about sanitation!


Out of all the ski gear you need to have, goggles are among the most important parts. Because they're compact and light, travelers tend to forget to buy them when shopping for a ski holiday trip. Surely you can just buy a pair in the ski resort town, right? Or rent instead? While that is possible, it's still important to remember about proper sanitation. This isn't to say that renting goggles is a bad thing. It's just that buying your own ensures your safety against all sorts of germs and the illnesses they carry.

Bring These Travel Essentials on Your Trip to Ski Resort Towns

Waterproof Outerwear

Don't forget that snow is essentially water so packing some waterproof gear is an absolute must! Ski resort town essentials don't just include winter clothes made with fleece, cashmere, and the like. The right ski gear is constructed with waterproof material to ensure that your body remains warm and dry as you ski and do all sorts of winter sports. You'll realize this when you get to the Swiss or French Alps, for example. These places are notorious for their snow and skiing down their slopes will have you as wet as a mop if you're not properly dressed for the sport.

Casual Winter Clothes

Ski resort towns aren't just for skiing. When you go to Whistler in Canada, for example, there are tons to do apart from skiing. The same goes for Innsbruck in Austria, Aspen in Colorado, USA, and more. In fact, you can go on a ski holiday without ever going on the slopes and it'd still be a worthwhile vacation. And because of that, you shouldn't forget your casual winter clothes too. Here's where the fleece and cashmere come in. No matter the style, as long as it's warm enough that you're not shivering every step you take outside, you're good to go!

Bring These Travel Essentials on Your Trip to Ski Resort Towns


While you're free to wear anything (as long as they're proper winter clothes) in a ski resort town, there's no arguing about boots. That is if you plan to go outside. If you stay indoors, you can wear whatever footwear you want. But outdoors? Boots all the way! Ski resort towns are known for their snow. It's what you traveled all the way here for, after all. Any other sort of footwear will fall short of keeping your feet warm and toasty. Boots are the only shoes to wear in these sorts of places!


Pretty surprised to see this here, aren't you? Who could've ever expected that you'd need to bring sunscreen to a ski resort town? A tropical Southeast Asian island, sure! But a town all the way up in the mountains? Well, of course, you need it! Going high up in the mountains means you're closer to the sun, considerably more so than when you're on a beach. It may not feel like it since it's cold, but you're actually more exposed to the sun's rays when you're at ski resort town. So protect your skin by applying one or two layers of sunscreen before you go outside!

Bring These Travel Essentials on Your Trip to Ski Resort Towns

Lip Balm

Did you know that cold weather is one of the main causes of chapped lips? If you sleep in front of the air-conditioner or even just sit by the fan, chances are your lips will chap before you know it. It's even worse if you go to a ski resort town, some of the most notoriously coldest places on the planet. Heaven knows how your lips might end up if you don't bring lip balm with you! That's why this small cosmetic item is an absolute must for any ski holiday. Your lips will thank you for it!

Power Bank

Finally, don't forget your power bank. Going to a ski resort town means you'll spend most of your time outdoors, especially if you plan to ski or do other winter sports as much as you can. Throughout that time, your phone will run out of juice before you know it. How then can you take selfies on top of the mountain? Or take awesome shots of the scenery? As long as you have your power bank, there's no need to worry. With it, you can charge your phone wherever and whenever! Easy peasy, right?

Bring These Travel Essentials on Your Trip to Ski Resort Towns

Do you know what you need to pack for your holiday in a ski resort town? These places are unlike any other destination out there, so it's vital that you bring the right travel essentials to ensure you'll have no problem at all.

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