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The 7 Coziest Cafes in London

August 13, 2023
Is your image of London a rainy, perhaps even dreary metropolis that looks straight out of a dystopic novel? Well, the truth isn't necessarily far from that. As great of a city as the British capital is, there's no denying that it's often wet and cold here. The silver lining, however, is that this sort of atmosphere is perfect for warming up in a cozy cafe in London. There's The Gentleman Baristas in South London, for example, or the Coffee Plant in Notting Hill. You also can't forget about the warm Monmouth Coffee shop or the charming Workshop Coffee shop in Fitzrovia!

The 7 Coziest Cafes in London

Allpress Espresso Roastery and Café

Housed in an old joiner's factory in Dalston, East London the Allpress Espresso Roastery and Café is a cozy escape. While it's not exactly in a quiet part of London, it certainly has that vibe despite its sheer size. Since it's in an old factory, the space is quite massive, allowing for a more communal coffee shop than your typical cafe setting. But make no mistake: the crowds of customers and industrial-like setting don't take anything away from its coziness. On a cool autumn day, you can easily sit back, sip some silky espressos, and warm up with a good book here.
The 7 Coziest Cafes in London
Source: Allpress Espresso Roastery and Café

Coffee Plant

In the popular Notting Hill district, amidst the chic boutiques, old-fashion bookstores, and luxury apartments, Coffee Plant serves as another cozy coffee-filled escape. Located right on Portobello Road, it's not exactly in a quiet area. But the soothing scent of their organic coffee is enough to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. What more when you take a sip? Their true ace is that they take the “plant” part of their name very seriously. Each and every cup feels and tastes as if Mother Nature brewed it for you. What's not to love?
The 7 Coziest Cafes in London
Source: Coffee Plant Facebook Page

Gentleman Baristas

When you try to picture what a cozy cafe in London would like, chances are that a place like Gentleman Baristas would come to mind. The original shop is in South London, but it's become so popular that they've opened up new locations throughout the different neighborhoods in London. The original cafe, however, remains the place to be! You'd never would've thought that the coffee shop only opened in 2014 when its storefront looks straight out of the Victorian era. From its brick walls to its chalkboard menu, the Gentleman Baristas got the old-world appeal down pat. It amps up its coziness even more with its hot cups of coffee.
The 7 Coziest Cafes in London
Source: The Gentleman Baristas Facebook Page

Grove Lane Deli

While you're still in South London, try to stop by the Grove Lane Deli in Camberwell. Named after the street it's on, Grove Lane, it's become a community breakfast/brunch hotspot. This is the perfect place to grab a snack and a cup of coffee when you're on the go. And they do not disappoint! Usually, a cafe's coffee is the star of the show, but since this place is also a deli, their food selections also hold up. Whether you're rushing off to work or you have time for a nice coffee break, this is the best place to stop by if you're in the area.
The 7 Coziest Cafes in London
Source: Grove Lane Deli Instagram Page


With its stark black facade and slightly compact space, you can already tell that Kaffeine in Fitzrovia will be another cozy coffee hotspot. And you're right! Though it's not the biggest cafe on this list, it's definitely among the best in the city. It's a little slice of New Zealand's famous caffeine scene at the heart of the British capital. Grab a seat by the window and taste their strong but smooth coffee. Don't forget to pair it with an artisanal sandwich or a party. That'll really be a cozy culinary experience you won't soon forget!
The 7 Coziest Cafes in London
Source: Kaffeine Facebook Page

Monmouth Coffee

Just how popular is Monmouth Coffee? Well, it has multiple locations throughout the city. If you're lucky enough to have moved to London and settled down in a place near one, there's no doubt that you'll be going there every day for your caffeine fix. Perhaps even for breakfast/brunch too! Despite how small some of their shops are, they never fail to set the right mood and atmosphere. It goes beyond the cups of coffee and cakes they serve. It's the smell, the sound, and the serenity of it all!
The 7 Coziest Cafes in London
Source: Monmouth Coffee

Workshop Coffee

Finally, there's Workshop Coffee on Mortimer Street in the Fitzrovia area. Do you know what makes this one of the coziest cafes in London? It's because their coffee takes you around the world. When the British capital gets a bit too dreary on cold autumn or winter's day, one sip and you're suddenly in Brazil. Order another cup and you're suddenly in Ethiopia. And another and you'll feel as if you're in El Salvador. Workshop Coffee takes pride in the fact that they get their beans from all over the planet. They brew them in a way that brings out their natural and most authentic flavors.
The 7 Coziest Cafes in London
Source: Workshop Coffee

It's getting to be that time of year when the temperature drops and you feel an urgent need to snuggle up and drink something warm. And if you're in London, you'll want to do just that in these cozy cafes!

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