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New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops

August 09, 2023
In need of a costume in New York City? There's no need to worry! With shops like Spirit Halloween, the Screaming Mimis Vintage, the Frank Bee Costume Center, or Gothic Renaissance NYC, you'll get what you need in no time. And that's for every occasion! If you're a tourist you want to join in on all the Halloween fun in the Big Apple, these stores got you covered. If you're planning a costume party and as the host, you don't want to be overshadowed, these shops have the costumes you need. Or if you're putting on a show and you want to dazzle everyone in the audience, their pieces will knock everyone's socks off!

New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops

Abracadabra NYC

Located in the Chelsea district of New York City, Abracadabra NYC is an entire warehouse full of amazing costumes. From superhero outfits to scary looks, this place has it all. Many would even argue that you won't need to go to the other stores on this list. This place possibly has everything you'll ever need in a Halloween costume. And notably, the place is also a magic shop. If you want your costume to have a cute gimmick to it, you'll definitely find one here. The young and young-at-heart will have something for them in Abracadabra NYC!
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Abracadabra NYC Facebook Page

Screaming Mimis Vintage

Just as its name says, Screaming Mimis Vintage is one of the best vintage stores in New York City. But why is it on this list of the best costume shops in the city? Well, who says vintage clothes can't be costumes? If you want to look like Marylin Monroe, for example, there's no doubt you'll find the perfect white (“The Seven-Year Itch”) or hot pink dress (“Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”). If you want to dress up as Joan Crawford instead, broad-shouldered dresses and suits abound in this chic shop. What more could you ask for?
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Screaming Mimis Facebook Page

Village Party Store

The Village Party Store in the East Village of Manhattan is more than what its name suggests. At first glance, it looks like a typical party store; selling cups and cupcake molds rather than costumes. But in truth, the place actually has a lot of the latter too. From wigs and makeup to all sorts of shiny stuff to make your look stand out even more, there's no doubt that you'll find a great Halloween outfit here. You just have to look carefully. Most of the time, the costumes are all the way in the back.
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Village Party Store - Party Headquarters of NYC Facebook Page

Spirit Halloween

If you can't find the Spirit Halloween store at any time of the year, don't worry! This isn't a permanent store in the same way that all the others on this list are. In fact, if you've moved to New York City prior to October, you won't see this place anywhere in the Big Apple. You'll just instantly see it as you go on your walks around the city. And is Spirit Halloween worth the wait? You bet it is! From adults to babies and everyone else in between, this store has all the costumes out there!
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Spirit Halloween Facebook Page

Halloween Adventure

At 808 Broadway/104 Fourth Avenue, you'll find Halloween Adventure, one of New York City's best costume shops. There's nothing that you'll need to come up with a great look for Halloween that you won't find in this mecca of masks, makeup, and more. What's great about it is that it has quite an eclectic selection. If you're the type who wants to go as the nun from the “Conjuring” films one year and a fairy princess the next, Halloween Adventure is for you. And if you want to dress up as Santa Claus for Christmas later on, then Halloween Adventure is for you again!
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Halloween Adventure NYC Facebook Page

Frank Bee Costume Center

Opened in 1957, the Frank Bee Costume Center is practically an institution of costumes in New York City. From a decent shop decades ago, it's become a massive emporium filled with Halloween fineries. The Frank Bee Costume Center has a whopping 10,000 costumes on offer, each more awesome than the next. Whether you want to go scary or sexy this year, there's no doubt you'll find the right outfit for you here. As well as for your kids too! The shop has as many baby costumes as it does adult costumes.
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Frank Bee Costume Center Facebook Page

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Thanks to all the comic book-based movies that dominated the box office in the last few years, everyone and their mother have wanted to dress up as superheroes on Halloween. So where do you go if you're part of that crowd? The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., of course! From capes and gloves to masks and play makeup, there's nothing a superhero-wannabe won't find here. What's also great about their selection is that they're easy and simple. You can just buy a cape and mask here and throw it over your casual outfit and poof! You have a costume!
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Gothic Renaissance NYC

There's just something about the Goth look that's perfect for Halloween, isn't there? Beyond a fashion trend, the Goth look has long been an eerie aesthetic that purposefully makes other people uncomfortable. Now, doesn't that sound perfect for this scariest night of the year? Hence, you ought to check out Gothic Renaissance NYC on 4th Avenue in Manhattan. It's the go-to store for all things gothic, such as spikey accessories, leather pieces, and creepy headdresses. If you shop here, there's a good chance that your costume will be the scariest of the night!
New York City's Best 8 Costume Shops
Source: Gothic Renaissance NYC

When you celebrate Halloween in New York City, you need to dress up. Don't worry! There are tons of great costume shops in New York where you'll find the right look for you, whether you want to look scary, sexy, or both!

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