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Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York

August 01, 2023
While many would argue that Europe has New York City beat in terms of cafes, there's no denying that the ones here are still pretty charming. They have their own unique vibes and urban energies that are completely different from the idyllic charms of the cafes in Paris, London, Rome, and more. But make no mistake: The Big Apple still has its fair share of cozy coffee shops. Places like Black Cat LES, The Marlton Espresso Bar, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, Stella & Fly, and Caffè Reggio are perfect for staying warm during autumntime. When the temperature drops and breezes become a bit chillier, these cafes will warm you up like a loving embrace.

Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York

Cafe at The Church of Sweden

A cafe inside a church? If that doesn't sound cozy, then what is? At 5 East 48th Street in the Midtown neighborhood of New York City, the Church of Sweden has a little secret. There's a charming coffee shop where guests can relax, read, and relish in such serenity amidst a bustling metropolis. Serving up Swedish pastries with New York-style coffee, you couldn't have picked a better spot to escape the rest of the world. It's as if you're in your own little world the moment you settle down and have a sip in this peaceful cafe.
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Marlton Espresso Bar

Since you're in New York, one of the most luxurious cities in the world, why not go a little upscale in your next coffee break? The Marlton Espresso Bar is the in-house cafe of the chic boutique Marlton Hotel in the West Village. Though as you may have already surmised by its name, it's not a traditional coffee shop. Set up like an old-school bar, the place doesn't have the idyllic charm you'd expect in a standard cafe. What you do get, however, is a cozy space where you can take an espresso shot right by a grand fireplace. Talk about fancy!
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: The Marlton Espresso Bar/ © 2014 Annie Schlechter

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

There's just something so cozy and even soothing about a bookstore with a cafe, doesn't it? Not that a usual coffee shop isn't charming enough, but it's still cool that a place lets you read and drink at the same time. Take the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in SoHo, for example. This two-story space, which looks like a private library of an English mansion, has set up its own coffee shop amidst all the fascinating literature. Even when the cafe gets crowded at times, as long as you already have a table and coffee, no one can disturb your peace!
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Marginalmonkeys

Topos Bookstore Cafe

Another notable bookstore cafe in New York City is Topos Bookstore Cafe in Queens. On Woodward Avenue, this place has stacks upon stacks of novels, biographies, encyclopedias, and more on one side. On the other is a quiet cafe where the smell of cakes and coffee fills the air. It's a nice little corner where you can get lost in an interesting story as you take in as much caffeine as you want. Even if you only pop in to buy a book, you won't help but want to grab a table, order a pastry and coffee, and have the time of your life.
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Topos Bookstore Facebook

Stella & Fly

From the outside, Stella & Fly cafe looks like a typical coffee shop. Located on First Avenue, its white brick walls and hardwood furniture have a cool, industrial look to them. Very standard of the hipster-style spaces that are popular in the Big Apple. But if you go in further, you'll discover a fairly hidden area where it looks like you're in a cellar-turned-bar. The lighting is dim, the seating is plush, and the place is cozy. Even if it looks like a nightlife hotspot, Stella & Fly is still one of the best places to enjoy a serene coffee break in New York City.
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Stella & Fly Facebook Page

Black Cat LES

What makes the Black Cat cafe in the Lower East Side so cozy is that it's designed to look like a living room. Though your luxury apartment in New York City looked like this, you probably wouldn't want to go out, even if you're in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Filled with vintage furniture and solid wifi, it's no surprise why it continues to draw so many people. Their coffee and cakes are great, sure, but it's the ambiance that has customers, especially young professionals, working here. There's never a time when there's no one typing away on a laptop in-between sips of coffee.
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Black Cat LES

Old Country Coffee

Want a slice of the idyllic American countryside in the busiest metropolis in the world? Old Country Coffee on W 34th Street is a unique, slightly quirky coffee shop at the heart of Manhattan. The design and decor of the place harken back to the Wild Wild West but without the cowboy energy. Instead, there's a rustic appeal to the space that's a far cry from the chic modern hotspots in the Big Apple. And of course, you can't forget the coffee too. Every cup is steaming hot, perfect for warming you up during the colder months.
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Old Country Coffee

Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

Another vintage-looking coffee shop in New York that's pretty cozy too is Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters in Long Island. Sure, you may have to take more than the standard New York public transport to get there, but rest assured that all your efforts won't be in vain. This cafe is a cool and crisp spot where you can read a book, do some work, or just sit in silence as you enjoy a hot cup of coffee. The quiet atmosphere almost feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

Caffè Reggio

Finally, there's Caffè Reggio on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village. Most people think that the French way of serving coffee is the pinnacle of cafe society, but this coffee shop proves that the Italians have the upper hand. They invented the cappuccino, among many others, after all. That's enough evidence for Italian supremacy in coffee-making. And if you want the best cappuccino in the city, look no further than Caffè Reggio! Inside this vividly green shop are the most delicious cups of coffee you'll find in Manhattan. Pair them with some biscotti and you'll really have a good time!
Warm Up in These 9 Cozy Cafes in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Chris06

The Big Apple can get pretty cold during autumn. So much so that even wearing lots of layers won't be enough. If that's the case, then you'll definitely want to relax in these cozy cafes in New York City.

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