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16 Scrumptious Seafood Places in Benalmádena

March 10, 2021
It's okay not to know about Benalmádena. It's not exactly on top of everyone's travel bucket lists. However, just because it's not that popular of a town doesn't mean it's not worth your time. In fact, more than just your time, it's worth your taste buds too. Some of the finest seafood cuisines of Costa del Sol can be found in this very town.

16 Scrumptious Seafood Places in Benalmádena


La Sirena

Just smelling the steam from the kitchen at La Sirena will already make your mouth water. For many who've had the privilege to eat here, they would tell you that the garlic prawns here are to die for! The perfect dish for a nice European vacation! They don't make them as they do anywhere else. And you even get to enjoy it amidst an intimate ambiance. What could be better? 



Sushi in Costa del Sol? There's really only one place for that: Kaede in Benalmádena. In this fusion of Japanese dishes with Mediterranean flavor, you'll treat your tastebuds to a unique culinary experience that combines the East and West. Now, down those sushi rolls with their deliciously crafted beer and you get the meal of a lifetime. Sounds heavenly? That's because it is! 


Pescaderia Los Mellizos

Normally, seafood doesn't match with bright fluorescent lighting—better suited for a Barcelonian sports bar than a seafood place—but you'll forget all of that once you've tasted one of the many savory dishes from Pescaderia Los Mellizos. Their fried fish and fritas are exceptional, especially when paired with their sumptuous selection of white wine. Though it can get crowded here at times, their undeniable popularity is a testament to how fine this culinary hotspot is. 


La Cala

A luxurious ambiance, a beautiful seaside view, and mouthwatering seafood dishes. This can only mean one place: La Cala! This hidden gem of a restaurant rests beautifully on the edge of Benalmádena. It's a distinctly romantic place perfect for honeymooners or simply people on a rendezvous. In terms of dishes, their high-quality takes on octopus and sea bass are truly top-notch! 

16 Scrumptious Seafood Places in Benalmádena

Source: La Cala



Quick! You're in dire need of Paella and you're trapped in Costa del Sol! What do you do? Head on over to Benalmádena and dine at Cervera. This place has some of the best-tasting paellas in this part of the country. Jam-packed with fresh seafood and cooked to perfection, this traditional Spanish dish provides bursts of flavor in your mouth. And when they serve it with Sangria? Perfecto! 


Meson Tio Blas

Mussels are hard to get right. I'm sure you've had countless horror stories of going to restaurants that serve them undercooked, overcooked, or simply terrible. Fortunately, when you're in Meson Tio Blas, you won't experience that. The shellfish dish is one of their many specialties. They meticulously cook it just right so that their guests can finally enjoy the dish the way it's supposed to be enjoyed! 


El Mero

Dining by the bay at Benalmádena? You must be at El Mero! If you are, you're terribly lucky! They have some of the tastiest calamari this side of Costa del Sol. The squid in them is just so scrumptious and paired with the finely breaded coating, it's just plain good. And for dessert? Their signature vanilla ice cream will hit the spot! 


La Mar Bonita

Cuttlefish and mojitos. Before you dismiss this as too strange a combination, try eating at La Mar Bonita. Their way of cooking cuttlefish is simply out of this world. It's not an easy dish to serve guests, but somehow, they manage to pull it off again and again and again. Pair it with a refreshing mojito and it won't sound so strange anymore. 

16 Scrumptious Seafood Places in Benalmádena


La Despensa Del Mar

What is it about octopus and squid that the people from Benalmádena always seem to get right? This coastal town in Costa del Sol prides itself on having numerous hotspots that serve some of the best calamari around. La Despensa del Mar is one of them. Their octopus and calamari dishes are truly mouth-watering. Just seeing them served on their many platters will have you salivating! 


Saint Tropez Los Mellizos

There's only a number of ways a lemon can zest up a seafood dish. But the folks over at Saint Tropez Los Mellizos sure have been creative about it. Most of their delectable seafood selections contain the tanginess of a lemon squeeze. Be it their sardines, calamari, or cuttlefish, the chefs here know the power of a great lemon. 


La Barca

Sometimes, while the food is great, it's the friendly staff that will have you coming back for more. At La Barca, the friendly people who serve you will charm your pants off. And then they'll serve you specialty dishes of juicy prawns, flavorful sardines, and rich paella. In no time, you'll want to go back there again even though literally just ate there! 


La Perla Cordobesa

La Perla Cordobesa is as beautiful as its name. And eating here is a culinary experience in itself too. You're treated to a beautiful seaside view as they serve you some of the most flavorful paella and sea bass dishes around. They're so well done your tastebuds will year for more in between every bite! Not to mention their first-class gelato for dessert! Delicioso! 

16 Scrumptious Seafood Places in Benalmádena


El Parador II

You're in Spain. You're in Costa del Sol. You're in Benalmádena. What would you want to eat Sardines for? Well, if you're at El Parador II, you just have to try their sardines dish. This isn't the ordinary tin can that you get from the grocery. Here, they cook this fish up real nice, add in some delicious seasoning, and put your taste buds on a tailspin. 


La Cigala

Delicious paella, mussels, prawns, and calamari by the beach? You must be thinking about La Cigala! This seaside food haven offers up a relaxing culinary experience with some of the freshest seafood dishes on this side of the Mediterranean. While their food is commendable enough, it's the peaceful ambiance that will win you over. There's no other place quite like it! 


Salmonete Alyca Playa

Despite their name, salmon isn't actually the best-selling dish at Salmonete Alyca Playa. It's more their juicy shrimp salad and noteworthy espetadas. While other places serve prawn outright, here, they mix it in with fresh vegetables and serve them up with flavorful dressing. It's a unique dish that you might not be able to find anywhere else in Benalmádena, nor Costa del Sol for that matter! 


Bonanza Chippy

Who would have thought fish & chips would make their way to Benalmádena? Costa del Sol is a good distance away from the UK yet the latter's famous snack can be found in Bonanza Chippy. It's particularly noteworthy with how well the people here do the dish. They make it so well that you'll feel as if they went all the way to London to get it for you. 


16 Scrumptious Seafood Places in Benalmádena


Let your taste buds go on an exemplary adventure in Benalmádena, Costa del Sol. It's the only way to truly taste the heart of this beautiful town.