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Watch The Rugby World Cup 2023 in These Paris Hotspots

June 24, 2023
As the Rugby World Cup 2023 will be held in France, there's arguably no better place to watch than in Paris! Not only is the French capital one of the main host cities for the championship league, but the entire city is bound to be abuzz with all the action. There's Stade France, for example, which will host a couple of matches. Sports bars like The Frog at Bercy Village and The Lions Pub will definitely play the games on their TV screens. And the upcoming Rugby Village will set up viewing parties for rugby and sports fans alike.

Watch The Rugby World Cup 2023 in These Paris Hotspots

State de France

As the national stadium of France, it makes sense that Stade de France will play a huge role in the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 games this September. Located in Saint-Denis in the Paris Suburbs, the stadium will host the opening ceremony for the championship league. It will also host a couple of games that will take place in Paris, likely the first few games before the event travels beyond the French capital. As such, Stade de France is the best Paris hotspot to watch the Rugby World Cup. It's where all the madness will begin!

Rugby Village

As big as Stade de France is, it obviously can't fit all the rugby fans in Paris all at once. That's why the city will also set up the Rugby Village, a special zone where fans won't just get the opportunity to watch the games live, but also have some fun of their own too. The Rugby Village is set to take place in the Champs-Élysées, covering popular spots like Jardin des Tuileries and Place de la Concorde. It's planned to accommodate up to 10,000 people and will stream the rugby matches as they happen.

Watch The Rugby World Cup 2023 in These Paris Hotspots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Zakarie Faibis

Belushi's Paris Bar & Grill

Beyond the signature bistros and cafes in Paris, the city is also home to a good number of sports bars. One of the best ones is Belushi's Paris Bar & Grill, which is so popular, it has multiple locations throughout the different neighborhoods in Paris. Whichever you go to, however, you're guaranteed to have a good time. Belushi's Paris Bar & Grill is a fairly big space where watching sports and eating good food are the names of the game. There's no doubt that they'll stream the Rugby World Cup 2023 matches on its screens, all while serving delicious grub and great drinks.

The Frog at Bercy Village

Just Belushi's Paris Bar & Grill, The Frog at Bercy Village is another great hotspot to watch the Rugby World Cup 2023. Located in the 12th arrondissement, it's just as lively a restaurant where people can eat, drink, and hang out with friends. Such an atmosphere is perfect for getting into the ultra-competitive Rugby World Cup, especially since you'll be surrounded by fellow fans here. With delicious food on offer and practically all the screens streaming the games, you couldn't have found a more suitable place to go crazy over rugby!

Watch The Rugby World Cup 2023 in These Paris Hotspots

The Lions Pub

The Lions Pub is the archetypal sports bar in Paris. Fashioned after the old English pubs in the UK, it's not as big and spacious as the other sports bars mentioned so far. There's no doubt that The Lions Pub will also stream the games on their TV screens and it will draw lots of rugby fans nearby. And if you go here during the Rugby World Cup 2023 this September and October, there's a good chance you'll have to sit through the games in a tight and overly crowded spot. But for some, that's half the fun!

The Moose

The Moose is a bar & grill on Rue des Quatre Vents in the 6th arrondissement. Though it's a Canadian-run hotspot, the place is also fashioned after the old-school English pubs. And just like any of the other sports bars on this list, The Moose will likely stream the Rugby World Cup 2023 games. What separates it from the other hotspots, however, is that it strikes the right balance between lively restaurants and old-fashioned pubs. Though it's not as spacious as the former, the size of the place is just right. You won't have to suffer in a tight crowd as you enjoy the games here.

Watch The Rugby World Cup 2023 in These Paris Hotspots

Le Progrès

Truth be told, Le Progrès is more like one of those typical bistros in Paris than a sports bar. You're more likely to expect a nice hot cup of coffee and haute cuisine than beer and burgers. Nevertheless, Le Progrès will also stream the rugby matches too, just as they did during the other major sports events like the Olympics or the football World Cup. The stark difference here is that you'll be watching the games amidst a typical Parisian setting. You might even find it better as it won't let you forget the magic of the city even when you're so into the rugby matches.

Your Luxury Home in Paris

And finally, there's still your own luxury home in Paris too. As you've probably already surmised, the games will be streamed on the various local channels in France. Specifically, by France Télévision, M6 and TF1. If you're not one to go to popular hotspots where hordes of sports fans will likely go to, then you can just host your own watch parties during the championship league. It will require more effort though (i.e. serving food, cleaning the place up, etc.), but at least you can enjoy the games in the comforts of your own home.

Watch The Rugby World Cup 2023 in These Paris Hotspots

Will you be in Paris for the Rugby World Cup 2023 Championship League this year? If you are, watch the games in these Paris hotspots and get into all the action. It'll be an experience you won't ever forget!

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