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9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

March 12, 2020
Brr! It's so cold in Whistler, Canada! It is, after all, one of the premier ski-towns in all of North America. Some people go here particularly for the cold. However, you wouldn't want to feel cold all the while you're here, would you? You'll freeze to death! Fortunately, this town has a good number of hotspots where you can sip a nice cup of hot choclate to warm you up nicely!

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada



How would you know that the place to go to for hot chocolate is at Blenz? Well, the hotspot has won "Best Hot Chocolate" for many years now. The whole town recognizes their talent for crafting sumptuous hot chocolate. And this comes as no surprise, considering that they use real dark chocolate to make their drink. They make this rich treat to perfection, mix in their secret ingredients, and serve them just right. One sip and even you'll want to reward them the recognition yourself. Their unabashed devotion to making the perfect hot chocolate drink simply hits the spot. 

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Blenz Coffee Whistler Facebook Page


Camp Lifestyle And Coffee Co.

The secret as to why Camp Lifestyle And Coffee Co. has become a haven to warm people up in Whistler already lies in their name. This isn't the common coffee shop that's similar to Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Here, they actually offer up a lifestyle. With their delectable hot chocolate drinks, you can also buy their famous Archimallows, a unique variation of the soft and squishy treat that's crafted in North Vancouver. And they won't just serve them up in your drink either. You can actually roast these special mallows yourself, feeling as if you're camping in the wilderness with a great cup of hot chocolate. Going here definitely a great way to spend some time in Whistler

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Camp Lifestyle + Coffee Co.


Fix Café

The great thing about Fix Café is that they serve breakfast all day. Yep, the slices of crispy bacon, French-style croissants, and waffles drowning in maple syrup are all free for the taking here. And at every hour of the day too. You can pair your cup of hot choclate with a great side of scrambled eggs, well-cooked sausage, and more. It's a shame not all restaurants do this sort of thing. Many would earn lots of money simply serving this sort of comfort food. But here in Whistler, you can gobble them up here at Fix Café while you gulp down some delicious hot chocolate. 

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Fix Café


Lift Coffee Company

Don't let their name fool you! Lift Coffee Company doesn't exclusively serve coffee unlike many establishments of their kind. You can still get a great cup of cocoa with any of their delectable cakes and pastries. But what's so worthwhile about this place is where it's located. The cafe is just by the Whistler Gondolas, set on a patio that will give you an amazing view of the mountains and forests that surround the area. If you're too terrified to go on a gondola yourself, sipping hot chocolate at this place will give you the same views without the adrenaline rush. It’s just as relaxing as taking a dip in some hot springs here!

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Lift Coffee Company


Longhorn Saloon And Grill

It's guaranteed that you've probably never had hot choclate quite like the ones from Longhorn Saloon And Grill! You know why? Because they put in a little extra something in their cocoa that will give you quite the buzz! If you haven't figured out already, Longhorn Saloon and Grill puts a little bit of alcohol into their hot choclate drinks. It's not so much that you'll end up drunk with a chocolate mustache. It's just enough to really shake you up and warm you down. And mostly, their little schnapps are great add-ons to the drink, as if you should have had one years ago! 

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Longhorn Saloon And Grill



You want hot chocolate because you're craving something sweet, right? Sure, it's mostly about getting warm, but you'd choose hot cocoa specifically because it's a sweet drink that'll refresh your tastebuds. Otherwise, you could have gone for tea or coffee. Anyways, here at Purebread, they will satisfy your sweet cravings 100%. Because aside from their chocolatey drinks, they also have a great selection of pastries, cakes, and sweet bread. They're all there for you to indulge in and satisfy your sweet tooth. And a lot of them are so good that you'd want to bring back home some when you leave Whistler. 

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Purebread


Southside Diner

Take a trip down memory lane and see a 50's-style diner that's relatively rare in this side of the mountains. Whistler is mostly made up of rustic and outdoorsy-type hotspots, which is why The Southside Diner stands out. With their vintage facade and decor, it's as if you traveled back in time just so you could eat a good meal. But it's not only the ambiance that's worth checking out. Their hot choclate is exceptionally sweet. Pair a cup with their breakfast offerings and you got yourself a hearty meal. But the best part? Their prices aren't all that high! 

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: The Southside Diner Facebook Page


Stones Edge Kitchen

Stones Edge Kitchen is all about comfort food. The food that you usually eat for breakfast? They serve them all here. Including, of course, a classic cup of hot cocoa. But if you expect the food here to be just like mama's, think again! This trendy hotspot in Whistler prides itself on modernizing classic comfort food. The way they do their eggs, they cook their bacon, and their sandwiches all have little tweaks in them that you might find surprising, but ultimately delicious. Even their hot chocolate won't taste the same as the ones in the other places on this list! 

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Stones Edge Kitchen


Wild Wood Cafe – Function Junction

It's not so much the hot chocolate here at Wild Wood Cafe – Function Junction that's noteworthy, but how it completes your meal. If you go here to just order hot chocolate, that's fine. Similarly to other hotspots in Whistler, their hot chocolate here is sweet, warm, and so delicious. But when you pair it with any of their hearty meals, you'll realize why hot cocoa is such a great beverage to begin with. Most of what they serve here at Wild Wood Cafe - Function Junction are big heavy breakfast meals fit for a king. The hot chocolate will help you gulp all of it down smoothly! 

9 Best Hot Chocolate Hotspots in Whistler, Canada

Source: Wild Wood Cafe Facebook Page


Up for some hot cocoa when you're in Whistler? These nine places will certainly hit the spot. Your cravings will be answered instantly! 






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