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Bistros in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre

June 11, 2023
There are so many fine bistros in Paris, you can practically eat out every single day here. If you can afford it, you can enjoy all your meals in the French food capital's most exquisite foodie hotspots. And the best part? Some of them are near the city's most famous attractions. Take the Louvre, for example. Possibly the most iconic museum in the world, you can eat near it when you dine at either Le Louvre Ripaille, Le Grand Vefour, Ellsworth, Le Vin De Bellechasse, or La Regalade Saint-Honoré. And more than just their prime locations, these bistros serve exceptional haute cuisine too!

Bistros in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre

Le Louvre Ripaille

You can already tell by its name that this bistro really is near the Louvre! On Rue Perrault, you'll find the charmingly old-school Le Louvre Ripaille. It offers refined cuisine and an even finer wine list for those who want to dine in style. With dishes as hearty as medium-rare steak and boiled potatoes, on top of such rich red wines, this is one of the best options for dining after spending an entire day exploring the massive museum. And the best part? Your meal won't have to cost you an arm and a leg! It's among the more affordable bistros in Paris.
Bistros in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Le Louvre Ripaille Facebook Page

Le Grand Vefour

If managed to book a table in Le Grand Vefour, congratulations! This bistro is so famous and so beloved, that it's become notorious in its own way. You'll need to book way in advance if you want to eat here. And by advance, this means months, not just a few hours or a few days. That's how popular Le Grand Vefour is! And don't worry! The food and ambiance definitely live up to the hype. With a kitchen headed by three-time Michelin-starred chef, Guy Martin, you just know that this place is all about culinary excellence!
Bistros in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Le Grand Vefour


Since Rue de Richelieu in the 1st arrondissement is a long and often-busy street, it's easy to overlook Ellsworth. It's a pretty small and intimate space, after all. With only a glass wall for a facade, just blink once and you would've already missed it! It'd be a shame too, since the place serves such delectable dishes. For an entree, for example, some poulet frit (fried chicken) in buttermilk will be great. As well as risotto aux navets caramélisés for your main course. And for dessert, panna cotta makes for a sumptuous end to your meal.
Bistros in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Ellsworth

Le Vin De Bellechasse

Le Vin De Bellechasse on Rue de Bellechasse is as classic of a bistro in Paris as it can get. Its midnight black facade screams La Belle Époque; as if to convey that this place has stood the test of time. Perhaps it has! After all, the food here is top-notch! There's cod, for example, which pairs well with their fine selection of white wine. And when you get their famous cheesecake for dessert, there's no way you won't pair that with dessert red wine or even a hot cup of coffee. What's not to love?
Bistros in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: Le Vin De Bellechasse Facebook Page.

La Regalade Saint-Honoré

On the fashionable Rue Saint-Honoré, you'll find La Regalade Saint-Honoré, chef Bruno Doucet's own stylish bistro. Its rustic appeal belies its true haute cuisine offering, prepared by one of the most prominent culinary stars in Paris. Take their Velouté d'asperges vertes de Provence, for instance. You couldn't have asked for a more scrumptious start to your meal! For your main course, a plate of Jarret de veau confit par nos soins will definitely fill up your stomach in the most delicious way. And for dessert, petit pot de crème à la vanilla offers a light and creamy end to your meal.
Bistros in Paris: The Best Near The Louvre
Source: La Relais Saint-Honoré

Some of the finest, chicest, and must-try bistros in Paris are near the Louvre. Their location alone is enough of a draw, but the food and mood they provide are also quintessentially Parisian in the most charming way!

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