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The Top 10 Party Islands in The World

June 05, 2023
There are some places in the world that are all about partying. Classic literature would classify as dens of depravity or sites of sin. But in today's more modern and liberal world, they're just simply party islands. Destinations like Ibiza, Mykonos, Ios, Bali, and more draw people in with their scintillating nightlife and paradisical beauty. It's as if these places were created just so you can have a good time. They're perfect for vacations, group holidays, or perhaps even honeymoons. So on your next trip, consider going to these top 10 party islands in the world.

The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


Partying is practically synonymous with Ibiza. Despite how beautiful this Spanish island is, most people know it as the premier party destination in Europe. Arguably in the entire world too! The place has the finest nightlife any party animal could ever ask for. There are tons of great bars, cool nightclubs, and even old-school pubs where people can just let loose, have fun, and go wild. Moreover, the parties hosted here are legendary! You simply have to see it to believe it!
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


It's safe to say that Mykonos is on its way to rival Ibiza for the title of the “King of the Party Islands.” Though both are fairly different in what they offer. While Ibiza is all about getting wild, Mykonos is more about enjoying the finer things in life. The nightlife here is dominated by first-class bars, high-class resorts, and the like. This isn't to say that travelers on a budget won't enjoy their time here, it's just that Mykonos is more known as one of the many Mediterranean playgrounds of the rich and famous.
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


Like Mykonos, Ios is another Greek Island that draws in a lot of party animals. Specifically, the younger ones. Teens on a holiday or college students on their spring break commonly escape to Ios to have their fill of debauchery. They go here to party, let loose, and have the time of their lives. But why is Ios so popular with the younger crowd? Simple: it's more affordable. Compared to the likes of Mykonos and Santorini, traveling to Ios is a lot cheaper. Of course, this includes partying too!
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


From one Mediterranean country to the next, let's head on over to Croatia for this next party island. It's a shame that Croatian Islands don't get as much attention as their Greek or Spanish counterparts. These destinations are just as beautiful, after all, and in the case of Hvar Island, just as wild! Hvar is known for its all-night nightclubs that have the young (and young-at-heart!) partying till the sun comes up. People barely sleep during the night here!
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


For this next one, let's go all the way to the other side of the world. As the 'country of smiles,' you can expect Thailand to guarantee a good time when you travel here. Especially when it comes to partying. Bangkok's nightlife is already pretty iconic, but what about its islands? Say, Phuket, for instance. One of the most famous Thai islands out there, Phuket's nightlife is just as, if not even more popular than its beautiful beaches. It strikes the right balance between good old-fashioned partying and debauchery.
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World

Ko Phangan

To say that the Full Moon Party in Ko Phangan is wild is an understatement! There's nothing quite like it! Not in Ibiza, not in Mykonos, not even in Phuket! And because of this iconic nighttime beach party, Ko Phangan has become one of the best-known party islands on the planet. Who wouldn't want to get into all the fun here? Not only can you expect great music and awesome drinks, but fire dancing and water fights too! Now that's partying!
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


You're surprised to see Bali on this list of party islands, aren't you? This Indonesian paradise is more known for its exotic spa-like appeal and serene romance than for raves in nightclubs. Even the luxury homes in Bali are more suited for honeymooning than house parties. At least, that's what the general consensus on this island will tell you. But in truth, Bali hosts some of the sickest parties in Southeast Asia. Over time, it's become as popular a destination for globetrotting party animals as it is for honeymooning couples.
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World

Saint Lucia

Beyond the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, the Caribbean has a few exceptional party islands to offer as well. Not the least of which is Saint Lucia of the West Indies. Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the tropical weather here is perfect for a beach party. So it makes sense that there always seems to be one on its many scenic shores. And then there's Saint Lucia's nightlife, which can only be described by one word: diverse! Saint Lucia boasts a plethora of party places suited for different types of people, be it a college kid on vacation or even a senior citizen enjoying retirement.
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


The country that gave birth to the chart-topping superstar Rihanna is surely a party island, right? You bet! Barbados is another Caribbean destination that's all about letting everyone have the time of their lives. Much like Saint Lucia, the island nation's nightlife is pretty diverse. There are nightclubs where kids can go as wild as they want, as well as pubs and bars where people of a certain age can just hang out, enjoy each other's company, and have a good time.
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World


Named the “Party Destination of the Year 2009” by the New York Times, the Brazilian island of Florianopolis deserves a spot on this list. Though it's not as popular a destination as many of the party islands mentioned so far, it's still worth recognizing for its glamorous bars and hip nightlife. Despite how tropical it is, the island's nightlife is as urban as that of a major city. The hotspots are cool and modern, the drinks and cocktails are delicious, and the energy is out of this world! What more could you ask for?
The Top 10 Party Islands in The World

Discover 10 of the best party islands in the world! They're the perfect destinations for you and your friends to go on the most fabulous trips and have the time of your lives. You're bound to have a great time on any one of them!

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