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The Best Tips for Hosting A House Party in A Vacation Rental

June 09, 2023
Let's set the scene: you're on a tropical party island and you rented your own luxury vacation villa. You invite people over to, of course, a party, and you're pretty excited about it. But do you know what to do? How can you ensure that you and all your guests will have a good time? And more importantly, how can you also ensure that the luxury home you're renting won't get trashed during the party? Hosting your own house party on a party island is pretty tricky. You'd do well to follow a few tips like asking the owner first, handling the guestlist yourself, using paper items, and preparing a lot of trash bags.

The Best Tips for Hosting A House Party in A Vacation Rental

Ask The Owner First

First things first, you need to ask the owner for their permission. You're renting their property, after all, and only for a short while. If you're renting the place to live there, perhaps it's okay to throw a party without informing the owner. But if you're only staying there for vacation, it's only natural to ask them first. Even more so if it's the home of someone you know and you're staying there for free. It's common courtesy to let them know that you plan to throw a party that could possibly cause damage to their property.

Handle The Guestlist Yourself

Upon getting the owner's approval, it's time to fix the guestlist. And for this part, you'd do well to handle everything yourself. List down who you want to invite and it's better if you let them RSVP. Even more so if you request them to inform you if they plan to bring other people over too. Why? Because you need to control who and how many people are entering the property. Remember that the place isn't yours; you're just renting it. If the party gets too crowded, damage is inevitable. And this applies to all sorts of vacation homes, be it a family-friendly villa in Mykonos or an estate in Bali.

The Best Tips for Hosting A House Party in A Vacation Rental

Designate The Areas for the Party

It's better to designate specific areas where the party will take place. For example, you're renting a luxury villa with a private pool in St. Barths and you'll host a private pool party. Of course, you'll only designate the pool area, the dining room, the living room, and of course, a few bathrooms for the event. Perhaps you can also choose a few bedrooms (if there's more than one) so that those who enjoyed themselves a bit too much can rest a little. But for the most part, you don't have to use the entire property for the party. This will also ensure that any damage will remain as minimal as possible.

Make Sure Your Guest Will Stay in Those Areas

Once you've designated those areas, it's now your job to ensure that the guests will only stay in those parts of the property. Again, this is to guarantee that there will be little to no damage that will happen to the property. In turn, you won't have to face any financial consequences after the party, such as compensating for broken furniture, paying for repairs, and more. Additionally, this will also help you tend to your guests better. You never know what sort of shenanigans your guests might get up to during your party. By letting them stay in designated places, you can also avoid unwanted and perhaps even dangerous incidents.

The Best Tips for Hosting A House Party in A Vacation Rental

Hide The Valuables

Before starting the party, it's probably better to hide the valuables on the property. In palatial luxury villas in Croatia, for example, there's bound to be a treasure trove of antiques, artworks, and the like. But if you plan to hose a party that might get wild well not the night, you're better off hiding these valuables to avoid the risk of damage or worse, theft. This isn't to say that you have to be skeptical about your party guests. That's admittedly a bit rude. It's just better to be safe than sorry!

Just Serve Finger Food

Now, let's talk about food. What you serve will depend on what kind of party it will be. If it's an elegant gala, for example, it's only natural to get it catered. But if it's a house party where people will mostly drink, dance, and socialize, finger food is enough. Not only will you avoid wasting too much food, but this will also lessen the risk of the luxury rental getting dirty because of spilled food, food fights (it's possible!), and the like. At the same time, your guests will enjoy their time better hanging out with each other when they don't have to scarf down full-on meals.

The Best Tips for Hosting A House Party in A Vacation Rental

Use Paper Items

Even if the owner of the property lets you use their stuff, you're still better off using paper items when you host a house party. Think paper cups for drinks, paper plates for food, and paper napkins for cleaning. It's even better if you buy these yourself so you don't have to financially compensate anyone else for them. But of course, the best part about using paper items for your party is that you also avoid the risk of breaking any of the property owner's stuff.

Prepare A Lot of Trashbags

Apart from the paper items, prepare several trash bags too. Trust that you'll need a lot of them for the party! Don't underestimate just how messy a house party can get. There will be people spilling food and drinks, getting one too many items (cups, plates, etc.), and they will bring other stuff that they'll have to throw away later on (i.e. candy wrappers, cigarette packs, used tissues, etc.) too. So to avoid turning your vacation rental into a garbage dump, it's better to prepare a lot of trash bags beforehand.

Pace Yourself

Finally, as the host, you need to pace yourself. It's natural to want to have fun in your own party. You hosted this event for that very reason, after all. But as the host, you will be responsible for everything. From managing the property during the party to making sure that all your guests stay safe while they're there, you need to stay awake and alert. So don't drink too much and get knocked out early on in the night. If you do, there's no telling what will happen to the place.

The Best Tips for Hosting A House Party in A Vacation Rental

If you're planning to host a house party in a vacation rental, these tips will save your life. Not only will they ensure that you and your guests have a good time, but they'll also help you manage the property properly.

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