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Follow These Tips When You Go to Tomorrowland

June 04, 2023
To say that Tomorrowland is an intense music festival is an understatement. It's one of the biggest and most popular events of its kind. It never fails to draw thousands, if not millions of people to its incredible stages. And to attend such a spectacle means to accept quite a challenge. No matter how fun Tomorrowland is, it's not a walk in the park. If you're not careful, you risk getting hurt, getting lost, or much worse. This is why it's important to follow a few tips, such as going with people you know or bringing along a secure bag.

Follow These Tips When You Go to Tomorrowland

Buy Your Tickets ASAP!

Don't underestimate just how popular Tomorrowland is. Their tickets get sold out more quickly than you probably realize. It's not that they sell like hotcakes, but rather the tickets get sold out even before the hotcakes are done! That's how much people love Tomorrowland and would kill to go there if they had a chance. Since Tomorrowland is held every July, you can bet that the tickets might already be sold out by February of the same year. So when the time comes, buy your tickets already! Don't miss your chance!

Choose Your Accommodations

Just as important as your tickets to Tomorrowland, where you'll stay makes a huge difference. Ordinarily, fans stay at Dreamville, the event's own accommodations site. It's near the actual venue in Boom, Belgium, and offers a variety of accommodations. There are camping tents, rooms, and even full-blown houses. But while these are what attendees commonly go for, the place gets pretty crowded too. You might feel uncomfortable with so many people around you so your best bet is to rent a luxury apartment in Belgium. There are tons in the cities nearby like Brussels, Antwerp, and more.

Follow These Tips When You Go to Tomorrowland

Study The Map Carefully

When you get to the venue, don't forget to study the map carefully. You've seen the festival's spectacular stages online, right? Whether they're posted on travel inspo Instagram accounts or tweeted about by music reporters, there's no way you haven't seen a Tomorrowland stage at least once. And if you have, you'll know that they're some of the biggest and grandest music festival stages out there. Now, multiply that by around 14! That's how big Tomorrowland is. It'll be easy for you to get lost if you don't know where to go. So studying the map is a must!

Wear Sunscreen

As with Coachella, Glastonbury, and any other famous music festival out there, Tomorrowland is out in the open. It has to be since it sets up around 14 massive stages altogether. And since it's always held around July, right smack in the middle of summer, there's bound to be a lot of sun. So to avoid the risk of sunburn, wear a coat or two of sunscreen before you head out to the venue. It's important to wear multiple coats as you can easily sweat away just one layer. In an event like Tomorrowland, you'll need to stay as protected from the sun as possible.

Follow These Tips When You Go to Tomorrowland

Dress to Impress But Stay Comfortable

Now, let's talk fashion! Since Tomorrowland is one of the most popular music festivals out there, it draws in a lot of people and publicity. It's not far-fetched to run into a celebrity here. Or to a reporter covering the events. In both cases, you'll want to impress them with your style, right? Or if you simply want to have a good time in Tomorrowland, it'd make sense that you'd want to wear your finest threads. So dressing up for Tomorrowland is no big deal. But it's still important to remember that you have to stay comfortable too. Go for styles that are easy to move in, will let you breathe, and of course, comfy shoes too!

Expect To Get Dirty

Despite how much you want to be fashionable at Tomorrowland, you should also take into consideration that you might get dirty. There's a good chance you'll sweat so hard, you'll drench your clothes. Or some people might throw all sorts of things (i.e. water, colored powder, etc.) at you too. So when choosing what to wear, forego the French designer brands and Italian luxury labels. Choose pieces that look good and you'll still feel good if they get dirty. It'll be quite the hassle if you wear a designer piece and it gets wrecked during Tomorrowland!

Follow These Tips When You Go to Tomorrowland

Secure Your Belongings

In events like Tomorrowland, you never know what might happen. It's easy to have good faith in people who are your fellow EDM fans, but sometimes, there are those who have malicious intent. Specifically when it comes to other's people's stuff. And since Tomorrowland is crowded, it'll be easy for pickpockets to steal from practically anyone and everyone. To avoid falling victim to such, secure your belongings before you head out. Place them inside a bag that you can stick close to yourself or that has a secure closure. It's even better if you can lock your bag too, but that might be a bit too much!

Practice Patience

It's not that you have to practice Belgian social customs or anything like that. But events like Tomorrowland draws in a whole lot of people from around the world. This includes a whole host of different personalities, attitudes, behaviors, and more. With such a diverse lot amidst a crowded space, it's easy to get mad at the slightest thing. So it's best to be patient instead. You might get shoved, pushed, stepped on, and more but if the other person didn't mean to do it, you don't have to go off on them. The less drama, the better!

Download A Translator App

Speaking of Tomorrowland's diverse audience, this also means that you'll be surrounded by people who don't speak the same language as you do. Language barriers are normal in these international events but all sorts of misunderstandings may arise as a result. That's why it's better that you download a translator app on your phone. If ever someone comes up to you and says something, you can simply translate what they said to avoid any confusion. This can solve any problem, avoid any incident, and will ensure that you (as well as the rest of the audience) will have a good time!

Follow These Tips When You Go to Tomorrowland

If it's your first time going to the Tomorrowland music festival this year, you'd do well to follow these tips. This event is unlike any other and if you go there unprepared, you risk getting into all sorts of problems.

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