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Check Out Ibiza's Best Bars

May 31, 2023
It's no secret that Ibiza is a party island. Most of those who go here already expect to have a good time. From beach parties to house raves, there are so many places where you can go wild, let loose, and just have fun. Not the least of which is the island's treasure trove of bars and pubs. From Up Ibiza Sky Society and Radio Me Ibiza Rooftop Bar to the Ibiza Rocks Bar and Tirapallà, these are some of the best bars in Ibiza. They always offer a good time, host awesome parties, serve great drinks, and more. What more could a party animal in Ibiza ask for?

Check Out Ibiza's Best Bars

Up Ibiza Sky Society

Perched atop Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, the Up Ibiza Sky Society is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous and exclusive bars in Ibiza. The place exudes a nightclub vibe, especially since it often has live DJ sets to get the people into the mood. With their selection of expertly-crafted drinks and refined ambiance, you could almost forget that you're on a Mediterranean island. The service here is so top-notch, you'd swear you were in a bar in a city like London or New York City. But the sea breezes that blow by will definitely remind you of Ibiza.

Radio Me Ibiza Rooftop Bar

Radio Me Ibiza Rooftop Bar is another rooftop bar that's definitely worth your while. Firstly, the panoramic views from up here are breathtaking. During the day, the bar offers the most stellar view of one of the best beaches in Ibiza. And come nightfall, the sea breezes provide the right amount of chill, especially when things get heated up. Secondly, the bar's food is enough to overshadow their most buzz-inducing drinks. From the most scrumptious tapas to even sushi and kimchi, it's as if Radio Me Ibiza Rooftop Bar is as much a foodie hotspot as it is a popular bar.

Check Out Ibiza's Best Bars

Cenote Bar Mezcaleria

In Ibiza Town, the island's capital, you'll find Cenote Bar Mezcaleria, a Mexican bar. From its decor to its drinks, the place stays faithful to the club owner's Central American roots. And if you're familiar with Puerto Vallarta Happy Hour, you know that this place will offer a good time too! Let's start with the drinks. From margaritas to mojitos, Cenote Bar Mezcaleria is all about classic Mexican cocktails. Not only will they give you the buzz that you need to party hard in Ibiza, but they also taste delicious. Add their authentic Mexican menu to the mix and you've got yourself a winner!

Ibiza Rocks Bar

Located along the S'Arenal beach strip, Ibiza Rocks Bar is practically a nightlife institution on the island. This is the kind of place that European college students will immediately go to the moment they land in Ibiza for their spring break holiday. And even though it only opened back in 2010, the bar quickly became one of the most popular bars in Ibiza. So what is it about Ibiza Rocks Bar that garnered a lot of popularity over the years? Perhaps it's the fact that they gave as much attention to ther munchies menu as they did with their drink selection. Or maybe it's the fact that countless world-famous DJs have played here.

Check Out Ibiza's Best Bars

Pikes Ibiza

Another nightlife institution in Ibiza that's a must-see for any party animal on the island is Pikes Ibiza. Perched atop the rural hills of San Antonio, one of the many charming towns in Ibiza, the hotel has long served as a central party spot. It has long been a pretty famous hotel in Ibiza, even serving various A-list celebrities over the years. And it was around the 1980s that it truly became a nightlife staple on the island. Today, Pikes Ibiza is widely considered as the original home of the Ibiza house party.

The Ninth at Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel is one of the most famous hotel franchises in the world. It has various locations throughout Europe and beyond. And of course, this includes Ibiza. Located on the southern end of the island, The Ninth is its popular rooftop bar. True to its Hard Rock identity, this is an 80s-themed bar, perfect for Ibiza's older locals and visitors. From the music to the atmosphere, the vintage touch is practically inescapable. Not that you'd want to anyway. The vibe is a nice contrast to the modern establishments that have since taken over Ibiza.

Check Out Ibiza's Best Bars

Malecón at Cubanito

Inspired by the Little Havana neighborhood in Miami, Malecón at Cubanito is a Cuban-themed rooftop bar where everyone can have a good time. With the sea breeze blowing through and the music keeping the beat up, this is the best kind of place to let go of your inhibitions and just have fun. You can feel the beat of the island take hold of you and make you feel like you're on top of the world. And since this is a rooftop bar, that'd be pretty easy to get into as well.


Be it mojitos or tapas, Tirapallà serves them all. Though this bar in Ibiza isn't exactly near the sea, it's still a rooftop hotspot that offers an amazing view of the island. You might not see the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea from here, but you can bask in the Medieval glory of Ibiza. Not to mention its party reputation too. Tirapallà is the kind of place where you can hang out, meet new people, and have a good time. The place might not host raves and DJ sets, but it does provide the perfect place for socializing.

Check Out Ibiza's Best Bars

The best bars in Ibiza are a big part of why it's such a popular party island. They're the finest hotspots for you to go out on the town and do what most people do when they travel to Ibiza. Happy partying!

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