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Follow These 9 Tips When You Travel to Bangkok

May 18, 2023
Traveling to Bangkok is unlike any other. Though it's a big city that's also the country's capital, it's not exactly the same as going to, say, Paris, London, Washington D.C., and more. You'd do well to follow a few travel tips to ensure that nothing goes wrong on your trip. For example, don't forget your sunscreen. Though there are no beaches in Bangkok, it's still a sunny place. Don't underestimate just how bright and hot it can get here! You'd also do well to learn a bit of Thai too. Basic phrases are enough.

Follow These 9 Tips When You Travel to Bangkok

Learn The Basic Thai Phrases

It's always helpful to learn a different country's basic phrases when you travel there. Here in Thailand, “Sawadee ka” means “Hello.” “Kap Kun Ka” means “Thank you.” And “Chai” is “Yes” while “Mai” is “No.” These are just some of what you ought to know even before you head off to Bangkok. You'll find it easier to navigate the city when you can say a few words in the local language. But if you forgot to learn it prior to your trip, there's no need to worry. There are many fine language schools in Bangkok that can teach you too.

Organize Your Itinerary Properly

Bangkok is a more complex city than you probably realize. From its temples and shrines to famous nightlife strips and street markets, you'll want to do as many things in Bangkok as possible. But there's so much to look forward to, it's easy to get confused and even get lost along the way. So what should you do? Organize your itinerary properly. As fun as it might seem, it's not recommendable to be spontaneous and just “go with the flow” when you're in Bangkok. At least, if it's your first time here. You're better off following an itinerary so you can experience a lot no matter how long you're in the city.

Follow These 9 Tips When You Travel to Bangkok

Put on Some Sunscreen Before Going Out

Now, when you're finally in the city, don't forget to put on some sunscreen before going out. This might seem strange to you as you're not exactly at a beach in Phuket, for example. Why would you need to put on sunscreen when Bangkok has plenty of big buildings and tall skyscrapers to protect you from the sun? Well, don't underestimate those UV rays here in the Thai capital. Even with its modern infrastructure, the sun can still get quite intense in Bangkok. Before you know it, you'll be sunburnt in no time!

Know Where to Exchange Your Currency

Upon arriving in Bangkok, one of the first things you'll need to do is exchange currencies. But where do you do that? One of the very best forex companies in Thailand is Superrich. Not only do they have branches practically everywhere in Bangkok but they have the best exchange rates too. No matter how much money you brought, you're sure to get a great deal with them. Moreover, if you're one to frequent Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand a lot, you might want to consider setting up a bank account here too.

Follow These 9 Tips When You Travel to Bangkok

Always Have Some Cash on You

Another thing you should remember before going out in Bangkok is to have some cash on you. As modern a metropolis as the Thai capital is, there are still plenty of establishments that only accept cash. Think street stalls that serve delicious Thai delicacies or street markets with great bargain shopping. To avoid an unnecessary hassle, you'd do well to have a few extra bills and some coins in your wallet. A good way to ensure this is to buy a snack at a nearby convenience store. Not only will you get some cash, but you can eat something along the way too!

Don't Take The Tuktuk (Too Much)

Tuk-tuks are staples in public transport in Bangkok. They're unique vehicles that you'll only find in Southeast Asia. Since it's such a novelty, it makes sense to check it out, especially if it's your first time in Bangkok. But once you've ridden one, it'd be better that you don't do it again at least for a little while. This isn't to say that the experience isn't fun, but rather, tuk-tuk drivers tend to scam foreigners to pay more than they should for a ride. So it's best not to take them every single time you go out in Bangkok.

Follow These 9 Tips When You Travel to Bangkok

Wear Comfy Shoes

Since Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city, it's only natural that you'd want to dress out when go out, right? Women would want to don their nicest heels while men would sport their slickest leather pairs. That's all well and good—when you go out at night, at least—but during the day, it has to be comfy shoes all the way. Don't underestimate just how much walking you'll do in Bangkok. No matter what mode of transportation you use to get to your destination, there's a good chance you'll still need to do a lot of walking along the way.

Barter Nicely with Vendors

Part of what makes shopping in Bangkok so great is that you're allowed to haggle for a lower price in many places. From malls to markets, many vendors will lower the price for you. That is if you barter nicely. Just because Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles” it doesn't mean that the people here are walking doormats. They're not pushovers, especially when it comes to their livelihoods. So when you want to haggle for a lower price, you better be polite, well-mannered, and not aggressive. And don't forget to smile back at them too!

Get Ready to Get Wet During The Songkran Festival

This final tip is specifically for when you travel to Bangkok—or anywhere else in Thailand, for that matter—during the Songkran Festival every early April. Also known as the “Water Festival,” it's among the biggest holidays in Thailand, as proven by its nationwide celebrations and week-long festivities. It's famous for being the festival where people throw water at you or shoot you with water guns. And they do it mercilessly! Whether you're a businessman in a suit going to work or a tourist who's in Bangkok for the first time, they'll get you drenched no matter what. It's better that you know this now if you ever go to Thailand around this time.

Follow These 9 Tips When You Travel to Bangkok

Traveling to Bangkok is a lot more complex than you think. You'd do well to follow a few tips to ensure that you have as good a time as possible in the Thai capital. Trust that these will help you in Bangkok in more ways than you think!

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