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How to Celebrate Bastille Day When You're Not in France

May 06, 2023
Bastille Day is the most important holiday in France. Celebrated every July 14th, it commemorates the day when the Frech stormed the Bastille Prison in 1789, sparking the historic French Revolution. For the French, the day is all about their freedom and independence, not to mention a celebration of their history and heritage. So it makes sense that the biggest celebrations are often in Paris, the capital city. That said, there are still ways to celebrate Bastille Day outside of France. One can watch the Paris celebrations online, stream French movies, enjoy French food, or even just wave the French flag, among others.

How to Celebrate Bastille Day When You're Not in France

Watch The Paris Celebrations Live

Thanks to the internet, you can still feel like you're celebrating Bastille Day in Paris even though you're not actually there. Every year, various news outlets stream the annual celebrations at the Arc de Triomphe online. You get to have a clearer view of all the festivities, from the French President's speech to the tradition of laying down a wreath on the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. You may have to wake up super early or stay up super late, depending on the timezone difference of your location. But at least you'd still get to see it all!

Learn More About The French Revolution

One of the best ways to commemorate a holiday is to learn more about it. And when it comes to Bastille Day, you'd do well to learn more about the French Revolution. Even if you studied a bit about it when you were still in school, you'd be surprised at how much more you can learn about it. Why was Bastille Prison so important in the first place? What led to its demise back in 1789? And how did it spark the French Revolution? You'll get your answers to these and other questions about this point in history by reading various books, watching movies & documentaries, and more!

How to Celebrate Bastille Day When You're Not in France

Stream French Movies

Speaking of watching movies, steaming French films isn't a bad way to spend Bastille Day too. More than just commemorating what happened back in 1789, the holiday has also become France's Independence Day. It's a day when the French get to celebrate their history, heritage, and culture. And what better way to do that than to get into their amazing cinema? From historic epics to new-wave films, perhaps even sexy features too, these movies are part of what has shaped France and French society into what they are now. Not to mention serving as symbols of French creativity and identity too.

Dine on French Cuisine

Other than fashion and film, what else are the French proud of for giving the world? Haute cuisine! They say that French food is the pinnacle of the culinary arts. Paris itself also serves as the ultimate food capital, a place where all the greats in the culinary world have studied and now work at. And as the holiday that celebrates all things French, isn't fitting to dine on French dishes on Bastille Day? It may not be the same as watching the Paris festivities on a live stream, but it's still a great way to uphold French culture and heritage even when you're not in the country.

How to Celebrate Bastille Day When You're Not in France

Learn The French Language

Delving deeper into celebrating all things French, learning the language is another great way to celebrate Bastille Day. If you're still deciding whether you want to learn the language or not, let the holiday give you the push you need. After all, when you learn French, you'll better understand their culture, traditions, heritage, and history. You'll have a better grasp of what Bastille Day actually means, not just for the French, but for the entire world too. And before you know it, you'll be planning to move to Paris yourself.

Play French Music

Nothing sets the mood for celebrating Bastille Day more than playing French music. It doesn't have to be the country's national anthem though. You can just listen to that when you watch the live stream of the Paris celebrations. Instead, you listen to French artists and get a good sense of the French identity. Listen to Édith Piaf, Dalida, Georges Brassens, Françoise Hardy, Carla Bruni, and more to set the right mood in celebrating Bastille Day. Rest assured that blasting Piaf's iconic “Non, Je ne Regrette Rien” will make you feel the grandiosity of the French heritage.

How to Celebrate Bastille Day When You're Not in France

Light Up Your Own Fireworks

The pièce de résistance of the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris is the fireworks display by the Eiffel Tower. It's the biggest and brightest of its kind next to New Year's Eve in Paris. Unfortunately, if you're not in France on July 14th, you won't get to see it yourself. You can watch the display online, but it's still not the same as seeing it in person. So what do you do instead? Light up your own fireworks! If you're allowed to do it at home or you can go to an open field where it's legal to light up fireworks, then do it! It's a great way to cap off your Bastille Day celebrations.

Decorate with The Tricolor Flag

This one is specifically for the French people abroad. Perhaps the simplest way to celebrate Bastille Day or simply show off your French pride no matter where you are is to decorate your place with the tricolor flag. No matter how big or small, just seeing these three colors in your own space during Bastille Day, even when you're not in France, will instantly fill you with pride and patriotism. It's like you're back home with your family, celebrating the holiday as you did when you were growing up. Sometimes, it's the smallest things that leave the biggest impact!

How to Celebrate Bastille Day When You're Not in France

Whether you're French or not, you don't have to be in France when you want to celebrate Bastille Day. Wherever you are in the world, you can do all sorts of things to commemorate this holiday that's all about celebrating France!

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