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What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?

February 11, 2023
Is London a romantic city? Many would say yes, it is! In fact, there have been countless surveys that found London as the best city for a date. Why? Because there are many great places to eat here, of course. More than just the British capital, London is also a food capital. A good number of its many hotspots are pretty romantic like Andrew Edmunds, Clos Maggiore, the Sessions Arts Club, and Jikoni. If you want a good old-fashioned dinner date, you'll do well to check out these fine candlelit restaurants in London. Beyond their excellent cuisines, they provide the right atmosphere for you and your special someone to have a good time!

What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?

Andrew Edmunds

As far as candlelit restaurants are concerned, Andrew Edmunds is as old-school as it can get. It's located in the chic SoHo district, a rare old-fashion gem amidst the area's hip hotspots. The place's black facade will make you think more of a run-down tavern in the English countryside than a London restaurant. But then, that's part of its charm. The rustic and provincial ambiance provides the perfect escape from all the urban hustle and bustle of the British capital. While its modern European menu will remind you of the city's excellent culinary scene. This restaurant can take something as simple as gnocchi and practically turn it into haute cuisine!
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Andrew Edmunds Facebook Page

Berners Tavern

Speaking of taverns, Berners Tavern is another candlelit restaurant worth checking out in London. Despite its name, this isn't your ordinary tavern! The place is as high-class as it can get! From its gilded ceiling to the hanging chandeliers, you'd sooner think you were in an English mansion somewhere. Especially with all the grand paintings that decorate its well-crafted walls. As for what food to expect here, it's all about traditional British cuisine. They serve pork pies, Herdwick lamb rump, mac & cheese, and all the other classics. You'll get the full English experience here at the Berners Tavern.
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Berners Tavern Facebook Page

Clos Maggiore

When you walk into Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden, you'll feel like you stepped into a fantasy world! This is the quintessential romantic restaurant in London. The kind where you'll take your special someone when you want to propose. What could be better than asking them to spend the rest of their life with you under the fantastical flora and amidst the warmth of the grand fireplace? The entire place is so magical that you might just forget all about the food. That is until you get a taste of their excellent French haute cuisine!
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Clos Maggiore Facebook Page

Galvin La Chapelle

When a former chapel is repurposed into a restaurant, you just know that it's going to take your breath away. Such is the spectacle that is Galvin La Chapelle on Spital Square. This Michelin-starred restaurant in London serves French and Italian cuisine, offering the perfect fusion menu to serve in such an extraordinary place. This candlelit restaurant has a grandiosity to it that's larger than life, perfect for a wedding reception, an anniversary date, or even a proposal! Or even if it's just an ordinary date, you can't help but feel all the feels as you indulge in some lobster ravioli, Cumbrian beef fillet, or French farmhouse cheese here!
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Galvin La Chapelle Facebook Page


With its lighted lanterns on each table, Hutong definitely sets the perfect mood for a rendezvous. It's places like these that make candlelit restaurants the perfect setting for a dinner date. But of course, this incredible Chinese restaurant located on the top floors of The Shard skyscraper takes it up a notch... literally. Since you're high up there, you also get to enjoy a fantastic view of the British capital. You get to see all the neighborhoods in London from here! All while you chow down on Authentic Eastern dishes such as steamed dumplings, roasted pecking duck, and wok-tossed king prawns.
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Hutong Facebook Page


Jikoni is another awesome candlelit restaurant that serves Asian cuisine in London. Located on Blandford street in the bustling Marylebone area, this diner-like hotspot is all about Asian comfort food. With a few hints of Middle-Eastern and African cuisines thrown into the mix too! Think chickpea chips, cereal killer prawns, and sticky garlic rice. All these amazing flavors contrast the place's chic and homely ambiance well. And at night, when all the candles are lit, the space becomes even more intimate. It sets the right mood for the perfect rendezvous in the bustling British capital.
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Jikoni London Facebook Page

Kitty Fisher's

In the Mayfair district, Kitty Fisher's offers up a traditional English bistro that's perfect for a first date. For one thing, the place is tucked in a corner of Shepherd Market. The hotspot is as intimate as can be even when it's crowded. You and your date can converse and eat in peace here. The ambiance is also refined and elegant. From its polished wooden tables—each with ther own candles, of course!—to the deep rouge quilted seating, there's an air of old-school sophistication that lingers in the air. Amidst sips of red wine and bites of their bestselling mackerel pâté or chicken liver parfait, you'd fall in love sooner than you think!
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Kitty Fisher's

Sessions Arts Club

The Sessions Arts Club is more of an urban sanctuary than a typical restaurant in London. Located in the posh Clerkenwell area, you get to rub shoulders with the city's sophisticates and intellectual elites here. And since it's a former courthouse, you can't help but be enamored by its old-world opulence. The arched windows and grand fireplaces harken back to more grandiose times. Though come nightfall, however, with only the candles providing much of the listing, the entire place becomes more romantic. Suddenly, it's the perfect spot for a dinner for two. Especially since their menu includes
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Sessions Arts Club


There's a reason why many movies are set in London, more specifically, Notting Hill. The place is just so chic yet romantic, it makes for great stories! And it's hotspots like Zēphyr that further prove that point. Housed in a dimly-lit space, it also provides the perfect escape for couples to take a break from all the bustling energy of the city. As well as singletons to find their next partner. There's no telling who you might meet here, after all. And since the place is fairly popular among locals, you can bet that there are great people who go to Zēphyr too!
What are The Best Candlelit Restaurants in London?
Source: Zēphyr

When you want to go on a date, consider going to any of these exemplary candlelit restaurants in London. These are some of the best date spots in the British capital. You'll fall in love all over again in these places!

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