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Montreal's Top Six Beauty Salons

February 07, 2023
As confident as you are with your looks, sometimes, you just need a change-up. Perhaps a haircut? Or get your nails done? Or possibly even an entire makeover? In any case, if you're in Montreal and you feel like it's time to spruce yourself up, go to Pure Salon, Hair Salon Spa Deauville, Salon Drake, or Salon NÜ! These are just some of the best beauty salons in Montreal. Rest assured that how you looked when you enter these places will be worlds apart from how you'll end up when you leave. Their services are high-quality and definitely worth your while (and money!).

Montreal's Top Six Beauty Salons

Hair Salon Spa Deauville

Having opened in 1955, Hair Salon Spa Deauville has been beautifying the people of Montreal for many decades. The fact that they still operate is proof that this place really is something special. And one stop in this fabulous salon on Rue Jean-Talon O is enough to convince you. Even when all you want is a simple haircut, they'll make you look as if you underwent a major makeover. It's not just that you'll look different afterward, but you'll even think that you look better. The salon can be a bit pricey though, but definitely worth every cent! So if you're having trouble with your living costs in Montreal, you might want to go somewhere else. Source: Hair Salon Spa Deauville Instagram Page

Pure Salon

Pure Salon didn't win all its impressive awards for nothing! Since it opened in 1998, this institution of a salon has earned many accolades and tons of praise from its many clients. Some of which are even celebrities, socialites, and part of the elite. For nearly 20 years now, Pure Salon has offered high-quality services to those who want to change their look in Montreal. They're particularly great at hair styling, making you look like a million bucks even if it's only for a special occasion. And the best part? You can get a consultation here for free! Source: Pure Salon Instagram Page


Known as the BLØME Beauty Bar, this salon on McGill Street has definitely risen in popularity over the years. But what makes this place stand out? Two words: hair dye! If you want to change your hair color, this is the place to get it done! The staff here are experts in dyeing hair, so much so that any color will almost look natural. Even if you go for a quirky style like ombre hair, they'll do it so well that you'll speechless at the reveal. You'd be surprised at how many clients have cried here. And they're all happy tears too! Source: BLØME Instagram Page

Salon Drake

Though Salon Drake is fairly new to the scene—it opened back in 2016—it has undoubtedly risen the ranks. Only after a couple of years, it has cemented itself as one of the best beauty salons in Montreal. The place is located on Rue Clark in Little Italy, amidst all the fantastic eateries and great restaurants. If you have a date nearby, Salon Drake can definitely help you look better. From haircuts to hair dyes, there's nothing the awesome staff of this establishment can't do. There's no doubt that your date will enjoy your new look just as much as you! Source: Salon Drake Instagram Page

Danny's Coiffure Unisex

Just as its name says, Danny's Coiffure Unisex is for everyone! It's a good thing this salon is located on Saint Laurent Boulevard, a popular hotspot known for some of the best shopping in Montreal. The place is easy enough to get to. But its location is far from the reason why it's so popular! This place is known for its expert hair styling. From updos to elegant curls, the way they work your hair is almost like magic. It's no surprise that Danny's Coiffure Unisex has become well-known for wedding services. Both the bride and groom (and their party) will look incredible on the big day! Source: Danny's Coiffure Unisex Instagram Page

Salon NÜ

You'll definitely look as good as new if you get a makeover at Salon NÜ. Located on Rue Sherbrooke, this place is the perfect spot for when you want to change up your look. Whether it's a simple trim or a full-blown makeover, rest assured that you'll look better than ever before after going here. The best part is that they're not that fussy in their approach. They use quality products and quality equipment, and let their skills do the talking. And at the end of it all, you'll feel more than satisfied with your new look! Source:Salon NÜ Instagram Page

If you want a makeover, you'd do well to visit any of Montreal's top beauty salons. Locals can attest that these are the best places for you to refresh your look or even try something new. They'll turn you into a better version of yourself!