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The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal

December 06, 2022
Montreal has many great restaurants. A good example is Joe Beef, a pretty popular hotspot among the locals. L'Express, on the other hand, serves great French cuisine that you won't ever forget. And what about Rôtisserie Romados? It's not a foodie favorite for nothing! These and more are some of the best restaurants in Montreal. They're delicious enough to make the city practically rival the food capitals of the world. It may not be Paris, London, or New York, but traveling foodies will still find these places incredible. Don't miss out on them the next time you're in Montreal!

The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal

Bouillon Bilk

Located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal's famous cultural district, Bouillon Bilk has become the go-to hotspot for lunch or afternoon snacks. It helps that it's in a pretty central part of the city, making it accessible via public transport. You'll always see this place filled up in the middle of the day. They serve fine French cuisine, after all, but done in an easier and more accessible way. Take their brown butter sea scallops, for example. Paired with cauliflower and pear, they dilute the seafood's intense salty taste. And if you order their eggplant instead, it comes with broccoli, radish, and cashews.
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Bouillon Bilk Facebook Page

Joe Beef

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in the city who doesn't know about Joe Beef. It's undisputedly one of the best restaurants in Montreal, thanks in large part to its founders, local culinary legends David McMillan and Frédéric Morin. Through their expert skills with meat and fish, they were able to set up a hotspot that can easily rival any Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. Just take a forkful of their famous lobster pasta and you'll instantly understand why this place is so loved. Or if that won't convince you, their horse meat steaks will surely do the job!
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Joe Beef


Speaking of Paris, L'Express, the chic hotspot in the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood of Montreal, is like a little slice of the French capital. When people say that 'Montreal is the Paris of Canada,' they mean places like this. They serve haute cuisine at its finest, done in a way that will make the culinary masters in Paris proud. Among their delicious selection of seasonal specialties, the poached salmon is an absolute must-try! It's so tender yet flavorful that you'd relish every bite! And when paired with fine wine, you'll really feel like you're in the food capital of the world.
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Restaurant L'Express Facebook Page

Le Serpent

What's great about Le Serpent is that they've already divided the courses for you. When you get to this popular culinary hotspot in Griffintown, you won't have to worry about waiting for the next dish. You can just begin with the starters, have your fill of the pasta, enjoy the main dish, and finish it off with a delicious dessert. As for what to get for each, you can never go wrong with a Foie gras parfait with granola and almonds, risotto with lobster, and an apple and cranberry tartlet topped with ginger ice cream. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Le Serpent/ Photo by James Brittain

Nora Gray

Also in Griffinton is Nora Gray, one of the best Italian restaurants in Montreal. From the different types of pasta to its hearty meats rich in flavor, it's as if you took a culinary trip to the Mediterranean country the moment you step foot here. Of course, it helps that the place looks and feels like an authentic bistro in Italy. You can practically hear an Italian grandmother swearing inside the kitchen. But then, what comes out of it is a plate of scrumptious Bolognese served over asparagus ravioli. What's not to love?
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Nora Gray

Restaurant Park

Are you craving some sushi instead? Then head on over to Restaurant Park on Victoria Avenue. To say that they serve some of the best sushi in town is an understatement. The head chef Antonio Park truly knows his Japanese cuisine. So much so that he's able to blend it with other cuisines to unbelievably delicious results. Some beef tataki, for instance, is served with kimchi instead of the usual soy sauce. You'd initially think this is weird, sure, but one taste is enough for you to discover its inexplicable balance of flavors. It's already getting your mouth to water, doesn't it?
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Restaurant Park Facebook Page

Rôtisserie Romados

If you're up for some Portuguese, head on back to Le Plateau Mont-Royal where you'll find Rôtisserie Romados. It's here where you can get the most delicious Portuguese food in the city. Think spatchcocked chicken and fries, cooked in a mouthwatering golden crisp. And for dessert, a small but utterly delectable vanilla custard tart. The flaky pastry that makes up its crust is simply irresistible! So much so that one isn't enough! You'll want to go back here just for the taste! And while you're at it, order some chicken for takeout for a truly fabulous feast!
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Romados Rotisserie et Patisserie Facebook Page


Located in Old Montreal, Toqué! is a French restaurant in Montreal that you shouldn't miss! For one thing, it's practically a steal here! For only C$250.00, you can already enjoy a three-course meal that's sure to knock your socks off. Especially when you order their famous suckling pig. You haven't tasted this delicacy until you've gotten some from Toqué! From its crispy skin and juicy meat to the lemon thyme sauce drizzled all over, you'll instantly want seconds. Possibly even thirds too! And after all that, you can bet that you'd still want more!
The 8 Best Restaurants in Montreal
Source: Restaurant Toqué! Facebook Page

Discover the best restaurants in Montreal! This city may not be the food capital of the world, but that doesn't mean it doesn't offer exceptional places to eat. Even the most discriminating critics will find their own favorite hotspot here!

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