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Montreal's Most Notable International Schools

May 20, 2022
As one of the major cities in Canada, Montreal draws in a lot of people from around the world. Be they tourists or new residents, there's just something about this French city that attracts all sorts of travelers. Even full-blown families. Let's say you want to move to Montreal with your entire family. One thing that you have to think about is how your kids can continue their studies here. Luckily, Montreal has its fair share of international schools. St George's School of Montreal and Dawson College are just some of the most prominent educational institutions you'll find in this city.

Montreal's Most Notable International Schools

International School of Montreal

You'd think that an international school would be private, right? Well, not the International School of Montreal! Located in Westmount, Quebec, the affluent district in Montreal, this is a public international school that's open and free to all students. The institution also takes pride in the fact that it's the only one in Quebec that offers both the primary educational program (PP) and the intermediate educational program (PEI). Rest assured, your kids' academics are well taken care of by the International School of Montreal. They might even get better grades here than anywhere else.

Kells Academy

What started out as a tutorial service back in 1978, Kells Academy eventually became one of the most prominent schools in Montreal, Canada. It's also pretty one of a kind, in that it's one of the very educational institutions in the city that offers high-quality education from kindergarten to high school. As well as the Ontario Secondary School Diploma that lets graduates eligible to go to college in the most prestigious universities in London, New York, Paris, and more. This alone should tell you just how high the quality of Kells Academy's educational programs is!

Montreal's Most Notable International Schools

St George's School of Montreal

Founded in 1930, St George's School of Montreal is among the oldest co-ed schools in Montreal. From that year to today, it has never failed in providing high-quality education to students, both local and foreign. And while the school follows the Quebec Education Programme, it's not an exclusively French educational institution. St George's School of Montreal is also a bilingual school, teaching in both French and English. This, of course, allows students from all around the world to enroll, learn, and study here. For now, the school doesn't include boarding on site but they do provide a family boarding program instead.

Collège Prep International

'Bring students together from around the world,' says the official website of Collège Prep International. This motto practically speaks for itself! The Collège Prep International is one of the more open international educational institutions in Montreal. This isn't to say that the other schools on this list are more closed off, it's just that this school boasts a more diverse student body, even when it only accepts a little over a hundred each year. Now, you may think that it's too limited, however, this school believes that having fewer students and each class allows equal and enough attention for all.

Montreal's Most Notable International Schools

West Island College Montreal

Technically speaking, West Island College Montreal is located in Montreal. It's already in their name! However, the way this school goes about is a little different than most. The West Island Collect Montreal is the only one of its kind that offers a co-ed sailing program. This allows their students to live on a ship as they learn and get their high school diplomas. Talk about unreachable by public transport! But beyond all that, this place is still a member of the West Island Schools, which means they teach in both French and English to cater to a more global student body.

Dawson College

As a higher education institution, Dawson College in Westmount aims to prepare students aged 17 to 19 for the real world. It's a popular pre-university school in the city, one where most high school graduates enroll when they want to get into some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Those who plan to go into creative fields and applied arts also enroll here, as the school's most popular courses mostly include these areas. And yes, though it's a CEGEP school, Dawson College teaches in English. It's one of th every few of its kind that does so.

Montreal's Most Notable International Schools

Selwyn House School

The Montreal international school, Selwyn House School, has a motto that says, 'True to yourself, true to others, true to your school, and true to your world.' And it couldn't be more true! Although this educational institution highlights academics just as much as the other schools on this list, they also push extracurricular activities to the forefront. From athletics to the arts, the Selwyn House School understands that there's more to teaching young minds than science, math, and language. They also help their students discover their interests and eventually realize their true potential before they graduate.

Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School

As if it came out of a storybook, Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School is as old-fashioned as it sounds. But make no mistake, this all-girls school isn't all about tradition. Though they do still teach etiquette and the like, they also push their students to go way beyond what's expected of them. Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School doesn't teach young girls to be princesses, but rather, to be queens of their own lives. Whether going into entrepreneurship or the creative fields, this school aims to help young girls grow into confident women.

Montreal's Most Notable International Schools

If you're worried about moving to Montreal with your entire family, know that the city has a good number of international schools they can enroll in. They might even be the most suitable places for your little ones to realize their full potential while they're young!

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