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Where to Buy Valentine's Day Flowers in Paris

December 04, 2022
Flowers will never fail to make for a great Valentine's Day gift. Even if you're in Paris, a city that offers the finest luxuries in life, a bouquet of flowers will still charm your partner's pants off. But then, where do you put the best Valentine's Day flowers in Paris? René Veyrat Florist, for example, is great since it's a pretty high-end store. They even have celebrity clients. Girls & Roses, on the other hand, are known for their high-quality flora. These and more will give you the best Valentine's Day flowers in Paris!

Where to Buy Valentine's Day Flowers in Paris

Arôm Paris

Located on Avenue Ledru Rollin in the 12th arrondissement, Arôm Paris is the place to go to when you have a specific bouquet in mind. The staff pays close attention to what the customer wants and needs, whether it's the color scheme or the species. Just pop on over to the store and chat with the people there. Even when what you have in mind is the weirdest bouquet possible, they'll do their best to make it happen for you. And if you don't have any idea of what you want yet, they will recommend an arrangement that will sure to knock your pants off. As well as your lover's. Source: Arôm Paris Instagram Page


From the pinkest of peonies to the most delicate of baby's breath, the arrangements at Flower are nothing short of magical. You can already see it from the street. It's positively the most delightful flower shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés! More than just the perfect Valentine's Day flowers to give you special someone, the bouquets here are beautiful enough to decorate any luxury apartment in Paris. Not to mention, of course, important events like weddings, parties, and the like. Parisians trust this flower shop for its expert eye for arranging some of the most beautiful bouquets possible. Source: Flower Instagram Page

Girls & Roses

From its name alone, you can already tell what species of flower this shop excels with. Though Girls & Roses also makes use of other types of flowers, the rose is their bread and butter. They're not just experts in arranging the most fabulous bouquets of it, but they also take good care of their roses. Girls & Roses always ensures that their roses are the freshest you'll ever get to see, smell, and purchase. They even last a long time too! And seeing as the rose is the flower of romance, wouldn't it make perfect sense to buy your Valentine's day flowers in Paris from here? Source: Girls and Roses Instagram Page

La Maison Flowrette

Housed in a pretty pink shop on Rue Boursault in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, La Maison Flowrette is all about the perfect aesthetic. They don't just arrange the most picture-perfect bouquets out there, but they're even fussy about the wrapping paper they use too. Not to mention the pot where the flowers will end up in your home. For this Parisian flower shop, your Valentine's Day flowers have to look exceptional. So much so that the recipient won't help but want to snap a picture and post it on Instagram. Source: Flowrette Instagram Page


Out of all the flower shops in Paris, particularly the ones on this list, Muse in Montmartre is likely the oldest one still operating. It's said that they've been around since there was still a monarchy in France, and in fact, the kings and queens of the time hired them to arrange their flowers. So this means that it's possible that even Marie Antoinette might have bought her flowers from here. That alone is reason enough to purchase a bouquet here, whether they're Valentine's Day flowers or not. And rest assured, the flora you'll get here are nothing short of sweet and spectacular! Source: Muse Montmartre Instagram Page

René Veyrat Florist

Having opened back in 1956, René Veyrat Florist is another classic flower shop in Paris worth checking out. The mere fact that it has operated for more than half a century now means there really is something special about its work. Add to that its high-profile clientele of celebrities. From Hollywood stars to famous French people, there are plenty of pretty noteworthy people who've bought their flowers from René Veyrat Florist's shop in the 8th arrondissement. And if their work is good enough for these elites, it should certainly be good enough for your Valentine's day flowers, right? Source: René Veyrat Instagram Page

Saison Galerie

Operating as both a flower shop and gallery, Saison Galerie is where you go when you want fascinating bouquets. The lovely ones you'll get from the other shops are all well and good, but this one offers artistic takes. Some are even downright avant-garde. Depending on what your lover's tastes are in terms of flowers, those who'd love unique and one-of-a-kind bouquets will appreciate what you'd get from Saison Galerie. They're not just Valentine's day flowers that they'll embrace on the holiday and simply put in a vase afterward. These are bouquets anyone would be proud to show off in their homes! Source: Saison Galerie Instagram Page

Sylvine Fleurs

Sylvine, both the person and her flower shop in the 3rd arrondissement, are experts in arranging the most beautiful bouquets. She's even the go-to florist for brides looking to have their weddings in Paris. If they want their bouquet to stand out as much as themselves on their big day, Sylvine is the right girl for the job. And even when it's just a Valentine's Day bouquet, you can bet that whatever you get here will be nothing short of extraordinary. Make your special someone feel even more special with flowers from Sylvine Fleurs! Source: Sylvine Fleurs Instagram Page

Planning to buy some Valentine's Day flowers in Paris? Then make sure to go to the right shop! There are those that sell the prettiest and most enchanting bouquets that your partner will absolutely adore.

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