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The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

November 24, 2022
Ahh, Madeira Island. Is this the first time you've heard about it? If it is, then you're in luck! You've just discovered one of the most enchanting destinations in Portugal. Filled with beautiful landscapes and stunning coasts, there's no other place that's quite like it. It almost seems unreal! But it is! And not only that, but you can also stay here as well. There are tons of luxury homes on Madeira Island that you can call your own. At least, for a short while, anyway. They're the finest accommodations you could ever ask for in such a magical place!

The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

Villa Albatroz

Villa Albatroz in Caniço on Madeira Island is as dreamy as it can be. You almost couldn't believe it's a luxury home in Portugal that you can rent. This place looks more like it belongs on a postcard than your accommodations. But it's true! You can actually rent this spectacular villa with a gorgeous coastal view, a private pool that overlooks the sea, and a lovely terrace where you can enjoy your meals under the Mediterranean sun. You can let the waves soothe you to sleep every night and allow the sunshine to wake you up the next day.
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

Quinta Girassol

This lovely Mediterranean-style luxury rental in Ponta do Sol looks more like it's from Florence or Lake Como in Italy. It has that grandiose appeal that will make you think of the olden days of Europe. But when you actually get here, you'll find that practically everything about this place is all about modern luxury at its finest. The private pool has a water fountain and the glass-paned terrace presents a marvelous seaside view. Not to mention the upper deck too, offering up a row of sunbeds where you can work on your tan every single day while you're here!
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island


Instead of asking what this exquisite Cliffscape villa has, you're better off asking what it doesn't have! Firstly, there's the luxe infinity pool that overlooks the sea. If that's not high-class, then what is? Then there's the chic terrace where you can enjoy your meals every day, offering up an amazing view that you'd never get tired of. Now that's luxury living! Oh, and don't forget the sunny bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows too! You'd hardly ever need to turn on the lights during the day here. What's not to love?
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

Cris’s Home

Whoever Cris is that's renting this gorgeus vacation villa on Madeira Island, they deserve a thousand thanks! This luxury rental is one of the best on the island, complete with three spacious bedrooms, a beautiful garden, a private pool, and there's even some air conditioning too! When the Mediterranean heat gets a little too much, you can hang out inside and turn the air conditioning on or have a dip in the big pool. Wait until it gets a little darker and you can go hang out by the glass-paned terrace and enjoy the breezes too.
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

Grayci’s House

On the other hand, Grayci's House in Calheta isn't so bad either! It's a modern Mediterranean-style villa perched atop the hills of the island's coast. And you know what that means, right? Seaside views! You simply get enough of such spectacular scenery. You're so close to the sea that you'll only see deep blue waters beyond the horizon. It's quite the sight! As for what you can do here, you can swim in the private pool, sunbathe beside it, enjoy a meal on the terrace, or even watch TV on the flat-screen set in the living room.
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

Cottage do Mar

If you're up for a more quaint luxury rental on Madeira Island, there's also this charming Cottage do Mar. Perched atop the cliffs by the sea, you're so high up that it's practically nerve-wracking. If not for the glass panes that border the front area, you'd never want to stay in this part of the rental. Unless, of course, you're a thrill-seeker who's always game for some adrenaline. Fortunately, the cottage itself is a cozy countryside home that has all the necessities. A comfy bed, a well-equipped kitchen, a clean bathroom, and more. If you want to escape your life every now and then, you'd sooner want to buy this property for yourself!
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

Casa das Vinhas

A stone cottage with a private pool and a beautiful courtyard? Yes, please! This charming Casa das Vinhas is yet another countryside cottage that's perfect for an escape. Or rather, a romantic retreat with your special someone. Though it's located in a pretty populated neighborhood, you're sure to still have as much peace and quiet as you want. You can your days here swimming in the pool, hanging out in the exquisite garden, or chasing each other through the vine-covered pathways. Doesn't that sound like a rom-com set in Italy or something? A cinematic getaway awaits you and your partner here!
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

The Old Cottage in Quinta Inácia

And finally, there's The Old Cottage in Quinta Inácia. It's another cinematic luxury home on Madeira Island, surrounded by lush green meadows and sparkling deep blue seas. There's even a small flower field on the property that's big enough to freshen up the air in the entire area. If that's not cinematic, then what is? And while the cottage itself only has one bedroom and is rather compact, it's still big enough to fit two to four guests at a time. Possibly even more if some of the guests are little kids. They'll definitely love running around the vast open spaces here too!
The Most Beautiful Luxury Homes on Madeira Island

Madeira Island is one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal. It's gorgeus landscapes and natural wonders galore! And if that's not enough, they also have some of the finest and most beautiful luxury rentals in Portugal!

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