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Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

November 23, 2022
If you ever have to stay in Portugal for a time, make sure to rent a sunny apartment. That's not exactly difficult considering it's a Mediterranean country, but you'd be surprised at how challenging it is to find the right one. You can say that most luxury apartments in Portugal are sunny since they get a lot of sunshine. You won't find a place that doesn't get as much light as all the others. But there is still a handful of them stand head and shoulders above the rest. When you think of sunny homes, these are the places that come to mind!

Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

Cottage do Mar

What's sunnier than a beachfront cottage on Madeira Island? Though technically speaking, Cottage do Mar isn't exactly on the beach, per se. It's not even beside it! This sunny apartment in Portugal is above the beach, perched on the edge of the cliff by the coast of the island. You can't get any nearer to the sun than that! With the waves crashing just a few miles down below you, this place is admittedly rather nerve-wracking, especially for those with weak constitutions. But for all you adventure-seeking travelers out there, you can enjoy as much sunshine as you want in this coastal retreat.
Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

Moradia Falesia

At first glance, don't you think this Moradia Falesia luxury villa in Câmara De Lobos looks like it's from the French Riviera? The open terrace, big umbrella, and green shutters certainly make it seem like you're in Cannes or St. Tropez. But the sunshine is pure Portugal! Thanks to the rental's floor-to-ceiling windows, the apartment itself is rather bright and airy. All you have to do is open them up and it'll feel like you're right beside the ocean. Of course, it helps that the salty sea breezes waft directly to this place too.
Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

Calheta House in Luz

Lagos, the coastal city in Portugal's Algarve region, is the best place to rent a sunny apartment. Take this one-bedroom home in Calheta House in Luz, for example. With its floor-to-ceiling window and glass door leading up to a lovely terrace with seaside views, sunshine fills this place in no time. Even the small window in the bedroom will bring in a lot of light during the brightest days. And if you really want to sunbathe, the beach is only a hop and a skip away. Before you know it, you've already gotten a nice tan!
Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

Sunshine Apartment in Luz

You can already tell how sunny it is just by its name! This sunshine apartment in Luz is the quaint countryside home you'd expect from Lagos. Not only do the glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows bring in all the light, but the big backyard lets you bask in the Mediterranean sun for as long as you want. There's even an orange tree to liven up the scenery, freshen up the air, provide some shade, and even give you some fresh fruit when you're feeling hungry. Magical isn't enough to describe this sunny apartment!
Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal
Source: Alexandre Tarabini

The Stunning Seaview Apartment

Speaking of seaside views, this stunning apartment doesn't lack any of it as well. Hang out on the terrace and by the window and you can enjoy the Lagos scenery in all its coastal glory. True, you may be a fair distance away from the beach, but you can still practically hear the waves crashing down, feel the breeze brush up against your face, and even taste the saltiness in the air. As for the sunshine, all the glass features in your home are enough to bring a lot of light in. What's not to love?
Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

Water Tower Townhouse with Pool

A two-bedroom townhouse in the Torraltinha neighborhood of Lagos is just what the doctor ordered when you're in need of a lot of sunlight. It may not be on the coast, but you get plenty of sunshine here nonetheless. All you have to do is open the windows and doors and the light will go right in. Don't worry! Though leaving the door open is ordinarily dangerous, the townhouse is bordered by a fence and a gate. As long as you're near them, you have very little to worry about. You can even enjoy looking at the beautiful blooming tree in the front yard from the inside too!
Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

Oliveira Downtown Apartment

Just because this apartment is located in Downtown Lagos, it doesn't mean that it barely gets any sunlight. On the contrary, this Portugal luxury home gets more of it than many coastal homes in the city. It helps that this top-floor apartment has a skylight above the dining area. It's already bright even when the curtains are drawn. But when you pull them back, the entire place practically looks like heaven on Earth. The white walls will be clouds, of course. And if your eyes can't handle all that brightness, then you may have to wear your designer sunglasses indoors too!
Live in Bliss in These Sunny Luxury Apartments in Portugal

Since Portugal is a country full of sunshine, the best luxury apartments to rent here are those that get plenty of it. All throughout Portugal, there are exceptional homes that are as bright as can be!

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