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The Best Restaurants in Morzine

November 07, 2022
If you're up for a ski holiday, consider going to Morzine! This is an awesome ski resort town in the French Alps, offering up exciting slopes and incredible views that you won't see anywhere else. And since this is still part of France, a country known for its exceptional cuisine and culinary arts, you can bet that there are a ton of great restaurants in Morzine too! More than just the winter athlete in you, you can also unleash your inner foodie by enjoying what places like L'Atelier, Chez Nannon, Le Petit D, and La Chaudanne have to offer.

The Best Restaurants in Morzine

Chez Nannon

Located on the Nyon side of Morzine, Chez Nannon is one of the town's finest hotspots. It's a former chalet-turned-restaurant, promising a homely ambiance that will wrap you in warmth. As for their food, it's all about the Alpine classics. Think wood-fired beef rib that will fill you up with just one plateful (yet you'll still want more!). Or 'Vacherin,' a type of French cheese that dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. And to finish off your meal in the best way possible, there's their array of delicious desserts. Pick your choice between a blueberry tartlet or chocolate profiteroles!
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: Restaurant Chez Nannon Facebook Page


As the in-house restaurant of Hôtel Le Samoyède, L'Atelier is undoubtedly one of the finest restaurants in Morzine. No less than the Michelin Guides themselves have recognized its potential, though they have yet to reward this establishment a much-deserved star. Nevertheless, both the food and the service here remain top-notch. Led by the prominent Chef Alexandre Baud-Pachon, they serve the finest haute cuisine in this part of the French countryside. It's all about traditional Savoyarde fare made more excellent by Baud-Pachon's hands and his incredible staff. What's not to love?
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: Hotel Le Samoyode

La Chaudanne

La Chaudanne is one of those places that's perfect for après-ski. Picture it: you've just spent a busy day skiing and all you want to do is relax. But then staying in your own holiday chalet in Morzine seems boring, right? So what do you do? Go to La Chaudanne. Apart from their stellar menu of Alpine and French cuisine, they're especially known for their fine selection of wine. With over 350 fine bottles on offer, you'll have no problem relaxing in this hotspot. And when you pair them with any of La Chaudanne's hearty dishes like veal tartar served with French fries or a 500-gram beef rib, you're sure to get full in no time!
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: La Chaudanne

La Grange

If there's one thing you shouldn't miss when you're all the way in the French Alps, it's the French cheese! And here in Morzine, there's one hotspot that specializes in that: La Grange! In this restaurant, you can enjoy all the French cheese to your heart's content. You can even indulge in them fondue style too! Served with a big pot of melted cheese, you can dip pieces of meat, bread, and vegetables for a startingly delicious culinary experience. And if you're up for something heavier, you can always choose a dish from their seasonal menu too!
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: Restaurant La Grange Facebook Page

La Païka

Now, what does La Païka have that all these other restaurants in Morzine don't? Well, for one thing, this place offers up one of the most amazing views of the French Alps. You'd sooner feel like you were Maria Von Trapp about to hear the 'Sound of Music' the moment you get up here! And of course, there's also the exceptional food! From well-done barbecued meats to charcuterie boards filled with local delicacies, it's a heart feast for your stomach and taste buds as it is a feast for your eyes. There's no other spot like it anywhere else in Morzine!
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: La Païka

Hôtel Petit D

Serving as the in-house restaurant of the four-star Hôtel le Petit Dru, this restaurant undoubtedly offers an excellent culinary experience. What does it have in store for you? A high-class gourmet cuisine that can rival any Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris? Check! Excellent service? Check! A warm ambiance? Check! As far as exceptional meals go, Hôtel le Petit Dru doesn't fall short of anything. What's great about it is that the place is relatively affordable too! For a local specialty, Fondue Savoyarde, for instance. This will only cost you €25.00 per person. Not a bad deal, right?
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: Hotel le Petit Dru Facebook Page

Les Bulles des Mines d'Or

Care to eat your well-made meal in a transparent dome on a high peak of the French Alps? Then look no further than Bulles des Mines d'Or! Though it's more popular among couples because of its intimately-sized bubbles, anyone who wants to taste the best food in Morzine can still visit its amazing restaurant. This is another place where the view is just as delicious as the food. Since you get to eat inside a bubble, you can still see the French Alps and all their glory while you eat. As for what to order, a cheese fondue is an excellent choice!
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: Bulles des Mines d'Or Facebook Page

Ô Chalet

And finally, there's Ô Chalet! Despite its refined name, this is actually one of the more family-friendly restaurants in Morzine. It's hamburger heaven here in Ô Chalet, what with the many variations of the classic American dish that this place offers. You can have it Le Swiss-style, for instance, which pairs the burger with Swiss cheese, bacon, onions, and chalet sauce. Meanwhile, your little ones will adore Le BBQ, a variation consisting of double cheddar cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce, and some salad to balance the meal out. Don't worry! The place is pretty affordable too!
The Best Restaurants in Morzine
Source: Ô Chalet Facebook Page

Morzine is more than just your average ski town! It's also a place where foodies can enjoy themselves too. That's because the best restaurants in Morzine are so incredible, they can give the finest hotspots in Paris a run for their money!

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