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The Czech Republic's Best Property Listing Websites

August 09, 2022
The Czech Republic is a beautiful place. One visit is enough to show you how much. Full of fairytale-like castles, grand churches, and lots of natural wonders, it's almost surprising how this place isn't as famous as other European countries. You'll definitely have a ball if you ever get to visit or even move here. And if you're planning the latter, consider buying a new property in the Czech Republic as well. Go on the top property listing websites here like Sreality, Ceskereality, M&M Reality, and Hyper Reality and you'll discover lots of amazing available real estate that might just be your next home!

The Czech Republic's Best Property Listing Websites


As far as the Czechs are concerned, Sreality is the most popular property listing website in the Czech Republic. The portal offers over 78, 092 available real estate, from houses & lots to apartments and lands. So whatever kind of property you're looking for in the Czech Republic, Sreality will have it listed for you to find. They even offer their own state-of-the-art real estate software to make looking for the right property easier for any visitor. The only downside? The website only comes in Czech. It will be hard for international buyers to look for a new place on this site.


Whether you're moving to Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and any other city in the Czech Republic, Ceskereality will help find a place for you! This listing website has around 46, 213 properties of various kinds—land, apartments, houses, and more! Not only that, but Ceskereality can even connect you to their vast network of over 893 real estate agencies and brokers. So the moment you find a place that's worth your time and money, this portal can also help find the right people to assist you in the sale. It's a 2-in-2 kind of deal that you won't want to overlook!

The Czech Republic's Best Property Listing Websites


Bezrealitky is a great property listing website for buyers coming from outside of the country. Firstly, the portal can be translated into English, which means the language barrier doesn't pose as big of a problem as those in other platforms on this list. Secondly, the website's interface is pretty straightforward. It's easy to understand and there's even a map that shows which part of the country the property is located. And thirdly, you can set a 'watchdog' to alert you when there's a new property on the market! Not bad, right?


Although Realcity only has 19,978 listings, it's still a commendable property listing website in the Czech Republic. Defintiely worthy enough to make it unto this list, that's for sure! For one thing, despite the limited number of properties, the porta still covers many categories that tenants and buyers are looking for. Whether it's a bed to sleep on or a new home to live in, Realcity has it for you! Secondly, the locations are well-divided to fit all parts of the country. So no matter where you want your property, there's a good chance you'll find it here on Realcity!

The Czech Republic's Best Property Listing Websites


Imagine you're in Brno and you're about to celebrate a Czech holiday with your family. This year, it's your turn to host the celebration so wouldn't be easier for you to live and own a big property in the city? Well, if you look for one on Eurobydleni, this is more than possible! What helps this property listing stand out is that it specialized in big properties. Though they also list down rooms and solo apartments, it's the multiple bedrooms and massive lots that make this portal popular. You won't have a hard time looking for a new home for you and your family with this website!

Hyper Reality

Truth be told, Hyper Reality has a pretty limited number of properties on their site. Don't get it twisted, their 29,305 listings are nothing to scoff at! But compared to the other property portals on this list, it is comparably small. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that all 29,305 of those properties are prime real estate! They're in great locations and are near tons of facilities! Among the many things you ought to look for in a property, both are deeply necessary! So while Hyper Reality doesn't have that many offers, what they do have are definitely worth your while!

The Czech Republic's Best Property Listing Websites


If there's one word that can best describe Sting as a property listing website in the Czech Republic, it's 'complete.' This portal has practically everything you'll need to start the real estate process! Prime real estate worth investing in? Check! Real estate agents that can help you with the sale? Check! Assistance in getting a mortgage in this country? Check! Even if you're a foreign buyer who doesn't know a single thing about buying a property in the Czech Republic, Sting will provide as much assistance as you need. You're well taken care of in their hands!

M&M Reality

M&M Reality is the kind of property listing website that's as helpful to sellers as they are to buyers. For the latter, they list great properties for sale located in some of the best areas in the country. They even update regularly to make sure that you will know the latest real estate that just dropped on the market right now! As for the former, M&M Reality will help you market your property so that more buyers can check it out. They'll even go so far as to advertise it on social media too!

Bazos Reality

As far as Czech property listing websites are concerned, none are as straightforward as Bazos Reality! Right off the bat, you're greeted by the latest available properties on their homepage. You don't have to go to any other page or click on other stuff to get to the real estate. It's all there for your convenience. On the side, you can also choose which type of property in the Czech Republic you can focus on. From houses and apartments to even warehouses and gardens, they're all available on this site!

The Czech Republic's Best Property Listing Websites

If you're on the lookout for a new property in the Czech Republic, you'd do well to visit these popular property listing websites. Not only do they feature fine available real estate, but they'll help you acquire the place you want too!

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Prague, Czech Republic
120 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom4
Prague, Czech Republic
150 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom5
Prague, Czech Republic
180 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom6
Prague, Czech Republic
280 € / night    
3 bedrooms1 bathroom6