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The Best Bakeries in Paris That Offer Gluten-Free Treats

July 31, 2022
Is Paris the best city for pastries? Perhaps! Some may argue otherwise but there's no denying that the city truly captivates with its baked goods. There are the signature sweets, savory treats, and other creations with salivating over. Practically every corner in Paris has an amazing pastry or two to offer. But are they healthy? What if, for instance, you want a gluten-free pastry? Can you still get one in Paris? If you go to Helmut New Cake, Maison Plume, Noglu Paris, or La Meringaie, you will! These are just some of the finest gluten-free bakeries in Paris!

The Best Bakeries in Paris That Offer Gluten-Free Treats

Boulangerie Chambelland

Located on Rue Ternaux in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, Boulangerie Chambelland is pretty well-known for its healthy gluten-free menu. In fact, it's part of what makes it stands out among the rest of the bakeries in Paris. Taking pride in their history of organic and sustainable baking, the treats they serve here will keep you healthy with every bite. Especially their bread! The Chambelland bread is among the best in the city, hands-down! It's to the point that you won't even need a spread to make it more appetizing. Just slice up a freshly-baked loaf and enjoy the gluten-free goodness!

Helmut New Cake

From the fluffy financiers to the rich dark chocolate fondant, Helmut New Cake really is all about the sweets. It even has two separate locations in Paris, proving that there's a lot of demand for its baked goods. But what is it about their pastries that make continue to captivate people's taste buds? The sweet sensation! Helmut New Cake's desserts are out of this world! Each ingredient is fresh, the ganache is rich, and the texture is soft and scrumptious! And the fact that they're gluten-free is the cherry on top! What's not to love?

The Best Bakeries in Paris That Offer Gluten-Free Treats

Maison Plume

The Maison Plume Pâtisserie on Rue Charlot in the Marais district deserves every attention it gets. The space is elegant and refined, making you feel like you entered a luxury boutique instead of a standard old bakery in Paris. And the pastries? Simply divine! Every treat is gluten-free yet they look as if they're the most sinful confections ever created. The dark chocolate tart, for instance, looks so rich and flavorful that you can already taste the bittersweetness just by looking at it. Their dairy-free raspberry vanilla tart, on the other hand, will have you smiling from its fruit goodness!

La Belle vie sans Gluten

With a name that translates to English as 'The Good Life Without Gluten,' La Belle vie sans Gluten has certainly got a lot to prove. So have they? You bet they have! Organic is the name of this exquisite bakery in Paris. They offer 100% gluten-free baked goods, from fresh baguette loaves to sugary cakes and cookies. Their main draw is that they look and work like a true bakery, so much so that you'll easily forget that it's all gluten-free. There's barely even a difference compared to what they bake to what other bakeries in Paris make.

The Best Bakeries in Paris That Offer Gluten-Free Treats

Noglu Paris

The 'Noglu' in this bakery's name actually stands for 'no gluten.' That alone should tell you just how healthy and organic their baked goods are. Noglu Paris is a chic pâtisserie on Rue Basfroi in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. They specialize in gluten-free cakes, each more mouthwatering than the next. Think vegan cakes drizzled with melted chocolate, light madeleines topped with powdered sugar, or seasonal fruit tarts. This is a dessert shop through and through and not even their gluten-free initiative can take that away from them! Sweet tooths be warned! You'll need to brush your teeth after indulging in their treats here!

L'Atelier des Lilas

While the other bakeries in Paris focus heavily on their sweets, L'Atelier des Lilas in Montreuil has a more diverse menu. Sure, their desserts are just as famous, but you shouldn't miss their savory treats too! They serve up scrumptious pizza pies, cheesy quiches, bento salads, and more. If you tire of the same old sugary baked goods, this bakery's salty offerings are a great change of pace. It's no wonder that many foodie hotspots have also hired L'Atelier des Lilas as their suppliers. Anyone looking to eat more healthily can certainly enjoy a well-balanced meal from this bakery alone!

The Best Bakeries in Paris That Offer Gluten-Free Treats

La Meringaie

According to La Meringaie, anything with meringue is a gluten-free treat worth enjoying! Even though it's a pretty niche shop, La Meringaie remains one of the finest gluten-free bakeries in Paris. Its focus on meringue-enthused treats helps grab attention, but it's the excellent taste that has people coming back for more. It has even become a great place to get macarons! Healthy macarons at that! One box is enough to send you to heaven and back! Looks like Ladurée has some stiff competition when it comes to this famous confection.

Aux Merveilleux

The cakes and pastries at Aux Merveilleux always have an artisanal touch, which makes them popular among foodies and sweet tooths alike. And while some are gluten-free, the true showstoppers are the intricate desserts! They're practically works of art! Looking better than they taste, you almost don't want to take a bite since you don't want to ruin its overall aesthetic. Only when you've snapped a few photos for Instagram can you dig in! And once you get a taste of the premium taste, you'll want to order another and another!

The Best Bakeries in Paris That Offer Gluten-Free Treats

The best bakeries in Paris aren't just about the sweet stuff and the baguettes. They can also dish out healthy and even gluten-free treats! If you take pride in healthy eating, you may want to check these places out!




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