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Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris

June 11, 2022
Part of what makes Paris such an influential food capital is that it embraces all food from around the world. Sure, the French food here is out of this world, but they also offer up their own excellent takes on various foreign cuisines. Take sushi, for instance, Japan's most famous delicacy. Since France is known for its seafood too, you can bet that the French capital serves up its own delicious sushi. And it helps that many Japanese gourmet chefs have studied and now work in Paris too. They've set up amazing sushi bars in Paris that you simply must check out, including Sushi-B Paris, Mamie Sushi, and Restaurant Le Benkay!

Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris

Sushi-B Paris

As a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, Sushi-B Paris automatically goes to the top of this list. Rest assured, the prestigious recognition alone guaranteed that their sushi is out of this world. It also helps the place's multi-course meals combine both French and Japanese dishes and delicacies. This helps remind you that while you're enjoying a Japanese dish, there's always an excellent French twist to expect. Pair all of that with their fine selection of wine and you've got yourself a first-class culinary experience!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Sushi-B Paris

Sushi Shunei

Sushi Shunei is the kind of high-class sushi bar in Paris where the food and the space complete the experience. Located on Rue Audran in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, a fairly quiet and serene area, it's the perfect place for such a zen culinary offering. The interior is made up of pure wooden panels, all to conjure up a feeling of an intimate and peaceful space that's perfect for enjoying their exquisite Japanese dishes. And the moment head chef Shunei Kimura brings out his outstanding seafood delicacies, it's game over!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Sushi Shunei

Restaurant Le Benkay

In the world-class Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel, Restaurant Le Benkay has easily become one of its most famous in-house hotspots. This teppanyaki-style restaurant keeps foodies on their toes, riveted by the magnificent display of culinary arts on full view. As you watch the chef prepare your sushi first-hand, you'll better appreciate its flavor, taste, and all. Not to mention keep you drooling as you wait for them to serve the delicacy right to your plate!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Restaurant Japonais Benkay Paris Facebook Page


Foujita, the Japanese restaurant on Rue Saint-Roch in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, is an ode to Old Japan. Right at the heart of the French capital, it's as if you were transported to the 'Land of The Rising Sun' the moment you step foot inside. And that's because their sushi is nothing short of authentic. From the delicate sashimi to the delectable seafood rolls, you can easily taste the flavors of Japan with each and every dish. What's not to love?
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sushi Okuda

From juicy prawns to sumptuous tuna sashimi, the sushi from Sushi Okuda is out of this world. They're so finely made that each bite will taste like heaven! Or more appropriately, like the seas of Japan! It helps that the place only makes use of freshly-caught seafood. Though many of them may have come from the Mediterranean Sea or other nearby areas, the way the chefs prepare them—right in front of you, no less!—is purely Japanese!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Sushi Okuda

Sushi Etoile

Located just a hop and a skip away from the Arc de Triomphe in the Champs-Élysées area, you probably expect Sushi Etoile to be among the more expensive places to get sushi in Paris, right? Well, you couldn't be more wrong! Though it's located in a rather upscale district of Paris, Sushi Etoile is among the more affordable hotspots on this list. You can get as many as six pieces of sushi for only €24.00. And don't worry! They taste just as, if not even better than the more expensive sushi in other places!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Sushi Etoile Facebook Page

C’Fusion Sushi

From expertly made rolls to mouthwatering gyoza, ready your chopsticks because C’Fusion Sushi on Rue Beaubourg will take you on one hell of a culinary ride! Don't just expect the classics here! This place's sushi dishes are also delicious experiments that the chefs cooked up, and the results are nothing short of delicious. By the time you've finished a plate, you'll be craving more! But for something new, you should also try their incredible yakitori bowls too! They're just as bang for your buck as the sushi!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: C’Fusion Sushi

Mamie Sushi

What makes Mamie Sushi such a great place to get sushi in Paris is that it's already in full view. Its outdoor counter displays the freshly-made sushi for the day, enticing passers-by with their delectable appearances. Once you get sucked in and get a table, you'll want to try many of their fabulous seafood rolls and sashimi, each more scrumptious than the next. And while you're at it, satisfy all your Japanese cravings by ordering takoyaki too! The ones here are worth your while!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Mamie Sushi


Practically everything you need to know about Kanpai, the Japanese restaurant on Rue Bréa in the 6th arrondissement, is that their fish is always fresh. Whether it's a maki roll or sashimi, you can bet that they caught what you're eating earlier this morning. You can even taste it too! Compared to the many sushi offerings mentioned on this list, there's just something about the ones from Kanpai that tastes like the sea. A pretty fulfilling culinary experience in the French food capital!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Kanpai Facebook Page

Royal Dragon

Although Royal Dragon is technically a Mandarin restaurant on Rue Delambre in the Montparnasse area, it's the sushi that keeps drawing more and more people in. Why? Because it's all-you-can-eat! Once you pay €19.50, you can eat as much sushi as you want. Even up until you get sick of it! And don't worry! Even though they're unlimited, the sushi here is still high-quality and still as delicious as ever!
Where To Get The Best Sushi in Paris
Source: Royal Dragons

Just because you're in the French capital, it doesn't mean you can't satisfy your sushi cravings. You might be surprised at how many places there are where you can get the best sushi in Paris! And they'll taste just as scrumptious as those in Japan!

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