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Where To Get The Tastiest Smoothies in Paris

May 21, 2022
You're already feeling the summer heat, aren't you? Especially here in Paris! Since it's located in the Mediterranean, the French capital tends to warm up around this time of the year. And it's technically not summer yet! There are hotter days to come and if you don't know how to stay cool in Paris, expect to sweat a whole lot. That won't be a good look now, would it? Why not get a smoothie then? Not only do they taste great, but just one sip will chill you to the bone! Go to Juice Lab, Bob’s Juice Bar, or Fragments to get your delicious smoothie now!

Where To Get The Tastiest Smoothies in Paris

Juice Lab

Boasting many locations in Paris, including one near Place des Vosges and the other in Montmartre, Juice Labs has definitely garnered people's attention. It helps that this place isn't just about smoothies in Paris. Their main goal is to gear Parisian foodies to a healthier route. Most of what they sell here is pretty organic, made with fresh ingredients that will ensure your body will remain as healthy as ever. Their square bottles are also easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy your Juice Labs smoothies no matter what you're doing, whether you're working in an office or sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week!

Love Juice Bar

Located on Rue Chapon in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, Love Juice Bar is yet another smoothie shop where your health is the priority. This vegan place only makes use of fresh fruits and vegetables, so much so that you'll feel as if you swallowed an entire jungle with every sip. And if a fruit shake isn't enough to satisfy your cravings, you can always go for their nutritious smoothie bowls instead. All sorts of toppings, from Brazilian berries to ripened bananas, make their bowls taste as sweet as can be, even though every spoonful ensures your wellbeing!

Where To Get The Tastiest Smoothies in Paris

Wild & the Moon

Although Wild & The Moon, located near the Marais district, is more of a vegan café than a regular juice bar in Paris, their smoothies are still worth your while. Raw and ready to drink, they won't just tantalize your taste buds with every sip! They'll also detox your entire body until it's as healthy as can be! But don't worry! They won't taste like medicine at all! Each sip is cool and refreshing, especially when it's summertime! And yes, even when you go for the charcoal-induced juices, rest assured, the taste is far from what you're probably expecting!

Bob’s Juice Bar

Bob's Kitchen has ventured into various culinary territories over the years. They have a bar, a café, a bakery, and more. Since they already have a lot on their plate (literally!), who would've ever thought they'd get to selling smoothies in Paris too? Over time, Bob’s Juice Bar on Rue Lucien Sampaix became a foodie staple. Especially for those who are looking to trim down their figures and live out a healthier lifestyle. From smoothie bowls to sweet juices, this place can satisfy any craving you might have! Particularly when it's a hot summer day in Paris.

Where To Get The Tastiest Smoothies in Paris

La Vie En Fruits

Just as its name says, La Vie En Fruits will have you living life in fruits! This adorable little shop on Saint-Germain-des-Prés is all about natural sweets, and not just juices and smoothies in Paris too! Of course, they're the main stars of the show here, however, La Vie En Fruits also serves fruit salads, fruity desserts, and more! But when it comes to staying cool in summer, a smoothie is all you need. Healthy and sweet, they're also pretty affordable. Their small size only costs €4.00 each while their large size only costs €6.00! Not a bad deal, right?


With various locations throughout the neighborhoods of Paris, JOE & THE JUICE has certainly made a name for themselves in the French capital. But what is it about them that has French going gaga? Well, although they've become famous for their smoothies in Paris, their whole menu is full of delicious treats that are also pretty healthy. From pastries to salad bowls, they offer an entirely organic culinary sensation. But then come the vegan shakes and detoxifying juices! These are the ones that you can sip as you walk through the entire capital, cooling off as the summer sun shines down brightly.

Where To Get The Tastiest Smoothies in Paris


Located on Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, a hop and a skip away from the city's most famous church, Causses boasts some of the healthiest juices and smoothies in Paris. Sure, at first glance it looks like a general store with so much to offer, that you can easily forget that you're there for your smoothie fix. But once you get a sip of their amazing concoctions, you'll only want to go back just for them! Made with fresh fruits and vegetables that are 100% organic, you can easily just drink them for the rest of your life!


Paperboy is a great brunch spot on Rue Amelot where you can also enjoy some delicious smoothies in Paris. But you probably didn't know it since this place is mostly known for its delicious Eggs benedict, scrumptious pastries, and the like. They're all delicious, sure, but the Paperboy's smoothies also deserve some attention! They're healthy and appetizing; the perfect drinks to pair your brunch with. Every sip will have you craving for more and before you know it, you'll only visit Paperboy for their smoothies! What's not to love?

Where To Get The Tastiest Smoothies in Paris

Now that summer is about to arrive, you can expect the temperature here in the French capital to rise up higher and higher. Would you be able to handle the heat? If not, you can always get some tasty smoothies in Paris to help cool you off!

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