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New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

June 02, 2022
It's no secret that New York is one of the best places for solo travelers. This concrete jungle is ripe for exploration, and when you're on your own, you can do it at your own pace. There's no one you need to worry about, no one to wait for, and no one to stress over. You can do anything you want and there's no better city to do just that than New York! But before you get right into it, you ought to choose a luxury rental to call your home here. And you'd do well to pick a solo apartment with a great location, awesome amenities, and undeniably luxurious!

New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Columbus Terrace

This Columbus Terrace one-bedroom is the ultimate New York Solo apartment! Firstly, the space looks and feels pretty homely. With the pristine white walls and wooden flooring, it sort of looks like a suburban home. The bedroom is spacious too, enough to fit in a queen-sized bed, an air conditioning unit, and more. But the place's pièce de résistance is undoubtedly its rooftop terrace! Accessible from both the living space and the bedroom, it's the best place to hang out, relax, and enjoy the city's iconic skyline and all its lively neighborhoods. You can even invite people over and have a soiree too!
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Soho Loft III

New York apartments in SoHo are always guaranteed to be great and this Loft III is no exception! It's one of the chicest lofts in the city, what with its transitional interior design and the amount of space! The living room alone has enough legroom that you can host a cocktail party here. And the bedroom? Incredibly comfy. You get a nice queen-sized bed with a tall leather headboard, a plush lounge chair that can practically double as a solo bed, and even a flat-screen TV for when you want to stream movies on Netflix! What's not to love?
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Hester Loft

Want another loft for your luxury home in New York? Check out this amazing Hester Loft! It has an amazing industrial vibe to it, complete with red brick walls, wooden flooring, and leather seating. It's as if someone took a warehouse space and turned it into a chic New York solo apartment! This place is great for those who work at home. There's enough space to practically turn it into your own atelier or art studio as well as a small office area complete with a nice desk with a computer. You barely have to go out at all!
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Essex Place

If you want your luxury rental in New York to exhibit a bit more personality, you might want to go for this chic Essex Place apartment. Firstly, the interior design is wild! think zebra print cushions, an eye-catching rug with a psychedelic circular design, a cool lamp that looks like a modern piece of art, and pop art paintings hung throughout the space. There's so much going on that you don't know where to look! Fortunately, the bedroom is minimal enough that you can easily fall asleep with little to no distractions around.
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Keller Place

On the opposite side of the spectrum, this Keller Place one-bedroom luxury home in New York is all about sweet and soft minimalism. Remember that minimalism doesn't mean boring. You can easily get away with a simple look without relying too much on neutral tones. This New York solo apartment proves it with its gentle pink and teal pastel color scheme. Complete with plush seating and a crystal chandelier above the dining set, there's a distinct daintiness that you won't find in other apartments in the Big Apple. With all the lightness, the place almost feels heavenly!
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Arch Place Studio

Picture a bachelor pad in New York City and this excellent Arch Place Studio apartment will likely pop into your mind! From the premium leather furniture to the high floor-to-ceiling windows that offer up spectacular views of Manhattan, it's not hard to imagine that this is the kind of luxury home where big executives and famous businessmen live. It's a studio apartment, sure, but it has enough space and panache to look so high-class. The modern interior design helps too. It makes the luxury rental look cool and current without too many fussy design elements. The cowskin rug is a nice touch though!
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Greenwich Studio

In a New York solo apartment, minimalism always reigns supreme. Take a look at this gorgeous Greenwich Studio rental. Rendered in white, cream, and off-white, it has a relaxing color scheme that will help you feel at ease the moment you step inside. Except for a few artworks and the books on the shelves. there's hardly any color around, which isn't all that bad. The neutral tones help make the place look clean and pristine, a perfect retreat from the ever-so-rowdy New York City with all its hustles and bustles. You even get your own zen patio area that's so spacious that you can hardly believe you're in the Big Apple at all!
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

7th Avenue II

If you were to describe this 7th Avenue II luxury home in New York with one word, it has to be 'convenient.' There's a nice tiny office space by the window and dining area where you can work all day and all night. The kitchen is so well-equipped, that you'll hardly need to eat out (at least, only when you want great food in a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York!). Afraid that the dining area is too small? Plop up a tall stool and let your guests eat on the bar that separates the living room and kitchen! And the bedroom? Clean and crisp! Perfect for a good night's sleep.
New York Solo Apartments You Need to Check Out

Planning to live your life in New York on your own? Before anything else, you'll need to find the right home for you! Check out any of these fine New York solo apartments and choose which one suits you the most.

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