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New York's Top Five Real Estate Websites

April 15, 2022
If there's one thing you have to pay attention to in New York, it's real estate! The city is filled with luxury apartments, elegant townhouses, studio rentals, and more. And if you want to score any one of them for your new home in the Big Apple, you'll need to go through a great real estate agency. Or, in this day and age, a real estate website. This way, you can still choose the best place for yourself without any further hassle. But which ones should you go for? Well, Streeteasy, Douglas Elliman, CityReality, Localize.city, and Realtor.com are great options!

New York's Top Five Real Estate Websites


Ask any New Yorker on the street and they'll tell you that Streeteasy is the city's go-to New York real estate listing platform. You can easily get in touch with a real estate agent here, making the process even less of a hassle. It helps that it's a site built by New Yorkers for New Yorkers. The people behind Streeteasy know the city like the back of their hands. If you're someone who just relocated to the city, this is the most trustworthy website you can go on! Rest assured, you'll find the right home for you with the Streeteasy's help!

Douglas Elliman

Although Douglas Elliman's reach goes far beyond New York City, this metropolis is their home turf. Their main office is on Madison Avenue, so even if you don't go to their website, as long as you're in Manhattan, you can still avail of their services. But should you? If you want to score the most luxurious homes in the city, then yes, you should! Douglas Elliman only offers upscale properties that deserve your hard-earned cash. From well-furnished studio apartments to spacious townhouses in affluent neighborhoods in New York, the homes they offer are bang for your buck!

New York's Top Five Real Estate Websites


Now, if you want high speed and efficiency, you ought to visit CityReality! One of the best New York real estate websites out there, it lets you can discover properties that have gone on the market only a couple of minutes ago. That's how fast CityReality works! In a city like New York, where homes come and go in a flash, you'll want a real estate listing platform that can work in a snap. Especially when you're eyeing a specific property. With CityReality's help, you can get your hands on it the moment it becomes available!


Localize.city relies on its AI in order to show you the true nature of all its properties. While most of the other New York real estate listing sites only focus on the properties at hand, their prices, and the like, this particular platform goes beyond. Using real-time photography, you won't just get to see the current state of the home, but also what surrounds it. If there's a construction going on nearby, the distance between your selected property and your neighbor's, and more. Knowing these sorts of information will help you in figuring out if getting this home is a wise decision.


And finally, there's Realtor.com, the most popular real estate website in the US. However, in this city, the other four New York real estate listing platforms have it beat! Nevertheless, Realtor.com remains an efficient and convenient site for those looking for a home in the Big Apple. They update the listings every 15 minutes, which means you can still get your hands on the latest properties if you're fast enough. And as far as user experience is concerned, the website is fairly easy to understand and navigate. It's trusted by millions of Americans, after all!

New York's Top Five Real Estate Websites

Looking for a place to call home in the Big Apple? Your best bet is to visit any of New York's top five real estate websites and see if they have a good place that's available. Don't worry! New Yorkers trust these platforms.

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