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What are The Best Apps To Use for Food Delivery in New York City?

April 14, 2022
In a city like New York, food delivery is king! The lifestyle here is so fast-paced, that you barely have enough to whip up a full meal. A cup of coffee for breakfast, a quick bite for lunch, and a midnight snack to end your day. These are pretty common here in the Big Apple. And when you do have time, you'd rather order out since you'll likely feel too exhausted to cook for yourself. Enter your smartphone! With the help of a few programs, like UberEats and DoorDash, you can get your food sent straight to your door. Here are some of the best apps to use for food delivery in New York City.

What are The Best Apps To Use for Food Delivery in New York City?

Uber Eats

Just like its transportation app counterpart, Uber Eats has become one of the most popular food delivery apps in the world. It's an especially go-to program for food delivery in New York City too. Since the place is full of all sorts of foodie hotspots, an easy-to-use platform like Uber Eats makes for less hassle when ordering online. The process is as simple as when you're using the transportation app—you choose a restaurant, input your order, include your location details, and wait for the driver to deliver your food. The app also shows an estimated time of arrival and allows cashless transactions.


With over 22.6 million users all around the world, Grubhub has become one of—if not the top food delivery apps on the planet. It's just as popular in New York as it is in other major cities too. Since it has the most extensive list of establishments out of all the apps on this list, Grubhub can connect you to practically any place that sells food in the city. No matter which neighborhood, district, or even borough the restaurant you want to order from is located, this app still allows you to order from them with no problem at all. They'll even set the same prices too!

What are The Best Apps To Use for Food Delivery in New York City?

Amazon Prime Now

It really feels like Amazon Prime has taken over the world. The platform has gone on to enter various fields, and this time around, it's food delivery. Though fairly new on the scene, the Amazon Prime Now app has the same efficiency as its popular program. However, since it is new, it's not as well-connected as the other apps on this list. As far as New York City delivery food is concerned, Amazon Prime Now can only connect you to over 400 restaurants. But don't worry! The app is still in its early stages, meaning more and more establishments will eventually be registered as time goes by.


Just like Amazon Prime Now, DoorDash is also fairly limited in terms of food delivery in New York City. For one thing, you can only use the app if you're in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and parts of Queens. And the more popular the place you're ordering from, the better. DoorDash has partnered with various American fast-food chains, making them the top restaurants to choose from when you want to order food. Think Shake Shack, Taco Bell, Cheesecake Factory, and more. Although DoorDash can also connect you to lesser-known places, you have a better chance if you order from these popular companies.

What are The Best Apps To Use for Food Delivery in New York City?


Ask any New Yorker who's used to ordering food online and they'll tell you that Postmates is one of the best apps to use. Why? Because they're not restricted by geographical locations. Armed with competent delivery drivers, you can order from practically any restaurant in New York and they'll still deliver your food. Even when you're a resident from Queens and you're ordering from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Manhattan, as long as the driver is willing (which they often are!) and you pay the extra fees, you'll get your food in no time!


If you just want New York City delivery food and you're not particular where they come from, you can always use Maple. This app is probably the most unique of them all because they don't connect you to the restaurants in the city. Instead, the program allows you to order from various New York neighborhood kitchens. Instead of picking a place, all you have to do is to choose your food from its rotating menu of main courses, side dishes, desserts, and beverages. Rest assured, all of what Maple offers are high-quality meals that you won't regret ordering!


Connecting you to over 700 restaurants across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, Caviar is the new food delivery app to watch out for. Not only does it have a ton of great hotspots in its network, but it also has one of the best interfaces out of all the apps on this list. The photos they present are so high-quality that you'd sooner salivate as you put in your order through the app. The only downside, however, is that its in-app fees can be quite high. Be prepared to shell out a ton of money when you order food from Caviar!

What are The Best Apps To Use for Food Delivery in New York City?

Living in the Big Apple will likely have you ordering out more often than you're used to. Fortunately, there's no need to worry! There are a lot of apps to use for food delivery in New York City, each more efficient than the next.




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