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The Top Spring 2022 Collections from New York Fashion Week

April 18, 2022
New York is feeling spring fever! The snow has melted, the temperature has risen, and the flowers have bloomed. And a new season calls for a new wardrobe, right? In one of the most fashionable cities in the world, it's only natural that you should catch up with the latest trends. Especially since spring 2022 New York Fashion Week offered some of the most scene-stealing looks for the season. From Marc Jacobs's showstopping parade of monogrammed outerwear to Michael Kors's optimistic elegance, there's a lot to choose from when it comes to forming up your new looks this spring!

The Top Spring 2022 Collections from New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs

For spring 2022, Marc Jacobs ditched the whole runway spectacle to offer up a 10-look lookbook of statuesque black-and-white muses. The American designer is all about deconstruction this season, cutting up his puffer coats and cargo pants to create other-worldly, almost apocalyptic looks. Each number was a monumental image—a reminder of Jacobs's couture abilities and his limitless creativity. Women who want to wear them, however, would need to sport platform shoes to achieve the elongated appeal.
Source: Marc Jacobs YouTube Channel

Michael Kors

Michael Kors clearly had a spring in his step when he designed his collection for the spring New York Fashion Week 2022. Relying on classic elegance, he sent forth a series of reworked staples and vintage styles that all looked chic and sophisticated. These were the kings of outfits you'd wear for brunch in a Michelin-star restaurant in New York, sipping mimosas as you update your girlfriends on what's happening in your life. Simple though, as the collection may seem, it's the quality of Kors's craftsmanship that merit their high price points.
Source: Michael Kors YouTube Channel

Oscar De La Renta

'Florals for spring. Groundbreaking.' Miranda Priestly may have uttered that now-iconic line sarcastically in the fashionable New York-set film, 'The Devil Wears Prada,' but Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia of Oscar De La Renta clearly believe it whole-heartedly. Although this famous designer label was never known for groundbreaking collections, you can always trust that they'll have an elegant piece that's ready for you once you need it. And for spring 2022, florals, as well as gingham and lace, decorate a series of eye-catching dresses and gowns.
Source: Oscar De La Renta YouTube Channel

Tory Burch

Sculptural and unexpected. These are two words that you wouldn't ordinarily describe Tory Burch. For years, this American designer has stood for womanly elegance season after season. And while she continues this tradition for her spring 2022 show at New York Fashion Week, her latest designs have caught the industry off-guard. Known for her simple silhouettes and classic sophistication, Burch sent down a parade of new shapes, expert draping, and a tinge of masculine tailoring. These are all new for this designer, whose faith in conventional feminity remains her strongest asset. This season, however, the Tory Burch woman looks like she's ready to spruce up her wardrobe.
Source: Tory Burch YouTube Channel

Proenza Schouler

Leave it to Proenza Schouler to turn Little Island, the newest park in the city, into their own New York Fashion Week runway. The whimsical oasis of botanical bliss provided the perfect setting for their spring 2022 collection—an electric array of experimental tailoring, swaying fringe dresses, and attention-grabbing prints. The line had all the major signatures that turned Proenza Schouler into an American fashion behemoth, but not one looked felt old and familiar. You could tell that these clothes were new and exciting, perfect for your next seasonal wardrobe!
Source: Proenza Schouler YouTube Channel


The Lower East Side is one of the hipper districts in New York, making it the most suitable place for Khaite's spring 2022 show for New York Fashion Week. This season, creative director Cate Holstein trotted out a series of it-girl must-haves, including sequined mini dresses, sexy button-downs, chic leather pieces, and more. Seemingly simple at first, these are clothes that helped the wear make an impact, even when it's as minimal as a black-and-white ensemble.
Source: FF Channel YouTube Channel


For his first show at New York Fashion Week since leaving for Paris in 2017, Altuzarra trotted out a decidedly New York-style collection. The tie-dye treatment Gigi Hadid and other top models sported to begin the show had a streetwise bohemian quality to them, similar to the spirit hippies in Brooklyn or the flash hipsters in Midtown Manhattan. The metallic suits had a Park Avenue sparkle to them, perfect for an evening gala or social event. And the oversized tailoring evoked a powerful Wall Street vibe any businesswoman would want to wear!
Source: Altuzarra YouTube Channel

LaQuan Smith

What's so great about what LaQuan Smith sent down on his New York Fashion Week runway was that it was an unapologetically sexy and glamorous spring 2022 collection. Slinky party frocks, sheer lace cover-ups, and printed minidresses hardly covered any of the models' bodies as they strutted down the catwalk. Meanwhile, the frothy fur jackets and exaggeratedly wide brim hats had a campiness to them that harkened back to old-school New York. It was a lively and energetic, not to mention current, offering!
Source: Fashion Feed YouTube Channel

Victor Glemaud

Victor Glemaud also offered up a skin-baring spring collection at New York Fashion Week 2022. But while LaQuan Smith was all about New York nostalgia, Glemaud was reviving the early noughties. Bare-midriff numbers rendered in bright neon baby pink and lime were in-tuned with the recent Y2K resurrection dominating Paris and Milan Fashion Week. But sending down men in dresses was the designer's way of reminding everyone that this is the 21st century.
Source: Victor Glemaud YouTube Channel

Tom Ford

Tom Ford barely changes season after season. As with his lively spring 2022 show at New York Fashion Week, it was the same old parade of neon sparkles, sharps suits, and disco-ready party frocks. Now, those craving something new would likely feel exhausted with the designer's constant resurgence of his late 90s glory, however, there's no denying that this amount of unapologetic and unabashed glamour is necessary to feel optimistic again. These shimmering clothes aren't ones you wear in your luxury home as you remain in quarantine. These are for going out, partying hard, and having a blast!
Source: Tom Ford YouTube Channel

Already planning what you're gonna wear this spring? Why not take a page out of the top spring 2022 collections from New York Fashion Week? American designers went off with setting the new trends for the upcoming season!

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