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The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.

April 01, 2022
Since Washington D.C. is such a crowded city, there's really a need for a lot of coworking spaces. Over the past few decades, this age-old metropolis has become a business and financial hub that welcomes young professionals, startups, and the like. And as a result, the number of people who don't work in their own office spaces continues to increase. That's why the coworking spaces in D.C. are in high demand. Not only do places like a and b provide the perfect place for work, but they also offer exciting features and first-class amenities too.

The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.


WeWork has become one of the most popular coworking spaces around the world. It has branches in a lot of major cities, including London, New York, Paris, and more. With so many WeWork locations on offer, it's only natural that many people wouldn't instantly go there if there's one in their city. Fortunately, there are plenty all over D.C. In various neighborhoods in the city, you can easily spot a WeWork coworking space with enough room for you and your work. Since it's popular, you'll also find tons of other employees and professionals working there too.
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: WeWork


What's so great about Spaces as a coworking space is that it encourages social interaction among its many customers. More often than not, individuals who go to these sorts of places tend to work by themselves. And even when small companies and work teams work here too, they rarely go outside their respective bubbles. With their many networking events and spacious areas, Spaces allows for social interaction, collaborations, and the like. This is what separates them from all the other Washington D.C. coworking spaces. Who knows? Your next big project might just come from the person seating next to you!
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: Spaces Facebook Page

Carr Workplaces

Located in Dupont Circle, Carr Workplaces is arguably the most convenient out of all the coworking spaces in Washington D.C. Firstly, its central location makes it easy to access public transport. No matter where you're coming from, you can easily get here by commute. Secondly, they offer on-site IT support. If ever you need help with your devices, you simply need to call IT and they'll fix it for you in no time. And it doesn't hurt that Carr Workplaces' rates are relatively affordable. A day pass only costs $25.00 while a monthly pass for open cafe seating costs $35.00.
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: Carr Workplaces Facebook Page


A homely-looking coworking space that looks more like a luxury apartment than a regular office awaits those who want to work at BUREAU Studio in D.C.'s Adams Morgan neighborhood. Elegant and refined, the place looks a lot gentler and more comfortable than your average coworking space. And perhaps, that's part of its charm! Since BUREAU Studio is mostly geared towards creatives, the homely atmosphere can make them feel free and relaxed enough to let their imaginations go wild. The office also offers sound studio equipment, painting kits, free printing, and more.
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: BUREAU Studio Instagram Page/ Reema Desai Photography (@reema_desai)


True to its name, Industrious is a coworking space in Downtown D.C. that has a proud industrial feel. Its minimal look, even when peppered with green plants and colorful flowers, allows for a 'clean slate' sort of vibe. It's chic and modern, but not so overly designed that any visual stimulation will distract you from your work. And with so much space, you won't ever feel claustrophobic here too! Even when it's crowded, there will still be enough legroom for you and even your team too.
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: Industrious Office

The Yard

The Yard may be a D.C. coworking space on Capitol Hill but it's definitely not as stifling as the US Senate building. In fact, this is the sort of place where you're encouraged to go outside and take a break every once and a while. Beside The Yard is the Eastern Market, a popular foodie hotspot that's so big, you'll need a whole day to explore its entirety. And since the coworking space is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, it's only a hop and a skip away from the White House and other popular tourist attractions. You can even see a few of them when you look out the window from The Yard.
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: The Yard DC

The Hive 2.0

While BUREAU Studio is for creatives and The Yard is for those who need to take a break every once and a while, The Hive 2.0 is a coworking space in the historic Anacostia neighborhoods for techies. Apart from their standard office spaces, the place also features labs for product testing, state-of-the-art engineering equipment, and wifi that's strong enough to build an entirely new app from scratch. If you're an innovator who wants to follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the like, this is your kind of coworking space in Washington D.C.!
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: The Hive 2.0

The Wing

And finally, there's The Wing, a Washington D.C. coworking space in the hip district of Georgetown. Chic and sophisticated, this place is primarily known as a women's only kind of establishment, following the original office back in New York City. If there's one thing the past few years have taught the American workforce, it's that women need their own space. One where they can feel safe and secure as they accomplish their tasks. One that allows them to push forward unapologetically, without fear of negative reactions from male colleagues. And one where they can feel like bosses in their own game.
The Finest Coworking Spaces in D.C.
Source: The Wing

Need to find a place to work in the American capital? Not to worry! There are plenty of coworking spaces in D.C. that will provide the right environment, atmosphere, vibe, and even amenities to make sure you can work hard and play harder afterward!

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