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The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Washington D.C.

March 29, 2022
Washington D.C. is hardly a city you'd ever consider as your honeymoon destination, is it? In fact, it's totally far from the more popular choices out there. It's not as famously beautiful as Paris and Rome nor is it as paradisical as Santorini, Phuket, or Puerto Vallarta. But with all that said, Washington D.C. isn't as rigid and boring of a place as many people think it to be, even for couples. The American capital offers a few romantic spots as well, ones that will have you and your special someone feeling all lovey-dovey. Out of all of them, here are the five most romantic you simply have to know about.

The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Washington D.C.

Jefferson Memorial

Memorials may seem somber and too imposing but they're also quiet, peaceful, and somewhat intimate. Wouldn't a place that inspires silent reverence feel romantic as well? At least, such is the case at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. The romantic part isn't in the monument itself, but rather the area that surrounds it. The steps leading up to the memorial make for a great spot for a chat with your special someone; a moment of relaxation in the middle of a busy day in the American capital. The coast of the Tidal Basin that presents a view of the Jefferson Memorial, on the other hand, presents a romantic rosy glow by way of delicate cherry blossoms.
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Meridian Hill Park

If you're getting married in Washington D.C., the best place for a wedding shoot is the cascading fountain in Meridian Hill Park. Its grandeur harkens back to more opulent times, setting forth a classic romantic spirit that you can only find in costume period dramas, old French novels, and the like. Even when you're not using the fountain as the backdrop for a photoshoot, the area itself inspires feelings of a fleeting fancy that will definitely give you the tingles. And when you're tired of marveling at the fountain, you can always enjoy a sunny picnic date in the park as well.
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Katy Van Every

Rock Creek Park

Now, if you want a quiet romantic spot in the bustling American capital where no one will disturb you, your best bet is to venture off into Rock Creek Park. As a nature park, it's a great place for when you want to go camping with your loved ones. However, there's a specific spot within the park, its famous stone bridge, that'll definitely give you the feels. Some would argue it's the perfect place for a memorable proposal—a far more intimate affair than flash mob numbers that have become more popular in recent years. You're guaranteed to receive a sincere yes if you propose to your partner here!
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Kathleen Cole

Dumbarton Oaks

Located in Georgetown, the lively central neighborhood in Washington D.C., Dumbarton Oaks is a great place for a peaceful romantic date. Firstly, the museum offers fascinating displays that will keep you charmed and entertained for hours. And when you want to take a break, the estate's European-designed garden is your best bet. You'll feel like you're in a Jane Austen novel when you relax and stroll this magnificent spot. It's these sorts of historic attractions that make Washington D.C. such an enchanting city amidst today's modern metropolises. Dumbarton Oaks's old-world charm is simply a romantic delight.
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ AgnosticPreachersKid

Hillwood Estate Gardens

And speaking of old-world charm, the luscious gardens at the Hillwood Estate will certainly amp up the romance for your Washington D.C. stay. Looking like the well-manicured garden of a French château, this place also reeks of classic elegance with a cinematic appeal. Once you see this beautiful garden, you'd swear you traveled back in time. You can easily imagine the likes of Cassanova, Romeo, and other lovestruck heroes in literature to sweep you off your feet here and hold you in a gentle embrace. Of course, the place's fairytale vibe makes it an Instagram-worthy spot too!
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Washington D.C.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Gryffindor

It may not seem like it at first, but Washington D.C. can be pretty romantic at times. Especially if you and your lover spend time in these five romantic spots in the American capital. They'll have you acting lovey-dovey in no time!

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