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Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots

March 16, 2022
Unlike many major cities in the USA, Atlanta doesn't have that many famous attractions. It doesn't have the Statue of Liberty of New York, the Hollywood sign of LA, the White House and the Washington Monument in D.C., and more. However, with all that said, that doesn't mean Atlanta lacks in noteworthy spots you simply have to visit. And these same places are what will make your Instagram feed pop out even more. The next time you're in Atlanta and you want to post about your stay here, don't forget to post about these noteworthy spots!

Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots

SkyView Atlanta

SkyView Atlanta is the type of tourist attraction that's picture-perfect both from the inside and out. This observation wheel that's right smack at the heart of the city center, a hop and a skip away from Centennial Olympic Park, is practically an icon of Atlanta. It's relatively similar to the London Eye or Ain Dubai, both of which are also Instagram-worthy in their own right. Now, your potential Instagram posts can either be that of Skyview Atlanta itself from a distance—namely in Centennial Olympic Park—or of the amazing view you'll see from inside the gondola. Both snapshots will definitely grab attention!
Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: SkyView Atlanta Facebook Page

Atlanta History Center

Located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, the Atlanta History Center is a historic museum and research center that's extremely beautiful. The classic architecture and European design make it look more like a château in France of a grand English manor. In fact, if you didn't mention that you're in Atlanta, Georgia when you posted your snapshot, your followers can easily believe that you were somewhere in Europe. It has such a stately and cinematic aura to it, one that sets a romantic atmosphere that'll make you feel like you're in a classical novel.
Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Rawpixel.com / Carol M Highsmith

Stonehurst Place

Stonehurst Place isn't your ordinary bed & breakfast! This luxury accommodation offers a myriad of selfie spots to show that you're having the time of your life in Atlanta! Of course, you have to start off with the inn's classic facade. Thanks to the Victorian architecture and the surrounding forested area, Stonehurst Place looks more like a fairytale cottage than a regular bed & breakfast. The lobster fountain outside is also a fascinating spot, perfect for when you want to post about something that's unique. And when you get inside, the music room has a stately charm to it that will add a bit of class to your Instagram feed.
Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Stonehurst Place Bed & Breakfast Facebook Page

Millennium Gate Museum

While it's far from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Millennium Gate Museum is a similarly stunning structure that's undeniably Instagram-worthy in Atlanta. Although the place itself is part of a museum, the more famous and photogenic Roman columns and arc are more used as an events space. Many wedding receptions, live performances, and more have taken place here, further proving its popularity among the locals. While tourists will take in and capture the grandeur of the spot, not to mention take selfies with the many amazing sculptures in the museum grounds. What's not to love?
Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Millennium Gate Museum/ © Ann Parks Colwell

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Speaking of sculptures, if you want to capture your fair share of extraordinary floral sculptures in this city, you'll want to head on over to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Located near Piedmont Park, this is a botanical garden that's all about floral artistry at its finest. The works of art here are almost otherworldly, both because of their massive sizes and how detailed they are considering the medium used. There's the iconic goddess by the fountain with her flower-ladened hair, dragons and peacocks cut from giant hedges, and a tulip garden that can almost put the Netherlands to shame. Just one snapshot of any of these will already garner a lot of likes!
Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Eric Sonstroem

Krog Street Tunnel

Although the Atlanta Beltline, a former railway corridor and now one of the most famous attractions of the city, has a lot of graffitied walls, tunnels, and the like, the most famous of them is the Krog Street Tunnel. The entire place itself looks like a massive work of street art, complete with underground touches that shout rebellion, revolution, social change, and more. Over the years, it's become the perfect backdrop for scenes in Hollywood films and independent films, fashion editorials, travel pamphlets for tourism, and of course, Instagram posts. If you post about Krog Street Tunnel online, your followers will likely regard it as your coolest post yet!
Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Lee Coursey

Yard Milkshake Bar

Let's not forget that food Instagram exists and that snapshots of your food will probably be as popular as your post about the many places mentioned on this so far. Atlanta has many great restaurants that serve amazing dishes that are both delicious and photogenic so if you want to get into foodie Instagram, you have a lot to choose from. One of them is the Yard Milkshake Bar on Marietta Street in Northwestern Atlanta. The famous is already famous because its founders appeared in the reality TV competition, Sharktank. But what makes it a popular hotspot to this day is their array of gorgeous, mouthwatering sundaes served in mason jars. Their vintage, sweet, and oh so cool!
Atlanta's Top Instagram-Worthy Spots
Source: The Yard Milkshake Bar Facebook Page

Atlanta may not be the most picturesque city in the US, but this bustling metropolis has enough Instagram-worthy spots to fill your social media feed! Don't be surprised if you get a lot more followers after your trip!

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