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Where To Enjoy Coffee in Antwerp

March 04, 2022
In such a busy city like Antwerp, sipping a hot cup of coffee feels like heaven. It's the 'pep in your step' that perks you up every morning. The buzz you need in the middle of the afternoon when work is tiring you out. And the after-dinner treat in the evening for a soothing end to your day. Because coffee has become somewhat of a necessity among the bustling residents of Antwerp, cafe society here is alive and well. It's also thanks in large part to the many outstanding coffee shops in the city. These hotspots are definitely worth checking out!

Where To Enjoy Coffee in Antwerp

Kolonel Koffie

On the corner of Troonplaats, a spacious square in Antwerp, Kolonel Koffie serves as the 'colonel of coffee,' just as its name says. It's become a popular authority on delicious caffeinated drinks, not to mention a hip hangout where people can just chill, chat, and relax. Moreover, since the place makes use of coffee beans from around the world, it's become a popular hotspot for both locals and tourists alike. So of course, Kolonel Koffie starts off this list!


With tables on offer literally right on the street, Revista is a coffee shop that's hard to miss. It's located on Karel Rogierstraat in the southern area of Antwerp, near many museums, galleries, and the like. If you're spending a day sightseeing, Revista offers the perfect break time hotspot complete with great coffee, light reading, and a serene atmosphere despite the hustle and bustle. If you come here at night, you can even enjoy an aperitif before dinner too!

Where To Enjoy Coffee in Antwerp


Caffènation has been a popular coffee institution in Antwerp for years now that it has three locations in the city. The most popular one is by the city center on Mechelsesteenweg 16, another on Volkstraat 2, and finally their headquarters on Lamorinièrestraat 161. With a philosophy that says “One drug. One Nation. One Caffènation,” you can already tell that this place's caffeinated beverages are of an international caliber. It's no wonder it draws in many customers each day!

Viggo’s Coffee Bar

Located in the Antwerpen-Noord neighborhood, Viggo’s Coffee Bar is the kind of hotspot that attracts younger coffee connoisseurs. Or just young people who need a caffeinated buzz. Not to mention freshly baked cookies which Revista has become known for too. Thanks to its hip Berlin-style structure and relaxed vibe, it's the kind of place where anyone can hang out or even work. At times, the tables will be filled with students and freelancers typing away at their laptops, you'd think this was a coworking space.

Where To Enjoy Coffee in Antwerp

Coffee & Vinyl

The clincher is already in the name! If you're one to enjoy coffee with good music, there's no place better than at Coffee & Vinyl on Volkstraat 45 in the bustling Zui district of Antwerp. You can pair your favorite vintage record with a hot cup of joe and a delicious pastry to match. And if you're lucky, you can even ask the staff to play it while you hang out here. At times, Coffee & Vinyl hosts mini live concerts too, featuring local emerging bands and musicians that will perk you up just like their coffee!


There are two important things to remember about Cuperus, the popular coffee shop on Sint-Katelijnevest in Antwerp. Firstly, it's the oldest cafe and tea shop in the city, having served both locals and tourists alike for a whopping 190 years. A decade later and it'd be two centuries old—you can't say that about other coffee shops! Secondly, their signature treat, the coffee soft serve, is to die for! On a hot day, this cold caffeinated dessert is the perfect treat!

Where To Enjoy Coffee in Antwerp


With such a name, you'd think this was a local delicatessen! But it's not! Butchers is actually one of the more notable coffee shops in Antwerp. Even though it's among the newer hotspots on this list, it has garnered quite the fame and loyal following over the past couple of years. It helps that it's more of an espresso bar than a regular cafe. You can still hang out and enjoy a cup or two here, but if you're in a rush and you just want a shot of espresso, this is the best place to get it!

Koffiebar Koffieklap

'Honest coffee, honest chances' is the motto that Koffiebar Koffieklap, a coffee shop on 41 Klapdorp, lives by and it perfectly encapsulates what the place is all about. More than just a charming cafe with a bright teal facade, Koffiebar Koffieklap is actually a charitable association that works with and helps the women of Antwerp. And they go beyond donating their profit. This place trains and employs women of the city's red-light district, giving them skills and life lessons they'll need to forge their own paths.


Normo is as welcoming as it can get. Located on Minderbroedersrui 30, its slightly industrial aesthetic evokes a humble atmosphere, one where any customer, be they local or foreign, can be comfortable. The chill vibe also adds to the ambiance, perfect for students, young professionals, and more to kick back, relax, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Thanks to the friendly staff behind the counter and in the kitchen, you can easily make this your new peaceful haven amidst the bustling metropolis that is Antwerp.

Where To Enjoy Coffee in Antwerp

Need a caffeine buzz in Antwerp? Your best bet is to visit these amazing cafes and coffee shops all throughout the city. They have the best-tasting coffee, the right ambiance, and the perfect mood to perk you right up!

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