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The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels

March 01, 2022
Brussels may not be the top foodie destination that Paris, London, and Rome are but that doesn't mean there are no good places to eat around here. Foodies who visit the Belgian capital will still find more than a handful of hotspots that serve delicious food worth their while. There are also a chosen few that even the Michelin Guides have recognized. If you truly want to have a top-notch culinary experience in Brussels, you'll want to eat at some of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. Though they may be expensive, they're undeniably worth every penny!

The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels

Bon Bon

With such an adorable name like Bon Bon, you'd easily think this was a chocolate shop in Brussels, wouldn't you? But in fact, it's one of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the Belgian capital. Chef-owner Christophe Hardiquest opened this hotspot back in 2001 and it has remained a popular place to eat decades later. And it's all because of his high-quality gourmet dishes that championed fresh local produce. You can practically taste the garden where the vegetables and fruits came from!
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: Bon Bon Facebook Page

Bozar Restaurant

Located on the Centre for Fine Arts, the popular multi-purpose cultural venue on Rue Baron Horta, Bozar Restaurant is a one-time Michelin-starred restaurant worth checking out. Head chef Karen Torosyan takes the reigns here, reinterpreting traditional Belgian and European cuisines to fit today's discriminating standards. She offers three-course, four-course, and six-course menus, each including seasonal dishes that will take your breath away. Even though Bozar Restaurant is nestled in a popular building, it has earned its Michelin star and popularity all on its own.
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: Bozar Restaurant

Comme chez Soi

Founded in 1926, Comme chez Soi is one of the oldest restaurants in Brussels. However, it wasn't until chef Pierre Wynants took over the kitchen from 1979 to 2006 did the place rise to fame, not to mention earn two Michelin stars. And in 2006, Pierre's son-in-law Lionel Rigolet inherited his position and continues to make Comme chez Soi the important and historic culinary institution that it is. His extraordinary menu of traditional Belgian and French dishes continues to delight locals and tourists alike!
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: Comme chez Soi Facebook Page

Le Chalet de la Forêt

Nestled inside a gorgeous chalet near the Sonian Forest, Le Chalet de la Forêt is a two-time Michelin-starred restaurant that's a good distance away from the busier and more bustling districts of Brussels. The peace and tranquility alone provide the perfect ambiance for customers to really enjoy and indulge in the haute cuisine they offer. Think Breton lobster from our Homarium with red sorrel leaves that's big enough to share between two people—the perfect romantic date dish! Or Fillet of beef and foie gras à La Royale, a scrumptious main course worth savoring every bite. What's not to love?
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: Le Chalet de la Forêt

La Paix

If you thought Comme chez Soi, wait until you get to La Paix! Founded in 1892, it has survived and continues to serve amazing food for more than a century, further proving that it's truly a culinary institution in Brussels. And that's on top of having earned two Michelin stars too! Located on Rue Ropsy-Chaudron in the Anderlecht municipality, Chef David Martin treats his customers with scrumptious Japanese cuisine with his own delectable Western twist. Not even the flock of origami birds hung all around the restaurant will distract you when you enjoy your meal!
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: La Paix Facebook Page

Le Pigeon Noir

Housed in a classic-style cottage on Rue Geleytsbeek, Le Pigeon Noir offers terroir cuisine that's unfussy yet still so delicious. Since it looks more like an old-school pub than a standard Michelin-starred restaurant in Brussels, you can easily overlook it when you pass by here. However, you'd do well to check out the hotspot and take a bite of their delectable Belgian and European dishes. When paired with either beer or wine, you'll instantly understand how Le Pigeon Noir earned its one Michelin star!
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: Le Pigeon Noir Facebook Page

La Truffe Noire

There's just something about truffled dishes that tastes and feels so luxurious. It's the deeper flavor, the richer texture, the more severe aftertaste, and the like. And by focusing on this culinary style, it's no wonder La Truffe Noire earned a Michelin star! From different kinds of pastato truffle ice cream for dessert, the way this place has relied on truffles is truly interesting and undeniably irresistible. You'll have to prepare your taste buds well if you want to dine here!
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: Restaurant La Truffe Noire Facebook Page

La Villa Emily

Boasting one Michelin star under its belt, La Villa Emily is a French haute cuisine restaurant worth checking out on Rue de l'Abbaye. Its refined Victorian-style decor will draw you in but it is its East-meet-West fusion menu that will have you staying and even coming back for more. Head chef Jean-Marie Bucumi has traveled all over Asia and it has influenced both his culinary style and menu for La Villa Emily. You can taste the unique and delicious harmony between French dishes and Japanese flavors in his awesome dishes.
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: La Villa Emily

La Villa in the Sky

True to its name, eating at La Villa in the Sky will have you feeling like you're on top of the world, both literally and figuratively. Literally in the sense that its prime location perched 120 meters up in the air in Brussels's IT Tower will have you looking down on the rest of the city. And figuratively in the sense that when you taste chef-owner Alexandre Dionisio's gastronomical delights, it will leave you feeling like you're floating on air. What's not to love?
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: La Villa in the Sky


It's no secret that relying on Italian cuisine is often a surefire way of earning a Michelin star. Senzanome, the one-time Michelin-starred restaurant Place du Petit Sablon in Brussels knows this. But of course, they take it a step further. Instead of just trotting out the usually Italian dinner table staples that practically anyone gets anywhere else in the world, this first-class hotspot focused its attention on Sicilian cuisine. Think Bocconcini balls that will tantalize your taste buds, well-cooked Filetto di daino that will fill your tummy, and some delicious dolce for dessert. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?
The Ten Finest Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Brussels
Source: Senzanome

Beyond the Belgian waffles and chocolates, the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Brussels prove that this city's culinary scene is one to watch out for. These incredible hotspots blow your taste buds in more ways than one!

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