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The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels

January 15, 2022
Truthfully speaking, the Belgian capital is no food capital. Brussels is a beautiful city, sure, but in terms of its culinary scene, though good, it doesn't hold a candle to those in Paris, Rome, London, and more. And it doesn't have to! Don't think that just because Brussels isn't popular for its food that there are no great places to eat here. On the contrary, there are so many, you'd wonder why the city was never considered a 'food capital' in the first place. If you're a foodie who's staying in Brussels for a time, you'll want to head on over to these incredible hotspots!

The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels

Café Belga

Café Belga is somewhat of an institution in Brussels. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, it's almost as if you can't say you've been to Brussels if you haven't been to this special café! Open from 8:00 am in the morning to 2:00 am the next morning, it's not your ordinary coffee shop. Believe it or not, it's also one of the central nightlife hotspots in the city! And even during its latest hours, Café Belga remains as crowded as ever! As for its food, breakfast delights such as bacon and eggs, croissants, hand & cheese sandwiches, and more are the bestsellers here!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: Café Belga Brussels Facebook Page

Le Rabassier

Looking for a high-class place to dine in Brussels? Well, look no further than Le Rabassier! Located on Rue de Rollebeek, this two-Michelin-starred restaurant offers a culinary journey you won't soon forget. Their unique selection of dishes are as diverse as the country itself, with gastronomical influences coming from its neighboring nations. From seafood delights to French sweets, their five, six, and seven-course meals pack a heavily European punch. All, of course, served in such painstakingly beautiful and artistic ways. It's no wonder La Rabassier is also a great date spot in Brussels, even more so during holidays like Valentine's Day or New Year's!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: Le Rabassier Facebook Page

Comme Chez Soi

Care for some haute cuisine? Then dine at Comme Chez Soi! This beautiful Art Nouveau-style restaurant on Place Rouppe offers seasonal French cuisine at its finest. After all, the kitchen is headed by the prominent Lionel Rigolet. You can expect nothing less than the authentic tastes and flavors of France. Whether you go for the à la carte or order a six or seven-course meal, you'll still get to taste the best of what chef Rigolet has to offer. Be it a scrumptious plate of marinated crawfish or a hearty helping of duck liver with gin! Bon appétit!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: Comme Chez Soi Facebook Page

Chez Nous

Located on Rue Américaine, right at the heart of the Ixelles neighborhood in Brussels, Chez Nous is a fairly humble little diner with a not-so-humble menu of French delicacies. It's a well-known vegetarian place in this side of the Belgian capital, drawing people in with their healthy but still hearty dishes. Their choux de Bruxelles (Brussel sprouts), is served with a helping of both cassolette de moules and crème de curry, making for a mora tantalizing menu than just mere vegetables. Their croquettes de potimarron, on the other hand, tastes better with every loud crunch!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: Chez Nous

La Truffe Noire

You can probably already tell from its name alone what you can expect here at La Truffe Noire! This Michelin-starred, purple-colored high-class hotspot is all about the truffle! Truffle soup, truffle pasta, and even trufflce chocolates for dessert! If you can't get enough of truffles, this is the place for you! Here, you can even order whole-baked truffles and truffled tobacco leaves, each more tantalizing than the next. And when you've taken in as much truffles as you can, all while you bask in the place's purple glow, you'll likely feel like this is all trippy. Well, it's definitely a memorable culinary trip, if that counts!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: Restaurant La Truffe Noire Facebook Page

La Verveine

Located on Avenue de la couronne, La Verveine is a fairly affordable menu. Their preset menu only costs €50.00 each, and that's complete with two entrées, a main course dish, and dessert. Not too bad, right? At least, if you're down on your luck and you're having trouble keeping up with all your living costs here, not to mention your rent for your luxury long-term Brussels apartment, eating at La Verveine is your best bet. It helps that their sumptuous Moroccon menu tastes oh so good! From eggplant caviar to vegetarian falafels, they put such unique spins to the old Mediterranean favorite!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: La Verveine Facebook Page

Le Chou de Bruxelles

Le Chou de Bruxelles is, without a doubt, the city's best unkept secret! Though many travelers think of it as a hidden hotspot, it's actually one of the most popular places to eat among locals and tourists alike. It helps that its menu is 100% Belgian! While some of what they serve may have hints of other culinary influences, it remains authentically local and traditional nonetheless. The cheese and shrimp croquettes, for instance, is so Belgian, you'd think you were in the countryside once you bite into one. The same goes for the scampi with lobster sauce too! They'll have you imagining you're in a rural fishing town in a far-off Belgian province!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: Le Chou de Bruxelles Facebook Page

Djo Bistro Bar

Finally, there's the famous Djo Bistro Bar in Ixelles, Brussels. Nicknames 'your friendly landmark,' it's a cozy little hotspot that's all about aperitif, appetizers, and so much more! And they're all about keeping your comfortable. Their menu, for instance, has a healthy helping of various options, ranging from scrumptious seafood and flavorful meats to vegetarian dishes that even the most extreme hippie will find delicious. Of course, the drinks here are solid too! So much so that Djo Bistro Bar has become one of the go-to Happy Hour spots in the city!
The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Brussels
Source: Djo Bistro Bar

Brussels is no food capital, sure, but that doesn't mean it lacks anything with its culinary scene! There are many great restaurants, bistros, cafés, and more that prove that a foodie can go all out and have the time of their lives here in the Belgian capital!

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