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The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York

February 12, 2022
Even though New York City is practically the busiest and most crowded metropolis in the world, a lot of movies and TV series have had you thinking that it was one of the most romantic cities out there. But how exactly is that possible? With so much going on here, from the thousands of pedestrians walking by to the packed subway trains, all the hustle and bustle hardly make for a fitting setting for romance. However, there are a few spots in the 'Big Apple' that would be perfect for a lovey-dovey moment, the kind you see on the big and small screens. Here are a few worth visiting with your special someone!

The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York

Empire State Building

There's just something about being on top of the world with your significant other that feels so romantic. And while the Empire State Building's observation deck isn't exactly the 'top of the world,' the feeling is pretty close. Going here is as touristy and as cliché as it can get, but you know what? There's nothing wrong with that! As long as you and your partner get here at a good time, when there are little to no crowds, seeing the entire city in full view together is quite a romantic experience!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Grand Central Station

Even if you don't have to take public transport, you can always go to the iconic Grand Central Station just to see its magnificence in real life. The massive terminal, the classic design, the gorgeous constellation-filled ceiling—everything about this place screams grandeur. And you just know that, apart from you and your partner, many couples have had their fair share of romantic moments here. From hello’s to heartbreaks, just being in this space will make you feel some type of way. Also, the station's famous Whispering Gallery is the perfect place to whisper sweet nothings into each others' ears!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bow Bridge

Now, let's move unto New York's most famous and one of its largest parks: Central Park! If movies and TV series set in New York have taught you anything, it's that Central Park is the perfect place to find or experience romance. From weddings to meet-cutes, anything can happen within these 843 acres. Particularly by the beautiful Bow Bridge. The perfect place for a scenic proposal or a wedding photo shoot, the bridge is among the most picturesque part of the park. Just wait until you see it in autumn, where the red, orange, and yellow leaves offer quite the enchanting sight.
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Flickr.com/ gigi_nyc

Shakespeare Garden

Another romantic highlight in Central Park is its beautiful Shakespeare Garden. Named after the author of the most famous love story ever written, it's a tiny little escape from the busier and more crowded parts of the park. You and your significant other can easily sneak away to this four-acre garden full of seasonal flowers, exotic plants, and more. The colorful flora line the stone path you can take while you enjoy a quiet stroll throughout the gardens. Doesn't that sound like the perfect date?
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Epicgenius

The High Line Park

Speaking of a stroll date, another place that's perfect for it is High Line Park. One of New York's finest parks, it's an elevated walkway located in West Manhattan. It's a pretty unique sight, seeing as how the lush greeneries that make up the place perfectly offset the sea of concrete and glass in the area. You might not have as much privacy as you want, seeing as how the people in the surrounding buildings will see you in full view, but you can still enjoy a walk through this beautiful park nonetheless!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Dansnguyen

The Met Cloisters

Even though The Met, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is undoubtedly the most famous museum in New York, some parts of it aren't as popular as the main gallery on Fifth Avenue. Take The Met Cloisters, which is in Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights, for instance. This monastery-like museum isn't as well-visited, but then again, that makes it even more of a romantic hotspot in the city. You can live out your own classic romance novel fantasy within its Renaissance-era interior, especially in that beautiful courtyard in the middle!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Polka0505

St. Luke in the Fields Gardens

Located in the West Village, one of the quieter neighborhoods in New York, St. Luke in the Fields Church Gardens is yet another flower-filled retreat within the bustling metropolis. Stone paths guide you to idyllic hidden spots where only flowers, plants, and birds surround you. With only the company of your loved one to enjoy, you'll feel as if you're no longer in New York when you get lost here. It's the perfect escape for when the crowds of the Big Apple overwhelm you, possibly even more so than your own luxury home here!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Elisa.rolle

Brooklyn Bridge

On the other side of the spectrum and of the city, literally located in another borough, there's the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Perfect for a cinematic moment or two, it's a place where many have loved and lost and loved again. It's even become the go-to setting for any romantic movie set in New York. If you truly want to see what's so romantic about the Brooklyn Bridge, just wait until you watch the sunset here. That might end up as the loveliest moment of your stay in the city!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Want a different spot in Brooklyn where you can get lovey-dovey with your special someone? Go to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade! It's a lot less crowded than the actual bridge and you get to enjoy the city's iconic skyline from a great angle. It also helps that there's enough botanical bliss around too, from the trees that line the pathway to the flowers planted near the railings. The scene is already set here and it's up to you to continue on with the mood!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Acroterion

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Finally, there's the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There are really only two words that matter here: Cherry Blossoms. The park has become well-known mostly because of the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, where cherry blossom trees add a rosy tint to the beautiful nature-filled scene. There are so many cherry blossom trees here that you'd sooner think you were in Japan, particularly during spring them the blossoms all bloom. You can enjoy a viewing picnic with just you and your special someone—yet another great New York date idea!
The Top Ten Most Romantic Spots in New York
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Even if it doesn't seem like it at first, New York City really is such a romantic destination. And it's all thanks to these top ten spots! You'll want to visit them with your special someone when you're in the Big Apple!

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