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Top Five Los Angeles Rentals with Great Views

January 21, 2022
It may not feel like it, especially if you're in the thick of the city, but Los Angeles is a pretty scenic place. Though it seems like an ordinary bustling metropolis with crowded streets, high-rise buildings, and the like, it's still surrounded by vast valleys, incredible mountains, and more. And you can only enjoy such views if you picked a home perched atop the highest peaks of the city. Imagine how many photographs you can take here. Or how incredible the sunrise and sunsets will be from these places. These five of our luxury Los Angeles rentals especially come with picturesque views!

Top Five Los Angeles Rentals with Great Views

Charmel Lane

One look into that open sea and sky and you'll want to relocate to Los Angeles and live here forever! This is what you'll instantly think of the moment you step foot into this astounding four-bedroom Charmel Lane luxury home. It wasn't enough that this place had more than enough space, a luxurious pool, and a gorgeous patio. But having the latter overlook the city and sea changes the game. You'll feel goosebumps all over once you see its magnificent view, one that not even many Hollywood A-listers get to enjoy. This home gives a whole new meaning to being on top of the world!
Top Five Los Angeles Rentals with Great Views

Big Rock Malibu

Although this place is technically in Malibu, a beachfront city that's located west of Los Angeles, it's so near the latter that you can pretty much consider it as an LA home. Especially since three-bedroom beachfront rental is just as, if not even more luxurious than the common spaces you'll see in the 'city of angels.' Overlooking the semi-private Big Rock Malibu beach, the back patio of the home offers a majestic view of the sea. Imagine watching the sunset from here! It'd be a scene that you won't just forget, but you'll want to see again and again!
Top Five Los Angeles Rentals with Great Views

Heaven View Luxury Retreat

The name says it all! This gorgeus four-bedroom Heaven View Luxury Retreat is the best escape you could ask for. Located in Rowland Heights, one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in LA, you can expect as much peace and quiet as you want here. Barely anyone can disturb you as you live your best life in this well-decorated house that overlooks the rest of the city. If you want some fresh air to go with the serenity here, you'll only need to head outside to the backyard. You'll get to see such a beautiful view of the city, you won't want to go anywhere else!
Top Five Los Angeles Rentals with Great Views

Devista Drive

This rustic three-bedroom luxury rental on Devista Drive is the kind of outdoorsy yet elegant space you can commonly expect in LA. It's not farfetched to think that many of the Hollywood celebrities that live here might live in similar or upgraded versions of this home. After all, the view from its backyard alone makes it A-list worthy. Not only will you get a relaxing jacuzzi surrounded by botanical bliss, but you'll also get to enjoy a magnificent view of the mountainous area as you take your warm dip. All you need now is a cocktail to sip and you're good to go!
Top Five Los Angeles Rentals with Great Views

Noho Loft II

Views of mountains, valleys, and beaches are all well and good, but let's not forget that Los Angeles is still a bustling metropolis. Enjoying a city view might not be such a bad idea! At least, not if you stay in this chic three-bedroom Noho Loft II apartment. The spacious, red-bricked interior evokes an urban feel, sort of like the trendy lofts in New York. But one look outside and you'll instantly remember that you are, in fact, in Los Angeles. The vibe here is way different from that in the Big Apple but it's just as hip and happening!
Top Five Los Angeles Rentals with Great Views

Beyond the movie studios in Hollywood or the hustle and bustle of Downtown LA, the city of Los Angeles is actually a sparkling metropolis surrounded by amazing views. From valleys to mountains, if you can score a luxury home with a great view here, you're a winner!

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